Let Him Who is Without Sin, Cast the First Stone

So, Senator Trent Lott’s clumsy choice of words, honoring a man whose life has spanned almost three centuries, is the new standard for forced resignation.

Fine then, let’s roll up the sleeves and get going. Ted Kennedy should be in jail for the death of Mary Jo Kopechne at Chappaquiddick.

Robert Byrd should be tarred and feathered, with his old KKK hood, for using the “N” word in THIS century.

Bill Clinton should be drafted for declaring he “loathes” the military.

This is after he has served time in jail for lying under oath, as many other citizens who have committed the same crime are now doing.

His wife should have to tell the truth for once about what her husband knew about the potential attacks on America instead of demanding to know what George Bush knew, when it was her husband who let Osama Ben Laden get away.

Al Gore should be forced to write 500 times on a black board “I will not lie,” for every wacky exaggeration that has ever issued from his confederate mouth.

He should of course have to apologize publicly for his father’s support of racial segregation, because he is accountable for his father’s actions, much as Trent Lott is accountable for Strom Thurmond’s political positions.

Jessie Jackson should have to wait tables for a year and promise not to spit in anyone’s salad, no matter their race, creed or religion.

He can afford to do that with all the money he has extorted from corporations by playing that tired, old race card.

And Alec Baldwin should have to spend the same weekend with Henry Hyde’s family that he has incited people to drag them out of their home to be stoned.

It would be fun to see how discriminating that crowd would be when tossing stones in hate and anger.

Gee, this is a long list . . . where does it stop. It doesn’t, until every single person who is capable of speaking and uttering words that are not always pleasing to every listener, are added to this list. Because it is everyone.

If Jessie Jackson, Al Gore, Bill Clinton, et al, want to cast their stones, then let the games begin. But in the interest of things more important to a nation, I would suggest they back off, and get their own houses in order.

This is not the time for rank hypocrisy and political posturing.

You can read a myriad of things into what Senator Trent Lott said, like you can read a myriad of things into Hillary Clinton blaming the vast rightwing conspiracy for her husband having sex with a girl her daughter’s age.

You could say she is in denial, paranoid, nutty, not fit for public office, deserved what she got . . .etc. etc.

Or you could say, ok, this was a hurt woman who was embarrassed by her jerk husband and can’t really face that he would humiliate her like this in public.

So the vast right-wing took it in stride, even laughing at the image of them ushering Monica into the Oval office and giving them a how-to manual.

So, in the spirit of Christmas, let’s remember the words of the One whose birth we are celebrating . . . .”Let him without sin, cast the first stone.”