Heh Dems . . . If It’s OK to Compare Bush to Hitler, How About Wesley Clark the Baby Killer?

Where in the world are the Democrats finding these compassionate, empathetic, rocket scientists who would be president? It was entertaining enough seeing Dean twist in the wind as he tried to convince middle America that the Bush tax cut was really bad for them. Now you have Clark giving all women the power of God to decide when life begins when he says, “Life begins with the mother’s decision.” With the mothe’s decision to what? To have sex? She can’t decide when life begins because it is a done deal when sperm meets egg. If it began when a woman merely decides, well you would have as many decisions about the beginning of life as you have women. Most would probably prefer to skip the 9 month process and decide that life begins when a child is plucked from under a cabbage leaf. . . or when the stork drops them by the front door. Certainly not when she is screaming in pain and hating the sound of the word, “push!”

And let’s say a woman does decide when life begins, displacing the God of the universe who has the ultimate hand in all life and death . . . what does that have to do with deciding when it ends?

By His standard, I can say it begins at conception, therefore should be protected, while someone else says it begins at conception and should be destroyed.

But let’s look at his next statement which should send chills down the spine of most thinking, feeling people, especially big hearted liberals. Clark says, “Until the moment of birth, the government has no right to influence a mother’s decision on whether to have an abortion.” But according to polls, over 93% of the American people reject his cavalier and chilling statement and have overwhelmingly rejected the barbaric practice of “partial birth abortion,” which is what he is advocating here, and more.

As mothers and fathers sit in premature wards praying that their child born in the 7th and 8th months, and sometimes earlier, survive their short term gestation, they realize that a man who would be president does not see their child as a whole person . . . as a fellow citizen, but just a choice a woman has to destroy and kill. Move to the next floor ‘ the room full of pink and blue bassinets contain the cause for mature adults to make fools of themselves and realize that just moments before this jubilant encounter, these children could have all been legally slaughtered under a President Clark. And the democrats dare compare Bush to Hitler. Hello?

Is a fully viable child really the “property” of a woman who can decide up until the moment of birth if that child should live or die? Is that unborn child not even 3/5 of a person without any rights or privileges of full citizenship just seconds out of the womb? Well Mr. Clark (sorry, but it is hard to refer to you with the time honored title of General with such a genocidal view of life and disregard for and understanding of who and what women are), why stop there? Why not give her up to a month to decide if motherhood is for her? Remember your tiny, sick, constituency actually saw Angela Yates, the mother who killed her five kids, as a victim and tried to justify their deaths.

Liberals need to start being as honest in public as they are in private about their passion for abortion. It has nothing to do with the woman as evidenced by their lack of concern for woman who have suffered the emotional, physical, psychological and even mortal consequences of abortion. Like their heroine and founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, who was a racist and eugenicist of the first order, liberal elitists really believe that abortion does rid our society of the “unwanted,” the “unwelcome,” and the “unlovable.” They are the population control freaks who selfishly think their doodoo is odorless, and extra people on earth impede their ability to flourish. They are the meat merchants whose currency is human flesh receiving billions of dollars in blood money to exploit women who are desperate for an answer beyond the extermination of their child. They are the irresponsible man who parades his pro-abortion credentials as he ships his “woman” off to the butcher to destroy the evidence that he is a coward, while she alone suffers the consequences of his lack of self control. They are the smug, silent racists who by their pompous support of a liberal cause can hide their desire to promote abortion to minority women and couch it in terms of choice, power, and self-determination when they are really promoting genocidal tactics that they hope will result in less of the race they secretly disdain. They are the smug whites who graciously promote a way for poor black and hispanic women to annihilate their race while claiming they are doing it for the women.

Everyone has wondered for years the type of person that could grow and develop without a spirit, a soul, and conscience and see their fellow human being as merely a stumbling block to greater power and control. We have seen dictators in the past slaughter millions of people because they did not see them as “whole people.” They were lacking either in philosophical and religious purity, or were handicapped by imperfections, whether physical, emotional, or cultural. But decisions were made by people like Wesley Clark that they were disposable, irrelevant and of no consequence to those who would decide they should be exterminated. It was irrelevant to them that they were precious to someone else and not the burden these perverted leaders perceived them to be.

A man who is so desperate to become president that he authorizes, sanctions and approves of the murder of full term babies is a reminder of the season we have just passed through, when King Herod had babies who were new born and up to two years old, killed because of the prophecy that a new King had been born. And just as he was unable to satisfy that thirst for power by destroying the Christ Child, and as women really do not decide when life begins, only God does . . . so Wesley Clark will not prevail in his quest for power because there are not enough evil, sick people in this country to elect a man who would kill healthy, viable, precious little babies who are full term.

Inspite of what liberals, and www.moveon.orgthink, it is not Bush who resembles Hitler in this race.