So NOW Liberals are Concerned with Religious Freedom

The world is witnessing the by-product of intolerance and dysfunction as embassies burn, people are beheaded, and suicidal children are encouraged to end their life for the promise of eternal sexual pleasure. What is wrong with this picture? When a child throws a tantrum the appropriate response is not to cajole, condone, and run in fear. But that is what the world is doing in light of all the destruction at the hand of malcontents who insist the world embrace their form of “religion” and expression thereof.

The idea of religious freedom being paramount now to freedom of expression is a tad bit laughable coming from such wise sages as the Washington Post, CNN, and other bastions of liberal double speak. These are the voices that a little more than a month ago ridiculed Christians for wanting to preserve their cherished season with Christmas trees, carols, churches and other signs of the birth of an innocent little baby who did nothing in his life but preach love, peace and self-sacrifice.

But now, the representatives of the most violent and psychopathic sect of “religion” get their noses bent out of shape over a cartoon of their leader and they feel justified in taking lives, destroying property, and threatening the very existence of anyone who would disagree with them. And what do our usually intolerant-of-religion news outlets do? Do they condemn this reprehensible behavior? No . . .they condemn the Patriot Act that is purported to deny civil and personal liberties but say that in the interest of not defiling a specific religion, that free speech should be curtailed.

Where were they when a crucifix was being soaked in a bottle of urine . . .at taxpayer’s expense? Where were they when a portrait of the Madonna was smeared with elephant dung in a public museum? Where have they been with every depiction of a Christian symbol that was defiled, ridiculed, distorted, perverted or was used to tried and destroy a sacred, PEACEFUL religion? Oh, let me think.

They were the first ones to pull out those stupid little bumper stickers with the red circle and line through it suggesting that art was being censored by conservatives and Christians. No . . . you silly people . . . let me repeat what was said over and over and over again to a phalanx of deaf and disturbed liberals . . . no one cares if you want to purchase, with your own, hard earned money, a picture of Fred and Ted kissing, to hang over your sofa. The objection was that because there wasn’t that much call for such art in the market place, liberals had to feed at the public trough and DEMAND that this type of art be funded by all taxpayers, regardless of their beliefs, their faith, or even their economic reasoning that the Federal Government has no business in the art business. I’m an artist . . . where’s my grant?

But the outrage at the suggestion that the Federal Government should not fund openly blasphemous art was deafening. To hear the screaming and yelling you would have thought that Christians were out burning embassies, beheading people, throwing non-believers out of their country and basically terrorizing a country. But no . . . that is not how Christians respond. As a result of their polite objections to blasphemous art that would depict Christ as a homosexual, or with whips and chains or other suggestions of dishonor, their quiet, Christ-like response of suggesting that these depictions are wrong, especially when sponsored by the government, were met with outrage, and accusations of intolerance, bigotry, and homophobic rationale.

Perhaps the Washington Post, CNN, and every other news outlet that proudly proclaim that they are not running blasphemous cartoons of Mohammed, in the interest of honoring a religion, would apply that same standard to the next opportunity to trash Christianity. Or let’s get real edgy and suggest that the National Endowment for the Arts apply their fair and balanced depiction of blasphemous art to Muslim icons in addition to Christian ones and get an up close and personal distinction between the two religions.

I would suggest though, if the Federal Government did apply that same standard of equal blasphemy of all religions, and fund the same type of art that blasphemes Islam the way it blasphemes Christianity, that that they have their fire extinguishers ready, because the response is going to be quite different. And they know it . . .and that is why only Christianity is fair game for ridicule, and they cower in fear at the temper-tantrum hoodlums who hide behind a religion to perpetrate horror on an entire world.

PS Just one aside question . . . what do Muslim women get when they go to heaven?