The Pack of Presidential Wannabe’s Show Teeth But No Leadership

If I were to draw a cartoon, of the democrat candidates for president, it would be a quick sketch of a bunch of little puppies attacking the pant legs of a man calming and quietly, going about his business. Each one of these little guys would have the names of all the men who think that attacking Bush will win them the hearts and minds of the American people. And the more they are tuned out, ignored, and smiled at, the more shrill they get.

These pups continue to blast Bush for his military victories, security successes, and solid leadership . . . because they have nothing concrete to complain about. Yet, these are the same people who supported their hero, Bill Clinton, no matter how much shame and disgrace he heaped upon us. They shrugged at the knowledge that Clinton had several opportunities to apprehend Osama Bin Laden, which would have prevented the disastrous attack on America, September 11. They yawn at the idea that the Clinton Administration led an unprovoked, preemptive attack on several sovereign nations with not one whisper of discontent from these little pups.

They continue to claim that Republicans want tax cuts for the rich without acknowledging that all their big spending programs should be cut as well. They complain that the homeland is not protected when they held up the appropriations and approval for months while they insisted that it all be unionized. They are hoping beyond hope that America is attacked again so that they can incorporate a disaster into their daily carping strategy. They are praying for an “I told you so” opportunity to stress to the American people that they would be the best person to guarantee a secure future for us.

They still refuse to acknowledge that saving millions of people in Iraq from oppression and control by a vicious dictator was a good thing, insisting though that they support our military. They revile the Commander in Chief . . . but support the military . . . but not necessarily what the military does, or the justness of their cause. Talk about fence sitting. They are scared to death that the military is in full retreat to the Republican party and resort to chastising the President for visiting them on board the USS Abe Lincoln. An act that every president before him has done in one form or another to honor our troops.

The problem with little puppies, as cute and entertaining as they can be . . . you still need to pick up after them because they are not yet house trained. There is not one that is emerging as a statesman. They are all politicians, regurgitating a failed and antiquated line by their disenfranchised party. There is not an original idea that doesn’t have a huge price tag attached to it, that would further erode individual choice. They want nationalized health care so that when this exorbitant idea is rejected, they can point to the Republicans as being heartless. When extended unemployment benefits are rejected . . . because they want to keep that unemployment figure high, for at least another year . . . they claim the Republicans are heartless.

When they fight tax cuts for every single tax payer in the country, no matter how little they make and pay, they claim it is a risky scheme by the Republicans to pay off their wealthy friends . . . all 92 million of them. The simple answer to that debate is let it be a voluntary tax cut. We would then expect to see every single democrat, demagoguing on this issue, to refuse their portion of the tax cut. Right? Right.

We shouldn’t be surprised that puppies do what puppies do. They have no vision and only see the immediate leg in front of them and feel they are accomplishing some great and significant task by attacking it. But in reality, they are showing they have no leadership skills, they have no vision or purpose in their desire to be president, and they could care less about the future and health of the nation . . . as long as they get elected, and stay in power, that is all that matters.

But the real danger is, when the pack of puppies grows up, has real teeth and can reach the jugular. What is cute and entertaining today . . . could be deadly tomorrow.