Democrats Have Broken Their Diet of Patriotic Rhetoric

Have you ever been on a diet and then realized you had accomplished your goal and felt liberated to just pig out? That is the dangerous transition from positive change to repeating history. Well, the Vietnam gang is pigging out at the trough of antimilitary sentiment. They had to bite the bullet during the Gulf War in 1990 and forego the atrocities munchies, the baby killer chips and the Imperialist bon bons, because they realized they could no longer fit into their compassion jeans.

But now that the patriotic rhetoric diet is over, all bets are off. The slim waist of patriotism, revealing a pro-defense profile, has suddenly expanded beyond a svelte understanding of who we are as a nation and what positive impact we have had on the world, inspite of what the French and the UN say. They serve the purpose of the anorexic’s mirror. No matter how thin you get you still think you are fat. No matter how much good you do in the world, you still think you are bad, because you are told you are bad . . . by people who pretend to like you, claim to be like you, but trash you every chance they get.

Now with that very tempting bowl of chocolate atrocity covered malt balls sitting on the table between patriotic carrot sticks and anti-terrorism celery, the choice is just too tempting to pass up. So the hips of political exploitation spread as the Democrats stuff their chubby cheeks with the food they have been craving, and denying themselves for years. The food they stuffed themselves with daily during the wonderful, anti-American, antiwar, anti-flag, anti-patriotic . . . well, just basically anti-anything healthy days of selfish abandon. So eager were they to stuff their faces with fascist fallacies, they did it when their fellow soldiers starved in the rice paddies and lingered in the hell holes of real wartime atrocities. Ask John McCain if he would rather have been stripped and photographed, or had his arms yanked out of their sockets. He and his fellow prisoners of war were on a starvation diet, imposed by the bulimic protesters who gorged themselves on communist apologetics while regurgitating their feast to the tune of cash registers racking up their bounty from the evil capitalist system.

So, have at it Dems, liberals, elitists, hypocrites and cowards. Stuff your fat, free, faces with the hand fed morsels of the propaganda machines and pour yourselves into the useful idiot suits designed to cover the fat of exploitation and hypocrisy. But don’t complain when you can’t fit into that designer garment of reelection and political power. That svelte body that was so attractive to those who ignored the lipo-sucked ideologies of a pre-911 attack is now a reflection of the real man within.

But if you, the voter, have the choice between the body that is stuffed into a girdle, lipo-sucked, nipped and tucked, or one that is naturally lean, strong and bodaciously carved . . .which would you choose . . .the real thing, or the phony?