Christmas sales were down because Christ has been X’d out

Everyone holds their breath until the shopping days before Christmas to see if the economy is strong or not, as though that one period of extreme buying is a reflection on the strength or weakness of the overall economy. Well, I would suggest the economic advisors and money mavins get a new yardstick of spending confidence.

Christmas became commercial when very smart businessmen, years ago, realized that the adherents to a belief in Christ, his birth, death and resurrection, took this one time of the year to celebrate the beginning of their religion by giving gifts. It’s a birthday, gifts are given . . . albeit, not to the birthday boy, but to each other in honor of Jesus.

For years many people who still think Jesus is a little plastic baby in a feeding trough, jumped on the bandwagon and used this holiday as a great reason to shop, decorate, sing carols, fire up yule logs, and generally share good cheer and happiness with friends and family.

They were never offended by the term Christmas, because well, it was Christmas. The season was not being celebrated because it was a winter holiday.

If that was the case, why not take Dec. 21 off which is officially the first day of winter. And then, why give gifts or sing of Christ the new born king, born in Bethlehem, with angels we have heard on high hovering over three kings from the Orient bringing gifts to a little baby in a feeding trough?

It seems so interesting to me that the birth of arguably the most perfect man to walk the earth is now considered controversial to the point of whitewashing the meaning, replacing it with drivel that has meaning for no one.

What can “winter holiday” possibly mean for someone in Miami or San Diego? What does “season’s greetings” have to do with shopping?

Everyone is supposed to tip toe around the indiscretions of Mohammed for fear of inciting more terrorist attacks from people who insist their religion is based on peace and love while also claiming they are charged with killing anyone who disagrees with it. But when the discussion turns to Jesus, all bets are off.

He is the father of a religion that has beget the most hateful, prejudiced, bigoted, mean spirited group of people since the beginning of time. Sort of like those innocent Baptist, Christian doctors who were gunned down in Yemen by a, gasp, peace-loving Muslim. And their crime? They had given their lives serving their fellow man the way Christ commissioned those who followed Him to do.

They had saved thousands of childrens’ lives and never once asked what religion they or their parents practiced.

Even though we have proof that thousands of Americans and billions of US dollars have been sent overseas to help even our political enemies, a sitting US Senator, Patty Murray, says we can learn a lesson from the humanitarian efforts of Osama Bin-killing-Americans Laden. Patty, Patty . . . an Osama thug shot and killed these Baptist doctors who were doing humanitarian work in a country that has harbored terrorists.

He wasn’t there on a humanitarian mission to make lives better.

I hear deafening idiocy emerging from the same self-righteous groups who demanded Trent Lott’s head.

Trent Lott talked about a US Senator’s past and implied segregation was good and the rest of the world filled in the blanks.

Another US Senator, Patty Murray, can state without reservation that the US has much to learn from the man who murdered 3000 innocent Americans and excuses are made for her stupidity, and that giant hushing sound is turned on, reminding us not to say anything that might offend those peace loving Muslims.

You know, the ones who didn’t like that a journalist spoke the truth about Mohammed’s healthy and natural penchant for lovely women, so they burned the paper down and killed over 200 people. You’re right . . . that’s peace loving. And those same hushed tones seem to always abound when another Christian church is bombed, or Christians are targeted for death by those same, yes, peace loving Muslims.

In all of this murder and mayhem, Christians are not allowed to even suggest that this is wrong, because that then becomes judgmental and the blame shifts to them for not being open-minded and accepting of the proclivities of a certain religion. To question them is divisive and is the REAL reason why these people feel compelled to kill innocent Christians. They were provoked.

Oddly, you don’t see Christians lobbing grenades into packed mosques, or gunning down Muslim doctors who have committed their lives to helping save the lives of innocent Christian children.

So this brings me back to Christmas and the sagging economy.

Our very enlightened left, who gave us communism, socialism, fascism, political correctness and hypocrisy has unilaterally determined that the Christians are to blame for every ill to befall mankind, and should be summarily silenced, ridiculed, marginalized and penalized. And the Muslims are the new cause Celebes who have been mistreated and misunderstood, ala Patty Murray’s explanation of why so many Muslims love Osama ben Laden, thus justifying his terrorist attacks.

So Christmas is now determined to be just a little too religious and makes people feel uncomfortable, so we are going to arbitrarily change the name to Winter Holiday.

Can you imagine this same group of dictatorial knuckle draggers suggesting we change the name of Rhammadan because it is offensive to none Muslims? Or changing “Kwanzaa,” that new invention to further divide the races in the name of unity?

So Christmas is now winter holiday. Instead of carols celebrating the birth of Jesus, we have songs about snowmen and reindeer. Instead of churches reminding us of why we are spending so much time shopping for people we don’t really care about, we have multicultural displays guaranteed to confuse even the most ardent atheist. And the economic experts wonder why this was one of the worst “Christmas” buying seasons ever?

It’s because it isn’t about Christmas any more . . .and when it stops being about Christmas, there is no longer a reason to celebrate . . . or shop. And when that day comes, which will be either by attrition or dictate . . .

I hope there is something else out there stimulating the economy, otherwise we will end up like all those other countries that unwisely rejected the reason for the season.