The Entertainment Industry Finally Admits That Parents Have the Final Say in Their Kids’ Lives

The Senate Commerce Committee held hearings on the FTC report that shows the entertainment industry is peddling adult material to kids.

It’s so cute to hear the producers of this junk say that it is the American way to let each family make their own decisions, not people in Washington, the media or congress. Yet if these same families decide to opt their kid out of mandatory sex education, which is a euphemism for teaching every sexual practice imaginable, they are ridiculed.

If they suggest that their kids have filtered access to the Internet at school, or not be forced to read books on witch craft and Eastern religions, they are labeled intolerant.

If they want a choice as to where to send their kids to school, suggesting that their tax dollars be used for vouchers, they are called greedy and selfish.

If they unplug TV and cable, they are called abusive.

If they monitor what movies their kids watch, they are called old-fashioned.

So maybe instead of hearing from the people who make billions off kids, we should hear from the parents of these kids who are now told it is their sole responsibility to make sure this slime doesn’t creep under their front doors. And that IS the decision most families make.