Newsflash: If you drive an SUV You Support Terrorists*

In order to get into some gangs, you have to do something called, “making your bones,” which basically means throwing yourself on the sword of their twisted fraternity by killing someone. This is a desperate, lonely move, usually made by people who have lost a sense of direction and are hoping their new found “friends” can fill that empty void in their lives.

In civilized society, those trying desperately to prove themselves, to people that the rest of us would choose to avoid, have more sophisticated techniques to prove they are in with the “In” crowd, even if it means they totally alienate themselves from anyone outside this little clique.

Arianna Huffington has just made her bones for the “anti-anything-American-we-hate-conservatives-hypocrite-elitist” gang, by promoting one of the most ridiculous, insulting and deceptively conceived ads since the little girl in the field of daises with the mushroom cloud in the background. She, and her fellow multimillionaire, let-them-eat-cake friends think that anyone who drives an SUV is contributing to terrorism, therefore, is a terrorist.

Let’s define terrorism: Any situation where one group or individual can exert such pressure, force or control over another as to cause them great fear. Like, if I drive an SUV, I could be the target of great derision and abuse, and this should cause me, and other average Americans, to fear driving or buying one. Thus . . . I am terrorized.

Let’s define average American. Well, it is someone who doesn’t own a 9,000 sq. ft. house, like Arianna, or a 13,000 square ft. house with a 21 car garage, like Normal Lear, a supporter of the commercial. It is someone who might have kids, or be in a working profession where a heavier vehicle is needed. It might be someone in sales or delivery who needs an SUV for their livelihood. It is the family on the farm and in the rural areas where four wheel drives and sturdy cars are necessary. It is the electrician, plumber, and carpenter who are all called at the most inconvenient times to come make life for Arianna, and the rest of us, a little easier when expected systems fail.

Grasshopper, would Arianna turn back a plumber driving an SUV if her living room was flooding with water? Or would she turn down a neighbor’s offer to drive a sick child through a snow storm when the emergency vehicles can’t get through?

Everyone who chooses to own a pickup truck needs to realize that they too are the target of these ads because most SUVs are built on truck chassis. “Choice” is a key word here because that is the word these liberals, and neo-liberals, have all carved in their alter of political correctness and restrict all discussion, surrounding the sanctity of that word, to the issue of abortion. They don’t really mean that we should all have a free choice in everything. Oh, heavens, don’t be silly. It is only if our choice is exactly what they think it should be, or if it is the choice to kill an unborn baby.

So a woman can choose to go to an abortion clinic, she just can’t choose to get there in an SUV. And if she does, she is a terrorist, but not a baby killer. Are you following this logic?

Another interesting point that seems to be lost on the gang that can’t shoot their rhetoric straight, is that they claim terrorism is horrible and bad and must be stopped, but the minute President Bush tries to address the issue, they dismiss him as a warmonger, or aggressive imperialist. They have declared they want no part of a conflict that protects their rich heenies from annihilation, to be in “their” name, and have even started a group called . . . Not In Our Name.

The Not in Our Name Project encourages everyone to build resistance in the spirit of Philip Berrigan who said, “The American people are, more and more, making their voices heard against Bush and his warrior clones. Bush and his minions slip out of control, determined to go to war, determined to go it alone, determined to endanger the Palestinians further, determined to control Iraqi oil, determined to ravage further a suffering people and their shattered society. The American people can stop Bush . . . can banish the war makers from Washington.” Oh . . .by not driving SUVs? News flash . . . the vast majority of the oil we import into America is NOT from terrorist countries. And if they are so concerned about us being dependent on foreign countries for oil, why do they continually stop exploration in Alaska and off shore, so we are not?

So what is it? Are terrorists bad or not? Are soccer moms and working men and women who rely on their SUVs and pickup trucks to make a living as evil as Saddam, and are we all really terrorists if we use gas and oil products, even Arianna and Norman?

Or, is this a way for Bill Maher, Al Franken and Norman Lear to force Arianna to repent for her past dalliances with conservatism, sleeping with the Republican enemy, and to prove that yes, she really is a bona fide liberal. That is fine, if she wants to switch parties, ideologies and even soap powder. . . but it is not acceptable for her to take her desperate desire to swing with the liberal elite as an excuse to paint all drivers of SUVs as terrorists, or supporters of terrorism. And if she does insist upon connecting dots that don’t exist, she and her gang have to be honest about the fact that they are far guiltier of the same charge because of the cost of heating and cooling their huge homes, and the cost to put gas in ALL those cars.

It seems a little suspicious that the group, that pretends to abhor terrorism by creating an ad campaign that basically terrorizes SUV drivers, is trying to stop the production of the only vehicle that will be useful should another disaster hit this country. They should be encouraging people to buy SUVs so they can be of assistance if necessary, like they were in DC and New York during the snow storm of Feb. 17 and 18.

A little consistency is all the rest of us “little” people ask from the beautiful people . . . no bones about it.

*Update: We just bought our first SUV in honor of Arianna and her gang that tried very hard to terrorize me and others into thinking we were supporting terrorism. Sorry, it didn’t work. And as a reminder of what freedom, choice and liberty mean, and that intimidation in the name of political correctness should be rejected and denounced . . . we named our SUV . . . Arianna . . . and Jesus is driving with me everytime I drive it, to answer the question, “What would Jesus drive?”