Democrats Dance on Wellstone’s Grave

All weekend long, the Democrats have been on national TV basically daring the Republicans to campaign in Minnesota following the death of Senator Paul Wellstone. Every spokesman for the party repeated the claim that the Republicans lacked the decency to respect the memory of this poor man and his family and were dishonoring him by even discussing his replacement pawn candidate, Walter Mondale.

And the dutiful Republicans sincerely agreed that yes, the man should be honored, and even Norm Coleman, unilaterally suspended his race out of respect for the family. Well boy were the Republicans sucker punched . . . again. The Democrat party used the occasion of his death . . . to party. The memorial was full of cheers and applause, campaign speech and political rhetoric. It was basically a deplorable display of hypocrisy personified. Everyone was glad-handing and smiling, while King and Queen of the Democrats, Bill and Hill sat laughing and applauding as though . . . well, as though this was an occasion of great victory for their party. (They almost beg the average viewer to ask the question in the midst of such revelry . . . “WAS it an accident?”) Even one son, who has lost his mother and father and sister spoke of his deceased dad like a friend who had left the room to get a coke. It was the most appalling, despicable display of unvarnished, shameless politicizing in the history of our country.

You feel shame for them and for everything they stand for and quietly realize that no one is safe in this country when these people want you destroyed. They have ice water running in their veins but have banked for years on the compassion currency which has covered their personal and ambitious indiscretions for too long. Like the handwriting on the wall, they have been weighed in the balance, before the eyes of the world, and they have been found wanting. The true nature of the beast has been exposed for all to see and sadly for America . . . it is an ugly, disgusting picture of greed, power, hypocrisy, deceit, phoniness and dilution. I can only hope the American people saw this horrific display of grave dancing and realize that not only is the Democrat party bankrupt of ideas, it is bankrupt of a soul.

Three reasons why the Democrats have abandoned the gutter

© Exegesis 2002

In case you’ve lost count, or haven’t yet learned to ignore the mainstream media, in two years, there have been two election campaigns, two plane crashes, two consequential deaths of two Democrats about to lose a close Senate race, and two replacements to safeguard the seat for the Democrats.

The stakes are high: control of the Senate and, as a result, control of the next decade or more of many judicial and especially, Supreme Court decisions. Behind the scenes lurk two infamous people: America’s notorious Ceaucescus. He may be out of office, but she’s not, and they both still run things at the Democratic National Committee, via their hand-picked front man, Terry McAuliffe. The United States is too genteel a nation to make the Clintons share the fate of the late Romanian dictator and his wife, whose just desserts were dispensed by a firing squad after a national uprising against them. The best we can do is to help expose the facts.

Nobody is suggesting that the Wellstone and Carnahan plane crashes were anything but tragic accidents. However, there is no evidence to prove that yet, so we must reserve judgment until the real facts are known. Don’t hold your breath: nearly 40 years later, we’re still waiting to find out who killed President Kennedy. Given the manner in which the Clintons ran America, no event from which they could benefit can be regarded as an accident. After their unparalleled record of plane crashes, “suicides”, church burnings, bombings and the miscellaneous deaths of many of their political and business associates, we know that nothing is beyond the capabilities of this ultimate power-crazed couple, whose every action is solely designed to garner them more power.

Is the very idea of the Clintons’ machinations too harsh for our cultivated ears? Maybe so, but, faced with breathtaking incarnations of evil, what are good Christian folk supposed to do? Just smile sweetly and pour another cup of tea? Ignoring the truth is an act of folly, especially when everything in which we believe is at stake.

Would the Democrats, under their present management, really do this kind of thing? Absolutely. They got away with breaking the law in New Jersey by replacing a losing sleaze-tainted candidate with a 78-year old retired Senator, well after the deadline for changing candidates had passed.

They maligned Montana’s Senate Republican candidate so badly that he quit the race in disgust. And now they plan to replace the late Senator Wellstone, who was heading for defeat in Minnesota, with former Vice-President Walter Mondale, the distinguished party elder who brought America Geraldine Ferraro as his running-mate, and who brought upon himself the worst electoral defeat in modern presidential elections. Of course, Minnesota voters may not fall for the sympathy game again, and might just thwart their plans. We’ll see.

