Sheep Boy Movie Discriminates Against Women

Hollywood is perplexed by the fact that the vast rightwing religious, zealot, homophobic, fanatics haven’t protested the gay sheep-boy movie that the left is gushing over. What’s to protest? Let the marketplace decide whether it wants to see two men play . . . newsflash for Howard Dean . . . the real meaning of “hide the salami.” But besides being anatomically challenged, proving once again that public education does not provide kids with a basic understanding of what functions specific body parts play, what point would a protest make?

All a protest of a very boring and mediocre rooster flick would prove is that stereotypes are easy to ascribe too if all parties play the roles the other parties have defined for them. All conservatives and Christians . . .according to the left, are automatically, de facto, homophobic, once again illustrating the grand failure of the public schools to appropriately equip their little minions with even the correct pejoratives to sling at anyone who doesn’t embrace their agendas. Homo (latin) . . . as in homo sapien . . . means “man” . . . phobic . . . is “fear of.” No one is afraid of “man” unless this man is perhaps saying “believe in my god or you lose your head.” So we could start saying homoislamophobic, but then the same open-minded liberals who condemn anyone for not embracing their ideologies would complain about anyone being called homoislamophobic, which means fear of an extremist Islamic fundamentalist man, who would cut off your head for not believing in his form of compassionate theology, is being intolerant and mean-spirited. But somehow . . .calling someone just plain old, homophobic, is not being intolerant and mean-spirited.

But all that is so tedious and hard to massage into a palatable, 20-second sound bite for a populace educated in public schools. (Yes, this is a duel-themed commentary, the second added as a minor irritant.) So let me simplify the logical origin of a complaint about the sheep boy movie that ironically will not be dispensed by the usual suspects from the vast right wing lineup, but should be by the feminists.

Let’s break it down. The feminists have claimed for decades that there is a good old boys network that excludes women, reduces them to irrelevant props in a world drama of ideas controlled and dominated by men. Women are second-class, redundant, and unnecessary for anything other than child bearing. They are to be seen and not heard, remain shoeless in a masculine world and pregnant with the agenda of a male dominated society that does not even regard women as worthy of intimate relations.

The sheep boy movie is a mockery of any relationship where woman is a principal partner and shows that truly, the good old boy network can not only function economically, politically and socially without women . . .but does not regard their intimate relations as a necessary element of culture, and nature. Their most intimate part of their body . . .their vagina . . . is equated to an anus and the functions are determined by this elite group of misogynists, as being interchangeable. And the term “oral” has morphed from meaningful conversation to momentary pleasure paired with simultaneous degradation. Ask Oprah for the details. Their clothes, dress, style and demeanor is further mocked and distorted by men who strut in satins and preen in panties. Women have become the bottom feeders in society as their very existence is mocked ridiculed, reviled and demeaned.

So . . .where are the feminists to revolt against this chauvinistic, misogynist demagoguery? They have become so irrelevant and ridiculous that it is no wonder the men have pleasure at their expense. They have been reduced to caricatures of themselves as they struggle like the proverbial elephant dung cleaner to keep up with the mess that they have created, and their offspring, female-hating men, have produced.

They are the mothers of the misogynist sheep boys who detest the anti-nurturing ways of women who wanted to be men and sacrificed their very virtue on the alter of equality. They are the spawn of vanity and egotism that claimed they could have it all without the tethered burden of a man to bring her down. She could give birth to the child, raise him alone with a day care center full of countless souls searching for the one person they could love unconditionally. They were irrelevant then, and are today.

Feminists have successfully etched themselves off the totem of life, the monolith of society. They are not only a dying breed, but a mocked group of soulless, pitiful beings who gave their whole lives denying their existence, rejecting their femininity, striving to be like men, only to have the very group they emulated, denounce them as irrelevant anus-like beings who have nothing that a man could possibly want . . .except to bear him a child that he can remake into his own image . . . the image of man without the need of a woman to love.

Sheep boys “one” . . . feminists “zero.”