Justin Timberlake . . . From Mouseketeer to Molester

I wish I could have been fly on the wall during the producer’s conversation about the Super Bowl halftime porn show. The wardrobe artists were accused of not making a strong enough outfit for Janet Jackson, the producers claimed it wasn’t done like that in rehearsal, the NFL heads said they had promises from the MTV crowd that the show would be acceptable to all ages, and the audience was sucker-punched. That would be like saying you were shocked to discover that Hustler had a couple of raunchy photos in it. Hello, the halftime show was produced by MTV, not Nickelodeon.

Everyone is floundering in a giant stew of mea culpa but this still doesn’t answer the question on everyone’s mind. What was the point? Did Justin feel he had to do something to show his ex-girl friend, Britney Spears, who sucked face with Madonna on national TV, that he was just as hip? He wanted to make sure his 15 minutes of fame lasted 30 seconds longer than hers after that ridiculous display of in-your-face excess.

Was the point that the actions had to match the words to the song which said, I am going to have you naked by the end of this song? What in the world are they singing a song about having sex and getting naked at the Super Bowl which is supposed to be about football? Hello, this isn’t the SEX Bowl, or the Super Boob.

What message was this display of degradation and molestation supposed to send to the viewing public? What impact does a dance with girls dressed as whores, and a white boy insinuating S&M on an African-American girl have on young kids today? Are girls supposed to now fear that society sanctions such behaviour by young men who get paid big money to ravage women in public? Doesn’t that seem so ancient Rome and totally uncivilized, where the nubiles were brought in, chained to large wagons, then stripped to the waste to show the wares and sold to the highest bidder? Come to think of it, there has been a history of that in our not-to-distant past. To see young kids, under the direction of knowing adults, acting out this type of degradation for the amusement of millions gives one pause. Just what are we teaching kids? Are young men now to think that girls like that kind of treatment and could care less if the red lace underwear breaks away with the outer garment, as long as they get what they want, when they want it? Hello feminists, you have been pitched a soft ball here . . . I don’t see anyone taking a swing at it. You can’t still be sitting on the same apathetic, myopic bench of double standards where you sat out the Clinton years.

I am curious to know how cute little kids like Justin, Britney and Christina, go from singing M-I-C-K-E-Y-M-O-U-S-E to molesting women, performing lesbian acts and dancing with snakes unless they had been told that it would catapult their careers beyond the mouse ears. But catapult to what?

Christina has graduated to a highly paid porn star with a good voice, but even the guys are shocked by her performances and sleaziness. Not someone you want to take home to meet mom. And Britney was already on that sultry slide to skin and sex before she let Madonna perform a tonsillectomy on her with her tongue. Was there a sense of competition between the three that now Justin had to prove himself as a Class A pervert, or have all these performers just totally lost touch with reality?

Are there no adults in their lives who really do believe that they should nurture character qualities like integrity, virtue, humility and gentleness? Were they just surrounded by greedy adults who, having lost their own innocence, saw big bucks in selling the innocence of these kids and others like them, knowing their performing days were numbered? Did no one think to tell these kids that not everyone in the world lives by the same rules the entertainment industry does, and this does not make the rest of the world weird, or right wing, or intolerant, or judgmental. It just means the rest of the world is responsible, thoughtful and incensed when they are dissed the way they were Sunday night.

In the past, it used to be that the young kids would shock the adults to prove they were independent and capable of free expression. But that has been changed so drastically, and so fast, that now it is the adults moving the children into roles that defile their innocence, stunt their growth, destroy their lives. Child porn is a multi-billion dollar industry run by adults who exploit and abuse children. The entertainment industry is run by adults who sign children younger and younger and age them quicker and quicker so they have a longer shelf life before they become disposable commodities in their early twenties . . .used up before their time. Young girls are exploited and lied to by adults in the abortion industry that accomplishes the goal of destroying two lives with every abortion. The adults in education, the library associations, and academia all see our young boys and girls as pimps and prostitutes and desire only that they control their sexually transmitted diseases not their sexual appetites. They applaud and condone destructive consequences of these dangerous lifestyle choices, while jeering and condemning kids who choose abstinence as means of insuring safe sex.

The critics of the critics of this new immorality have become so jaded and encased in a cocoon of apathy and cynicism that they really don’t see what all the commotion is about. Heh, if you’ve seen one boob, you’ve seen them all, begs the question then why is pornography still, annually, after all these boob-filled years, a multi-billion dollar industry? Why does MTV keep selling sex if the market is saturated? But for a woman who is molested against her will, it is still a traumatic and devastating event that can scar her for a lifetime. To promote such molestation, abuse and dehumanization sends a subtle message to would-be victims, and would-be attackers. Brace yourself Kate, because he is somehow validated in his actions toward you, by MTV, the NFL, CBS, Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake, etc.

Out of curiosity, where are the compassionate liberals, the feminists, the human rights activists, the civil rights activists who love the rhetorical jabs but do nothing to stem this tide of debauchery that is aimed at our kids? And, sorry, but more money from the Federal Government will NOT solve this problem. It is one that can only be solved by instilling a new respect for human life back into our country. A respect for decency and integrity.

Instead of trashing groups like, the Boy Scouts, for example, for wanting to remain virtuous and decide who they want to be intimate with, and in what way, we should be honoring children who have decided, as their CHOICE, to live a certain lifestyle and protect their innocence.

There is an age when all little Mouseketeers grow up, become responsible for their actions and suffer the consequences. But in the case of little kids who never had a childhood, who have always been handled by adults and have never been taught right from wrong, then it is hard to hold them accountable for the incredibly stupid and self-destructive things adults have been telling them to do for their careers. But hopefully, we can ALL learn from their mistakes.