What are the Whiney Nine Complaining About Now?

While I wait for the Democrat National Committee to praise the President’s success in achieving the fastest growth in the GDP in two decades, 8.2%, I ponder what the candidates, who want to replace him, stand for. At first it was all about the economy… “President Bush has destroyed the economy, yadda yadda yadda.” They like to ignore the fact that it went south even before the election of 2000… now they ignore that it has rebounded with such amazing vigor that it even shocks the experts. The sagging economy was so important to their campaign, but when it improves they don’t celebrate. So, it wasn’t really about the economy stupid, it was about pinning a bad economy on the same man they refuse to give credit to when it rebounds.

Then we look at all the rhetoric surrounding the war on terror, the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, and see this whining chorus of weenies complain that a country has been liberated from a dictator, that the infrastructure has not only been restored but improved, and the war casualties are less than the murder rate in most metropolitan cities in America. But they carp on, illustrating their lack of understanding of the term, “leader.”

Their newest whine, a fine bouquet of jealousy mixed with angst and a touch of paranoia, is their odd reaction to the one ad allowing President Bush to try and counter the months of free TV they have had to bash him, the country, the war on terror, the economy, the color blue, the sound of one hand clapping… whatever. This ad is basically a rerun of a few sound bites from President Bush’s speeches and these guys claim he is attacking them personally as being unpatriotic. No guys, the President isn’t saying that, and he didn’t need to cut a commercial that tells the American people something that we already knew.

“AH HA!!!” They scream in unison… it WAS calling us unpatriotic. No guys, you still don’t get it. He is saying what he has always said before any of you started drooling over his job. He said it the same day 3000 fellow Americans were slaughtered by terrorists, and he hasn’t stopped saying it. All he is doing is setting his standard in the sand at the tribal council displaying a resolve that cannot be voted off the island, because it is the island.

It is very odd though, that they claim he is politicizing the war with this ad, when they had no hesitation about using every shot of President Bush on the Abe Lincoln, or the other ship with the sign that said “Mission Accomplished,” calling it grandstanding. No, showing a sign of the Commander in Chief, thanking the troops for sacrificing their lives for freedom, and calling it grandstanding… is grandstanding. They can’t have it both ways. They can’t prohibit the use of any footage to promote the president’s position, while using that same footage to destroy and undermine it.

And the claim by some in the pack is that President Bush has done nothing about homeland security after fighting with Congress to fund the Department of Homeland Security. Remember the Democrats’ main concern was to protect the unions over the rest of the nation? But to their claim that he has not protected the homeland, I say, “prove it.”

Since September 11, 2001, we have not been attacked again, and several of the would-be attackers have been arrested… all to the screams from the same bunch that say the president has given too much power to the Attorney General to protect our homeland security. So. .. ok, I am blonde, but could you help me unpack this one? He is not doing enough for homeland security, therefore we are more protected… but he is doing too much because identified terrorist are being detained, arrested, and denied the right to harm us… Help me here.

Even billionaire, George Soros, knows how pitiful the Democrat field for president is because he is illegally pumping in millions of dollars of soft money the Democrats lobbied against, to make sure that Bush is defeated. So much for the level playing field, special interest groups and big money NOT controlling the political outcome of elections. But even with all that money and lies it will buy, you still need a semi-coherent candidate who believes in something other than the sound of his own whiney rhetoric.

The candidates should take a minute and analyze why they think the RNC ad is calling them unpatriotic. Maybe they should heed that still small voice… because it isn’t in the words or the text of the ad… only in the imaginations of men who are desperate for power, have no ideas, have shown nothing but disdain for this nation, the president, the military and anyone who supports freedom. I might be too late in sending this message to the candidates, because some have already acted, but to the rest… don’t give up your day jobs. No, second thought… do… we need to replace this negative, pessimistic anti-thought process with new leadership, new ideas, and the courage to move forward, out of a state of perpetual whining. Note: I wrote this just one day before the release of the Democrats newest Beaujolais, or should I call it, Bushfillet… This newest whine has a distinct taste of bitter grapes and conspiratorial complexities that can only reside in a fine Democrat Whine.

They are so ticked that President Bush was able to sneak in and out of Iraq to thank the troops for their dedication to freedom that they have sharpened their claws anew. They are mad that they didn’t have a chance to spin it before he left instead of having to wait to do it when he returned. It was dangerous, it was foolhardy, it was reckless and inconsiderate of those around him. No… what Bill Clinton did repeatedly in the Oval Office was all these things. What President Bush did was brave, selfless and calculated to serve only one purpose… give thanks where thanks was due regardless of the carping consequences. This whine is thin, has no legs and strains the political pallet. (And, no Hillary, he didn’t do this to try and upstage you because frankly, no one even knew you were going).