What Hillary Wants, Hillary Gets

After the first debate between Rick Lazio and Hillary Clinton, most agreed that Lazio won.

And how could you tell? The talking heads were furious at Tim Russert’s pointed questions of Hillary, actually holding her accountable to lying to the American people, blaming them for her husband’s indiscretions, and hiding the truth of the health care discussions, naming just a few of the scandals she has been embroiled in.

And the feminists were furious that Lazio was so mean to her. They felt that was no way to treat a lady.

They are right. But we are talking about a seasoned politician who has scurried up the coattails of her wayward husband while claiming to be a femme sole.

She wants to be considered a hardhitting politico, yet she cries foul when a man bests her in a debate. Her fans echo her cry without holding her accountable to the same standards they would hold a male candidate.

So is she able to lead or not? If she can’t handle a little debate with Rick without calling foul, how is she going to handle over fifty Ricks on the Senate floor? They will cut her no slack.

It looks like her victimization is showing. She needs to put a little powder on that shine.