Feminists Finally Find Their Voice After Eight Years of Silence

I was beginning to worry that the usually vocal feminist movement, that suffered with acute laryngitis during the reigning years of the Clinton White House, may never again see a chauvinist they didn’t like. Thank goodness, Arnold has shaken them from their stupor and motivated them to protest his bad-boy past, expressing shock and outrage that a Hollywood star and body builder could possibly have had a checkered past, dabbling in dalliances with willing women.

OK, everyone, shhhhh… In all the screaming about his being a womanizer, do we hear the voice of one woman coming forward claiming he raped them, dropped his pants in front of them, had her “perform” sex acts on him in a taxpayer funded building, or groped her, against her will in that same office? Hmm . .. just as I suspected. Silence, except from some women dressed in pink. What?

It is quite honorable for these very concerned feminists to be outraged by the “potential” of sexual abuse even though no clear claims against Arnold have surfaced. But what point are these women in pink trying to make other than letting us know they are clueless that the color pink is so out, unless you are Capitol Barbie in Legally Blonde Two? They are basically saying that it is not sexual harassment they care about since they were totally silent during the years that Bill cut a swath of testosterone and boorishness through the psyche of the female voter too enraptured with his charm and charisma to know he was a loser, a womanizer, an unfaithful husband and philandering father.

It is selective persecution relegated to those who may have the potential, by the very nature of their profession, and party affiliation, to sexually harass women. It is the same philosophy the 9th Circuit just took in insuring that Arnold and California wait until March, well after the eighty day legal requirement for a recount election, for the election to take place. They said because there is the “possibility” that people may be disenfranchised, we can’t hold this election now. The feminists are saying, because there is the “possibility” that Arnold, by the very nature of the fact that he embodies conservative genes, lives in Hollywood, and is a babe magnet, that surely, he must have employed these elements to sexually harass, rape, pillage and maim women in his wake.

No proof, no accusations of women victims, just the assumption that he could do these same crimes that their hero Bill Clinton was guilty of. Its sort of like assuming that Trent Lott was a racist because a past Senate Majority Leader, Senator Robert Byrd was an unrepentant member of the KKK. It is like assuming that republicans are the party of the rich when the largest donation amounts go to the Democrat party which is comprised of almost every multimillionaire Hollywood star, media pundit, rock star, athlete, etc.

But let’s say Arnold is a womanizer and a misogynist sexist. So what? What he does in his private life is his own business… isn’t it? Why are we suddenly told we should care about a Republican’s private life, when the private life of a sitting president was none of our business. Why is it that when feminists and liberals think a Republican is less than pure they don’t mind protesting, but when a Democrat is caught red-handed, indicted, impeached and disbarred, then somehow, it is a conspiracy by the vast right wing?

If the Democrats continue to count on the collective stupidity of the American people to muscle their way into power, they are going to be unpleasantly surprised. Sure, there are still the sycophants who would vote for Saddam if he ran as a Democrat. Ironically, their opposition to Bush, our military in Iraq, and shame at American on the world stage makes you think they are supporting him. But that aside… if all the feminists in America have is duplicitous standards for sexual harassment, then they really have sold their souls for political power and influence. They have squandered their credibility and have become a laughing stock among real women who have always rejected their monolithic claim that they speak for all of us. Pink as a color… and a movement… is SO out.