Everyone has a Price . . . Hillary’s is Just Higher than Most

It is an ironic coincidence that the maven of home entertaining and the maven of political spin and power grabs both have their banner headlines on the same day. The other irony is that while one is being indicted for greed, the other is being rewarded. Why else would Hillary Clinton open old wounds, embarrass her daughter, and further tarnish the legacy of the man she created?

She knew going into her 8 million dollar book deal that there would be no deal unless she came clean about the Monica scandal that she blamed on the vast right wing conspiracy. A conspiracy, by the way, that has yet to be proved. But like all good politicians, she decided that with proper spin, and a well-conditioned field of sycophants to gush over her pain and suffering, resurrecting the “Victim Hillary” cut out, she would be able to have her cake and eat it too.

But even 8 million dollars can’t pay for a communal lobotomy in the hopes that everyone forgets all the other times that HIllary DID know about her husband’s sexual addiction. She admits that she knew of the 12 year affair with Gennifer Flowers. She certainly knew of Paula Jones and the occasion where he used his position of power to sexually harass her. She was aware of the rape accusations by Juanita Brodderick, and the fondling episode with Kathleen Wiley. Was she upset about Monica because it was hard to believe he was once again, sexually harassing a woman at the work place, the same age as her own daughter? No, that never seemed to bother her before. It wasn’t even about Bill lying, since she already knew his penchant for spinning a tale and distorting the truth . . . again. Even the country knew about that, and she herself has been known to inhale that vice occassionally.

So what was her claim for being outraged when she learned he really was lying about the affair with Monica, and that  it really wasn’t the vast right wing conspiracy that forced her husband to defile the office of president? My theory is that they had previously worked through every one of these indiscretions and foibles privately and had, as a unified political machine, decided how they would handle the press and hand fed them the little tidbits they would gobble up hungrily, and then leave, not demanding more.

They perfected the staging of the strong but wronged wife, next to the little boy who couldn’t keep his pants up but loved his mommy. Feminists far and wide forgave the heretofore, unforgivable, because, for them, Hillary personified all they stood for and they knew if she had a leash on her untrained White House pet, then they took comfort in the fact that all their social issues would get the support they craved. Bill could do that lower lip bitey thing and every normally intelligent woman would melt and know that if only she were his better half, he would never stray. And men who shared his weakness laughed all the way into the bed of their new mistresses justifying their acts as presidential-like. Hillary and Bill played the saps of America like a fine violin.

So, the reason Hillary gulped, and got angry was not that Bill had one more tawdry affair with one more victim of his ego. She was ticked that he hadn’t told her so they could work their spin out together to protect their image and poltical careers.  She obviously doesn’t care now about his image because she has pointed the spot light squarely back on him and reminded us all of what a complete jerk he is. She doesn’t seem to care that her daughter is dragged into this again and reminded of what power hungry parents she has. This was about the money pure and simple.

Hillary put a price on her integrity, honor, and political ambitions for a few million dollars. So for $28 you can wade through almost 600 pages of a virtual socialist policy paper, decrying the benefits of the individual, promoting all things big, expensive and government sponsored, or you can move on with your life and know that nothing has changed with the Clinton’s. They still crave raw power, they still maintain a set of double standards for themselves and the rest of the country, and they still think we are a bunch of stupid Americans who will continue to fall for their staged act.

But in order to keep that two million dollar advance, and push the sales up to the 8 million mark, she had to give them something salacious, although not very newsworthy, other than once again, we are catching Hillary with her veracity down. When she says in the book that Bill told her the morning the world would discover the truth, that he had lied . . . she already knew about the stained dress and DNA results, and the other substantial evidence that the entire world knew about. So, if she is so desperate for 8 million dollars, to lie about the only interesting part in the book . . . why should anyone believe the rest of it, or waste their time plodding through it? We all know how the story ends. She got her husband in the White House, knew about his indiscretions, maneuvered her way in the US Senate and has her eyes on the White House is 2008. And that 8 million will help fund that run . . . at any cost.

It reminds me of the joke where a man asked a woman if she would sleep with him for 8 million dollars. She said sure. He then asked if she would sleep with him for $20 and she slaps his face saying, “What do you think I am, a prostitute?” He replies, “We already determined that, now we are just negotiating the price.”