America WAKE UP . . .You are being lied to again!!!

It must be difficult for liberals to decide, from minute to minute, which moral high ground they are going to perch their hypocritical dynasty upon. Where to begin? In no particular order let’s just plumb the depths of their inconsistencies. One minute the news is abuzz with the brilliant findings of sex experts that sex with children is not only normal, but alas, healthy. Except of course if it happens to be with Catholic priests. That sin is then far more egregious than Muslims who imprison women and force young girls to marry as young as eight, keeping millions of people in virtual oppression, while, of course extolling the virtues of Islam over Christianity. (You guys saw this coming didn’t you?)

Then, while President Clinton uses our military as a cover-up for his sexual indiscretions, authorizing the bombing of two sovereign nations, with showing no hard evidence that either were culpable of a crime, Bush is attacked for a fourth generation sale of a photo he has probably never seen. Forget all the rose garden ceremonies with Bill Clinton, and every victim of every crime ever committed against man, since the beginning of time, appearing not only on the DNC website, but in their money-for-photos mass mailings. Did I hear someone say Columbine and . . . guns are bad? Any crime committed with a gun, and Bill was there mugging for the cameras and getting a piece of the photo action on the side.

So Reagan is the only one with Alzheimer’s? Did we all forget that when Bill Clinton, on several occasions had the opportunity to not only kill Osama Ben Laden, but extradite him to America for trial, he refused because he didn’t want to get big bad Saddam Hussein mad at him? Now that is courageous. But somehow, it is George W. Bush’s fault that 20 crazy men, training here in America, under Bill’s watch, with his immigration group asleep at the wheel, fly planes into buildings? The same people castigating him for his lack of prophetic skills are the very same voices chiding Tom Ridge for telling us of the plans they have foiled. He is met with, stop scaring the American people. We don’t want to hear what you stopped or prevented, or what might happen . ..that is not good for the economy.

So, let’s get it straight . . .do they want to know when an attack might occur or not? Do they want it to be foiled so lives are saved . . . or not? Or do they just want to continue collecting faux political arrows for their pathetically empty quiver to try and skewer a president trying to protect them . . . .and the rest us.

And now Mr. Rogers goes to Cuba under the same delusional cloud that hovers over Bill Clinton, that somehow he is still relevant. I guess during his trip they didn’t bother to take him to the prisons filled with people who have voiced disagreement with his charming host. He was not told that, in spite of the embargo by America, that the rest of the world still trades freely with Cuba and guess what . . . nothing has changed. Free trade has not flung wide the prison gates and set the captives free, it has done exactly what every Republican president has said it has done since the imprisonment of millions of people . . .it has served to prop up a petty dictator whose ideas died with the dinosaurs but who still receives the hushed whispers of adoration by Communists/Fascists who get a strange tingle around power.

And let’s not forget the poster boy of the radical left . . . the one and only . . . Yes Sir, it’s Arafat. In short, he is Israel’s Timothy McVeigh. He felt he had a just cause, worthy of taking out hundreds of lives, but the citizens of this civilized nation saw differently, and in their very civilized fashion, without a peep or boo from the usual anti-capital punishment suspects, he was fried. (Short diversion into “Inconsistentville”). .. capitol punishment is ok, IF, they agree that the crime is horrible enough …and not before.) OK, so, we have yet another petty little dictator who was not real good at either history or geography, holding an entire nation hostage by blowing up school buses and pizza parlors, and guess what . . . the liberals of the world love this guy. Now, why didn’t they rally behind Timothy McVeigh? Why didn’t they champion his cause of the struggle against the oppressive, successful, western bastion of democracy . . . the USA? His PR guy obviously was not as cunning and clever as Yes Sir’s.

So, I leave you with this. As we dissect every single meeting that President Bush has had with people who told him that Osama Bin Laden was armed, dangerous, and aimed, yet once again at the US . . . will we do the same for the man who REALLY caused all this to happen . . . Bill Clinton? I think the dems have bitten off a little more than they can chew in their total and absolute disdain and abhorrence of the American people. They see us as willing sheep to the media slaughter, believing every little tail and fiction they spin in their webs of hypocrisy. But this time, it is up to the American people to say, ok, we might be comatose, and have the attention span of a gnat, but we aren’t stupid. And . . . if the American people buy into this, and believe the spin and decide in two years that the Republicans are bad and they need a new president like Jimmy Carter or Billy Clinton, then I guess I just wasted 20 minutes of my life by writing this. Better that, than 3000 more innocent people killed with spins, lies and hypocrisy.