When Defining “Campaign Finance Reform” Look For the Union Label

In the spirit of Campaign Finance Reform… I want to wish everyone a happy Labor Day.

This is the day that is intended to honor the worker… both union and non-union, although the unions take this opportunity to continue pumping tens of millions of dollars into the Democrat party machine… although they SWEAR they are for Campaign Finance Reform.

What is interesting about the incredibly powerful and solidly Democrat unions is that they don’t play fair. They represent less than 18% of the workers in America yet claim to speak for all workers, duly intimidating the politicians who haven’t done their homework and looked at the numbers. And ironically, their members are evenly split between the democrats and republicans yet almost all of their dues goes to the Democrat party and to Democrat candidates.

Where is the freedom and liberty in that? Where is the choice, the power of the little worker over the big conglomerate?

So, on this Labor Day I would encourage union members to think for themselves, vote for themselves, speak for themselves and stop allowing a handful of power brokers to move them around on the political chess board like their obedient pawns.

This is still a free country after all, in spite of what the unions try and do to remake it in their socialist image.