PETA is One Meat-filled Taco short of a Full Combo

I think that PETA has actually proven by their series of distasteful adds, that by NOT eating meat, your brain begins to deteriorate.

First it was severed cows heads with french fries, then people locked up in cages . . . what was that all about? Then suggesting that college kids drink beer instead of milk. And now . . . Rudy Giuliani as the poster boy for prostate cancer blaming milk for his plight.

How do they know it was milk and not tofu that caused it? Why not blame milk for ever ill to befall man in order to malign the good drink altogether. Who is going to know the truth?

It sort of reminds me of the bad rap conservatives get, being called every name in the book and blamed for every ill facing society. It doesn’t matter who or what is really the culprit, conservatives are always in the lineup as the guilty party. But the good that the conservative philosophy does society . . . like actually fighting to keep government out of your face and out of your pocket can be compared to the good milk does. It gives strong bones and teeth, and helps prevent osteoporosis and other bone crippling diseases.

So for the evil that conservatives and milk are accused of causing . . . they need to be acknowledged for the good they do to the body and the backbone of society.