Democrats Officially Show True Fascist Colors

The Democrat party has announced that it will begin equating Christians in America to the Taliban, claiming they are intolerant and bigoted.

This is another very enlightened step by a party that constantly shows it is OUT of step with the rest of the country.

The sad thing is that they don’t even know the demographics of their own party that show there are 80 million born-again Christians, registered to vote in the country, and 40% of them are registered democrats.

This can actually serve as a much needed wake-up call to these Christians who have been living in denial as to the agenda of the democrat party.

Those who for years have turned a blind eye to the party’s whole-hearted support, for example, of un-restricted abortion.

Their adamant opposition to parental notification before their child undergoes a life-threatening procedure, school vouchers, choice in education, and protection of children on-line are just a few indications that the democrats are out of step with Christian principles.

Ironically, this same party will bend over backwards to ensure we do nothing to slight Muslims or their faith.  A religion with elements who have declared war on America, with commands in their Koran to kill all unbelievers, and have nothing to do with people of other faiths.

While the very dangerous dictates of the Christian faith are . . . “Love your neighbor, turn the other cheek, pray for those who persecute you, do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

So if the democrats in America are that out of touch with reality, with history, and with their own supporters, I would invite thinking democrats, no matter what their faith, to reject this fascist agenda to attack and destroy a class of people because of their belief system.