For Everything There is a Season… a Time to Sow, a Time to Reap, a Time To Wait Patiently — and a Time to Fight

There have been times in our nation’s history when it looked so dark and helpless that only divine intervention could save us.

The question many Christians ask today is, “Why doesn’t God do something?” There are a variety of answers, and God works in very mysterious ways . . .but always through His people.

Remember young David in the pasture, watching his sheep, playing songs of praise to God, oblivious of the battle his brothers were engaged in? It wasn’t until he was summoned to bring them food that suddenly, not only his perspective, but his mission changed. He went from being an uninterested, complacent shepherd, to “giant slayer” in a matter of minutes. We are all in that transition period but we have to be ready and WILLING to step out when the voice of the Lord tells us to. God wants the David’s among us to rise up and slay the Giant because that act of faith is a manifestation of the power of God.

He could do it with the blink of an eye, but that would defeat the purpose of creating us with a free will to decide which side we will serve. Which side are you on?

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