The Definition of Rich (What Bill Clinton Needs to Understand)

There is a funny, yet shockingly true vignette circulating on the Internet speculating how the Clinton’s, with a combined income of about $200,000 can afford to buy a two million dollar home.

No matter how the average family, making the same, tries to stretch their dollar, it is never going to fit over a purchase like that.

If this is a gift, have they paid taxes on it like everyone else would be required to . .. or are there some loopholes the average American doesn’t know about.

Will someone let us know so we can all enjoy this same bounty of generosity?

But this elitist diversion from economic reality by the Clintons actually helps explain a lot. He promises to veto the bill repealing the marriage tax penalty and the death tax penalty.

And it is easy to understand why. He is not held accountable to the same rules of taxation that the rest of are. He has become so isolated behind instant gifts for cattle futures and New York mansions, that he just thinks the rest of the country is as fortunate.

So, please visit our website at and read the story I am referring to called “The Free Ride” and please let me know if I am missing something.

And then . . . call Bill and Hillary and let them know as an average tax payers who is not fortunate enough to live in the same wealthy class they do, that you could really use the extra $1400 a year if you are married.

Or you would appreciate not having to bury your father and mortgage the family farm or business in the same week because Al Gore keeps referring to you as rich and greedy.

I think what Bill and Al need a little lesson in perspective and I am counting on you . . . to give it to them.