Does RU486 Make That Choice Easier?

So, Are you for 86? What an interesting name for a pill that causes death. It almost seems to be a cruel irony for women, who once again will be the political guinea pigs of the social engineers. Since 86 is the numerical symbol for death, the question each woman must ask herself as she takes a convenient exit from an irresponsible decision is . . . are you for death? But we really can’t be too hard on women who are sold yet one more lie by an industry determined to play God with life and remake the world in their humanist image. Women have been lied to about the abortion issue for over 25 years and millions bare the scars of an agenda to rid the world of unwanted kids, protect the environment, and promote free sex without responsibility. The only problem is, they forgot that a human being’s life and emotions are tied to each one of those questionable goals. And now, women, once again bear the burden alone of a decision made by two.

The fact is RU486 is going to put more responsibility back on the woman because she will learn very quickly that a few minutes of physical pleasure is not worth the misery and possible death she will suffer as a result of failing to practice what the government has spent millions teaching kids . . . safe sex. And for all the men and women who engage in sex without fear of consequences . . . what becomes of that act for them as they age? As they want to have children and find they can’t because they sacrificed their immortality on the alter of convenience and desire? What would happen in this nation if suddenly there were no more pregnancies? There were no more births? How many years would it take for the god-makers to realize they don’t control destiny and that there truly is sanctity in human life. Our male congressmen . . . .and candidates for higher office, smugly congratulate themselves that they are giving a woman yet one more option to destroy her life, her relationships and her emotional stability. But what if they realized one day . . . that choice really wasn’t theirs to give and God held the souls of each one of these little babies in heaven until they were treasured on earth? What would happen to the pro-choice lobby, the abortion clinics, they abortion pill manufacturers and distributors, manufacturers of baby products and food, ob-gyns, public schools, children’s books, movies, dollhouses, little shoes? There would be no need for any of these reminders that children were expendable and ordered like pizza and disposed of like tissue paper. Because, by our actions as a nation, and now the authorization of this new abortion pill, we are saying that life is not sacred, and we really don’t want the burden of children.

God hears these prayers, sees these actions and many times gives us what we think we want . . . when we don’t really know what that is. But there are always . . . always . . . consequences for what we hope for, what we work for, and what we ask for. And God says and demonstrates repeatedly . . . He won’t be mocked.