Coat Hanger Abortions Will Now Be Protected By Law in California

It is so interesting to hear the supporters of abortion using the tired old coat hanger argument as a reason to keep abortion legal.

And in spite of the millions of dollars that have been spent on sex education in public schools, more girls are getting pregnant than ever before. Abortion has become a type of birth control even though it can render women infertile and even cause death.

Now, in a radical effort to take every control off of abortionists, California has introduced a bill which will protect unlicenced abortionists who injure or kill the mother. The bill would permit unsupervised non-physicians to perform abortions.

It weakens statutes that allow for the prosecution of abortion-providers when they jeopardize the health and safety of their patients. This is when 57% of Americans view abortion as murder, 72% believe abortion should be illegal after the second trimester, and only 43% support the Roe v. Wade decision.

Eighty percent feel girls under 18 should get parental consent before having an abortion.

Why are these statistics radically changing? Because the millions of women who have been exploited by the lie of abortion are now speaking out before the back alley coat hanger abortion not only becomes common place, and legal, but it will result in twice as many deaths as it now does . . . not only will the baby die, but the mother as well, and there will be no liability on the part of these legally protected butchers.