Why Do Democrats Hate Women So Much?

The most recent evidence of the smoldering hate against women by the Democrats is their refusal to even vote on Texas Supreme Court Justice, Priscilla Owens, who has been nominated for the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. She joins a long list of other women who have been summarily dismissed because of the great crime of having compassion for unborn children and the women who are intimidated and coerced into aborting them. Women such as this, who oppose the exploitation of women are ridiculed, belittled, sabotaged and rejected by the Democrat party. If you are pro-children, pro-family, and pro-life, you are not welcome in this good old boys club that has determined on several levels that women are mere chattel created merely for the enjoyment and pleasure of men.

They have determined this by refusing to prosecute hard core pornography that demeans and debases women and children. They have belittled the role of mothers by determining that the government knows best in how to raise these children and that their little boys should be taught that women are not worthy of their affections, but other men are.

The good-ol’ boy network of the Democrat party has summarily silenced every woman who dares contradict their strict litany of philosophical edicts. Not only are they silenced, but they are made to suffer if they in any way complain that these chauvinists are harassing them or silencing them with intimidation tactics, i.e., Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky, Kathleen Wiley, Jaunita Broderick, etc. And the women of the Democrat party have become the sweet little women who stand three paces behind their men allowing them to reduce women to nothing more than statistics to be dragged out when discussions of health care and welfare surface.

Democrat men, and their dutiful little women in power have taken women to a time and culture where women are nothing more than chattel. Their ideas, if they contradict or condemn those of the men are dismissed and ridiculed. Their very person is described and marketed as a package for sexual pleasure, while at the same these men claim to protect, feed and care for them like you would a pet poodle.

When a qualified judge, such as Priscilla Owens is denied an opportunity to be considered for another position in the same profession . . . .because she is principled, effective and qualified enough to be recommended by the ABA, it can only mean one thing . . . Democrats have no respect for women who are not Stepford Democrats, scurrying behind their men with their heads down, and their opinions labeled as irrelevant and insignificant.

Is this the great legacy that the feminist movement has left America? Is this where the champions of equal rights and justice imagined women after thirty years of struggling to get women acknowledged as being as capable, as intelligent, as worthy of advance as men? All this to find that if they do not adhere to the strict dictates of Democrat men and women in power . . . then they are castigated and discarded as so much excess baggage on society.

Where are the feminists with heart? The ones who understand that divergent views were not something to fear but a challenge to embrace? Where are they?

Let me guess. They are now members of the American Library Association lobbying for unfiltered internet access for children, and no restrictions at all on child pornography. They are the teachers who feel girls are too dumb and sexually driven to be able to abstain from sex so they might as well go straight to the “how to” manual. They are the ones who turned a blind eye to Bill Clinton exposing himself to women, cheating on his wife and daughter, seducing young girls and sexually harassing countless others. They are the ones who refuse to give women an informed choice before she makes a decision that will change her life, could render her infertile and even kill her.

So what was the feminist movement all about? It was a failed experiment that has turned back the clock on women and placed them at a point in time where women had no say, no rights, no control, no power, no meaning, and no respect.

What hope does a young pro-life women in law school have in a world that has relegated her to a position lower than the rest of society? Is she supposed
to abandon her principles in order to secure a job in the profession she has given her time and money to enter? Should she be denied access because of her beliefs? Should she be discriminated against because she does not follow the dictates of a party controlled by men who claim to know what is best for women? This is discrimination of the worst order, in a free country where divergent views are expected, applauded, promoted and . . . protected.

What kind of political party promotes the actions of a president who demeans the office, is impeached for lying under oath, is caught, literally with his pants down as he is sexually harassing innocent women . . . while at the same time they are destroying the reputation of a woman who has held to the highest standards of civility, intellect and professionalism? It can only be a political party that hates women, and applauds the actions of men who demonstrate they hate women.

The Democrats find it offensive and discriminatory to profile people who might be involved in terrorist activities, when these terrorists are easily identified, but they consistently resort to philosophical profiling. If you are pro-life in this country you are made to either sit at the back of the political bus or are denied a seat on the bus altogether. And where are the open minded liberals who embrace any and all ideas, behaviours, actions, beliefs, and claim to abhor any and all discrimination? Why on this very issue of life, that has claimed over 40 million Americans, and personally affected more than half the nation, do they make an exception to their very hard and fast rule against discrimination? Are there no liberals or Democrats who believe in free speech and real choice? During the civil rights movement, it was not only blacks that saw the incredible injustice in racism . . . whites marched against it too even though they had never felt its sting. Where are men and women of courage who are bold enough to face this leviathan of discrimination that segregates and labels pro-life people as less than full citizens, having fewer protected rights and privileges, no matter how qualified or honorable they may be? Where are the new women to challenge this paradigm?