What do the Democrat Party and Abusive Husbands Have in Common?

The Democrat party is sort of like the abusive husband who blames his wife for getting her face in the way of his fist. He is somehow the victim and deserving of sympathetic responses, while she is the one who suffers in silence because either no one will believe her, it is her word against his, or she fears that worse will happen if she accuses him of being the yellow bellied, chicken-livered, scum bag psychopath that he is.

When Terry McAuliffe can sit straight faced and claim that the Republicans are going to go negative in the presidential race, when all we have heard for a year are the rantings of nine people lacking any positive idea of what they would do if President, then we must look at what he is trying to hide. He claims that the Republicans are so desperate for power, that they will question the patriotism of a great war hero like John Kerry as he engages in preemptive abuse. Terry stands over a pool of bloody water where the remains of countless Republican bodies lie at the bottom of slash and burn political campaigns claiming he and his party are the victims. The drums of special interest accusations beat in rhythm to the sound of the cash register logging in the millions of dollars from special interest Democrats like George Soros, the environmentalists, the abortionists, the trial lawyers, the Hollywood elite, and the corporate giants who always butter their bread on both sides. He claims the religious right will use their churches and synagogues to support their candidate but is appalled when it is pointed out that inner city churches have been promoting, supporting and fielding Democrat candidates for years. If not for the church, Mary Lou Landrieu would not be the Senator for Louisiana and Terry knows this. But if the wife points out this little inconsistency, she gets whacked again with the same old label of right-wing religious fanatic.

The claims of a stolen election are never met with the question, well, if you think it was stolen, why didn’t you guys just run Al Gore again, avoid this divisive primary, and let the electorate finally decide who they really want to be their Commander in Chief? Could it be that they know Al Gore, their biggest and best excuse for questioning the legitimacy of Bush, really did not win as many popular votes as he did, and Bush was cheated out of the correct tally of military absentee ballots? Could it be that they know a rematch would totally destroy the myth of a stolen election, therefore they can’t afford to go down that lane?

The claims that President Bush lied about WMDs are met with angry glances and quick denials when asked if Clinton is as culpable because he relied on the same intelligence, and bombed not only Iraq, but Afghanistan and the Sudan as well. He even said on several occasions that we had proof, years ago that there were WMDs in Iraq. Democrats don’t seem to understand how silly they look when questioning Bush’s claim that our national security is at stake since the attack of 9/11, when they never questioned Clinton’s excuse for bombing Serbia. So why did Clinton’s America risk it’s global reputation by invading a sovereign nation without assistance from the French and Germans, congressional authority, or the permission of the United Nations? Wasn’t the argument that we had a moral obligation? Isn’t it interesting how liberals see a moral obligation to drop bombs on innocent people in the Balkans as a justification for such action, but fail to connect the dots when our national security really is threatened? And why, again, did we bomb the Chinese embassy, other than to destroy the evidence that the secrets for money exchange did indeed take place. Ice down your knuckles before the police get there and stick to your story that she slipped down some stairs.

The newest accusation by the Democrats, that is the most pathetic and laughable, reminds you of the guy who has just been caught red-handed cheating on his wife with, then smacks her around for getting upset. They are now all referring to John Kerry as a war hero, even though he threw his medals away and protested a war they all despised, while other brave men were still over there getting shot at . . .and dying. By the way Terry . . .it is going to be difficult to see John Kerry and his chest full of medals debate President Bush when he bragged about throwing them over a fence in protest. Did he lie about doing that? Did he lie about being against the war on that fateful day, then crawled back under the fence later that night to retrieve them? Who is making a desperate political ploy to appeal to a certain segment of our society? If it is a political stunt to land on an aircraft carrier or risk your life flying behind enemy lines on Thanksgiving, then it must be the same to rely on the claim of war hero when you openly protested against the war, and returned your medals to the government you now opposed, then, created a voting record to confirm this disdain for the military and national defense.

You guys really think people in the military are that stupid? When asked about Bill Clintons loathing of the military and draft dodging escapades, McAuliffe slaps the facts around for exposing his hypocrisy and dalliances. He refuses to acknowledge that Clinton was a draft dodging coward, while daring Bush to say anything about Kerry’s record. Oh, suddenly war records matter to the Democrats? As I recall, the Democrats set the ground rules in ’92 about questions concerning Clinton’s military record saying they were mean spirited, divisive, and hurtful to a nation just trying to . . . move on. Isn’t it odd that the Democrats are always so desperate to move on when their hypocrisies and indiscretions are showing, yet, they have no problem dragging up past records of their opponents all the way to conception? Heh Terry, move on. If we are supposed to have forgiven Clinton for being a real schmuck, then, why can’t you extend the same compassion to others? The charges against Bush as being AWOL and deserter are as inflated and suspicious as your $18 million profit in Global Crossing from a $100,000 investment. Ask anyone in the military what a TDY, and Honorable Discharge are, and I am sure they will be glad to enlighten you, John Kerry, and the new mouth of the DNC, Michael Moore.

But we already know that John Kerry will put the makeup of patriotic rhetoric over the black eye of defense spending cuts, base closings, and support for bills that attack our national security and continue to put the nation at risk. Makeup, like Botox, does not hide the fact that our intelligence community has been weakened and compromised during the Clinton Administration, aided by their liberal accomplices in Congress. For them now to claim they support the military, the soldier, the fighting man and woman just because once upon a time they wore the same uniform, while their actions belie this, again, is a pure exercise in situational ethics and values clarification.

Democrats claim THEIR country was stolen as though they own it and the people in it. These wives, who are treated as objects and possessions of a twisted party, need to expose the abusive husbands as hypocritical little weenies who say one thing and do another, hoping no one notices the bruised eyes, the swollen lip, and broken arm. And maybe, the abused victims will stop allowing the Democrats to continue lying to them, using them as a scapegoat for their pathetic posturing, and demand that the truth be told and the abuse stop.

Well, like the abusive husband who claimed his wife deserved to be hit, they are that wrong. But the women aren’t taking it any more and they are fighting back. They know they are not that bad, that evil, that horrible, just because they want to be taxed less. They are not to blame for his rage, just because they want to be protected in their own homes, offices, and skyscrapers from would-be terrorists. They are not failures because they support the overthrow of tyrants who slaughter hundreds of thousands of innocent people. And frankly, they are sick of being characterized as such . . .especially by a party that stood by and allowed Clinton to abuse the nation with his lies, spins, sexual appetite, bombing and hypocrisy. Americans are not stupid . . .and don’t like being sucker punched. The quiet Americans refuse to be the victims any longer and will fight back. So John Kerry . . . in your own words . . . Bring it On!!