For the sake of Unity in America Will someone please find Bill Clinton a Nice Little Island of Sycophants and Name Him Dictator?

Well, I guess the period of America United has come to an end. And who has dusted off his old-Anti-American rhetoric from his communist-hugging, military-loathing, flag-burning days at Oxford?

Yes, our former president Bill Clinton, who said yesterday that terror has existed in America for hundreds of years and the nation is “paying a price today” for its past of slavery and for “looking the other way when a significant number of native Americans were dispossessed and killed.” (Sort of like Democrats looked the other way when he was trashing the constitution, exploiting and TERRORIZING women, and lying under oath).

I am waiting now, to see if those same critics who castigated Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell for daring to suggest that the attacks of 9-11 were a result of God’s judgment against the US for our position on abortion, and other social issues, will judge Clinton that harshly.

But if we are in the blame mode, why go back to slavery? Why not just go back to the Clinton Administration and suggest that if he had not used the Oval Office as a brothel, the White House as a hotel, the military as the driver of his getaway car, the Justice Department as his hired gun, The Chinese as his bank, and the gullible, biased press as his personal PR firm, then none of this would have happened.

But Bill, still wrapping the cloak of “victim” around his self-mutilated ego, has even been quoted as saying, “If the FBI hadn’t been so busy trying to dig up dirt on me, none of this [Sept. 11] would have happened.”

Try? No one had to TRY. He makes the Charlie Brown character, Pig Pen, look hermetically sealed. But what about the “dirt” he is stirring up to try and divide the nation over actions that not one single living person in this country is guilty of committing?

We should not hold our breath expecting a consistent, rational, selfless statement to issue from this pathetic little man. But we can hold our nose so the stench of rotten ideologies, reeking rhetoric, and foul self-righteous smugness, spewing forth from this man does not defile a wounded, yet healing nation.