When the game goes against the Democrats, they simply change the rules. And it is an illustration of the party’s redundancy that when things get difficult, they turn to their golden oldies. It isn’t just their dull, collectivist policies which have made them outdated. It’s the ethics, stupid! Frankly, theirs are reminiscent of the mafia, which is why it’s so easy to detect the guiding hands of Bill and Hillary behind the scenes.

These manipulations are crucial when you’re trying to hold on to a fraudulent single-seat majority in the Senate. It’s a majority they shouldn’t have had in the first place, and one they obtained only because two years ago, they cheated in Missouri by electing a deceased candidate, and got away with that too. And because they then used vast amounts of taxpayers’ money to bribe Jim Jeffords into betraying his party. Even the Florida Supreme Court acquiesced in their attempt to steal the presidency, but fortunately Chief Justice Rehnquist and his genuinely moral majority saved the nation, another good reason why Supreme Court appointments are so important.

The Democrats’ tactics are interesting to observe, not merely for those seeking lessons in mischief and deception, though they certainly afford both. Why have they had to resort to this kind of behavior? Oh sure, vote rigging is nothing new for them – look at the way they run things in Chicago, Hillary Clinton’s home town, a city as synonymous with illegal voting as is Florida’s Miami-Dade County, over which Janet Reno long presided, for vote-counting fraud.

Yet we have to look beyond all their petty crimes and misdemeanors to discover the real reason why the Democrats have had to make their recent ethical descent from the gutter into the uncharted depths of the sewer. There are three plausible answers.

The first might be to suggest that the concept of tax and spend, over-bloated, centralized liberal government has been revealed as an outdated delusion. And indeed, that would be correct. Socialism has been tried and tried, and it has failed and failed. And it will always fail because, among other things, it quenches the human spirit and the basic human yearning for liberty. In short, their raison d’etre has expired. But that’s not the whole answer.

The second answer might be to suggest that the unethical excesses of the Clinton era have made the party unpalatable for voters with moderate to weak stomachs. That too would be correct, but again, their ethical shortcomings do not represent the real reason either.

The third and real reason is the overwhelming imperative to maintain the great delusion of the two-party system, the Hegelian dialectic which has fooled the American people into believing they can elect anyone – just so long as it’s a Republican or a Democrat.

On November 10, 1998, we wrote: “In reality, America has become a one-party state with two emphases, which are rigidly maintained by the power-brokers in order to perpetuate the delusion that voters have a choice.” Should this delicately balanced duopoly be disturbed, it is argued that discontent with the two-party system might be manifest. And that, in turn, might ruin the cozy one-party-disguised-as-two arrangement with all its bought-and-paid-for politicians, and that might endanger the prospects for global government and the New World Order. That’s the underlying reason why events happen as they do. For those who pull the strings, the stakes couldn’t be higher.

Those who cannot see, those who refuse to see, and those who are skeptical will dismiss all this as non-conformist nonsense, and will take their comfort from the Three Stooges on the so-called Nightly News, those airheads of the air who imply that Americans really secretly yearn for socialism and for its dull stifling of the nation’s creativity. Contrarily, we believe Americans actually yearn for liberty, less government, little or no taxation, an ordered, well-educated, low-crime society, with due reverence for God and the Constitution.

Meanwhile, the truly enlightened will do what comes naturally: fall to their knees, and pray for themselves, America and the world.

As we celebrate All Saints’ Day, we recall the life and example of great Christians of the past. Centuries later, the saints we often remember are those who displayed great courage, great compassion or both. Those are precisely the qualities we need to emulate as we stand together to reclaim the America we love.

True, it’s more comfortable to remain in blissful ignorance. And there is risk in the heat of battle. But, the Bible has a word for us: “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” (2 Corinthians 12:9) And as we recall the fine examples of those who have gone before us, and thank God for His grace and mercy to us, let us ask for His power and His Kingdom to be manifest in our lives.

Steve Myers × Editor