California State Senate Shows disdain for Supporters of “back alley” abortions . . . and No Liability on Patient

A sad truth is that women who seek abortions are looked on with disdain by abortionists because it assuages their guilt of knowing they are committing murder. They blame the women for her lack of self-control and they see her as less than a person. For them to use unsterile tools and unsafe conditions validates their lack of respect for her. They actually are expressing a type of hatred for women, by scarring her with a life of pain and remorse. And now because of SB370 in California, that power is increased. This disdain can result in the death of one of these young women in trouble, and the state will turn a blind eye because by supporting this bill, also show that women are nothing more than chattel and don’t deserve the full protection of the law. They are acknowledging that what she is doing is wrong but not protecting her safety. But this carnage will stop when women start saying “no”, and stop allowing themselves to be lied to and deceived by everyone from the man who uses them, to the abortionist who defiles them, to the elected representative who turns a blind eye to their suffering, to the court which sanctions all of these activities as being a choice she has somehow made. See our video webcast on this issue at

* SB 370 protects unlicenced abortionists who injure or kill the mother. The bill would permit unsupervised non-physicians to perform abortions. It weakens statutes that allow for the prosecution of abortion-providers when they jeopardize the health and safety of their patients.