Pseudo men vs. Real Men . . . Robinson vs. Arnold

It is interesting how life is displayed as a series of contrasts. The Episcopal Church chooses to honor and celebrate a man who already honors and celebrates himself, his wants, desires and preferences, regardless of what God says. And in California, a man who doesn’t need the publicity, the fanfare or attention, is allowing himself to be filleted publicly, in order to help the state recover from a failed stint at socialism.

What could Arnold Schwarzenegger possibly gain by running for governor other than coals of indignation heaped on his head from a party bankrupt of ideas, common sense and intelligence?

If he wins, he can’t then move on to be president because Article II, Section 1, of the Constitution prevents it. And he could very well lose the race, costing him millions of dollars, and standing in the popularity polls, for the privilege of wanting to serve his fellow Californians.

So why is he making such a sacrificial move to put himself, his personal life, his financial status, on the line to help make a difference? Jesus said, “No greater love has a man than he will lay down his life for another man.” Robinson must have read it . . . “that he will lay down with another man.” Arnold got it right. Whether he is a Christian or not, of the two men in the news, Arnold is exhibiting the sacrificial characteristics of Christ.

Robinson breaks a sacred, God-ordained vow to his wife to roll in the hay with another guy and he is considered a hero for the cause of “self.” Now that took courage.

In order to justify his actions and deny that it requires any type of repentance or forgiveness, he has forced a 450 year old religion to now be made in his image. He has caused a split in the church that is being felt in every parish in the US and even reverberating around the world. He chose to further blaspheme Christ and His incredible sacrifice for mankind by equating his own selfish demands on the church with the resurrection of Jesus. He has single-handedly turned the Episcopal church into a nice little country club to attend on Sundays where you sing Kumbaya and feel affirmed about whatever it is you want to do in life. . . no matter who it hurts, embarrasses, defiles or destroys.

Oh, and it is irrelevant whether God shows up or not because according to Robinson and the very enlightened group of Bishops who joined in affirming and condoning any behavior, they are gods now and have no need for redemption because nothing they do is wrong or an abomination to God . . . . according to the new Gospel of Self-Actualization.

Arnold on the other hand has stepped up to the plate, amid accusations of sexual harassment, steroid use, and Nazi party affiliations to do what he thinks is best for the people of California . . . not himself. Gee guys, I thought what someone did in their private life didn’t matter in politics. It certainly doesn’t seem to matter in the church.

But who does the left tout as their hero, their savior, their spokesman for liberation and freedom . . . the gay guy who thinks women are irrelevant, God is a joke, and the church is his own little playground to make and form and distort the way he chooses. With churches like that . . . maybe they should be separated from the state so that real men . . . and women, can step into positions of leadership and show by contrast . . . it is not about them . . . it is about serving others.