See You at the Pole – A Testimony to the Power of Prayer

On September 20, millions of kids from all over the country gather around their flag poles of their schools to pray for each other, their teachers and the nation. They will come early and be there on their own time. Many parents will join them because they realize that prayer is not as dangerous for these kids as a life separated from God and the accountability that brings.

So why do groups such as the ACLU try so desperately to keep these kids from praying, from gathering, from expressing their sincerely held religious beliefs? All of these actions are protected by the Constitution, while at no place in the document does it contain the liberal mantra, “separation of church and state.”

Could it be that the ACLU really DOES know that the God these kids worship is more powerful than the god they worship?

Otherwise, as the religious leader in Jesus’ time said, “Let them alone, if this is of God, there is nothing you can do to stop it, if it’s not of God, it will just fade away.”

So since it hasn’t faded, but intensified in 2000 years, this should be a hint to these poor people who have devoted their lives to fighting God.

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