A Dictator By Any Other Name… is Still a Dictator

I have often wondered how any civilized person could have not only followed Adolf Hitler, but adored him as well.

Historians explain this by describing his charisma, his ability to promise, threaten and cajole, and to persuade people that he knew what was best for them. That made him the perfect candidate for supreme dictator.

Even if they knew of his atrocities they somehow convinced themselves it was for their good. And it is difficult once you have made an emotional investment in a leader to suddenly decide they are the “son of satan.”

When Fidel Castro came to America during the Millennium conference at the UN, his adoring minions gathered in New York, by the thousands, to hear him speak… for hours.

The voices of the martyrs, the imprisoned, the tortured, the refugees escaping communist oppression were silenced as the Cuban dictator was treated like royalty.

How soon we have forgotten Elian Gonzalez’ mom giving her life to escape his control. She didn’t leave Cuba for better shopping in Miami. She left to find freedom for herself and her child.

Witnessing the warm welcome of a man who has destroyed millions of lives makes me finally understand Hitler’s rise to power. But his freedom to speak was paid for by the sacrifice of great patriots, giving him a forum to validate his atrocities to these Americans gathered to adore him.

The really scary thing is… these people who came to see him… can vote.