Can America Function without Illegal Aliens?

The other day as I finished scrubbing the sixth toilet in our house, an amazing realization hit me. I was actually able to perform this very mundane task without a Mexican or illegal alien in sight. I pondered that thought as I went outside to join three blonde haired, blued eyed Americans and two Koreans to mulch, weed, plant, dig and generally get dirty and sweaty. Again, not a Mexican or illegal alien in sight. The next day as I watched two black workers precariously perched thirty feet high on the dead limb of a black walnut tree, trimming it up, I marveled at how we, just a helpless caucasian woman and two black men, could function without an illegal alien by our side.

After this revelation, as I drove into our farm I noticed four strong blonde haired blue eyed men up to their elbows in cement, mud, back-hoes and other farm equipment. As I pulled on my overalls to help pull cement, I kept looking around for the Mexicans to come do this dirty work for us that liberals tell us Americans refuse to do themselves.

I don’t know many Americans who are not capable of cooking their own meals, washing their own clothes, scrubbing their own floors and toilets, driving their own kids to school, or doing their own yard work. The ones that can’t, are politely called “physically challenged”, since handicapped has been determined to be moniker of disrespect. So which Americans are the liberals referring to that are not used to this type of hard work and do it routinely without assistance from a single illegal alien? That must be the “other” America that John Edwards was always talking about in the last election.

What we are learning from the Hillarys, Kennedys, John McCains, and Howard Deans of the world is that THEY are not used to scrubbing their own toilets, pulling their own weeds, and farming their own land. They really think that all Americans are as privileged as John Kerry and have a butler to attend his every need, 24/7, dispensing Tic Tacs, bottled water and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches like a dutiful servant. They only see blacks and hispanics as their step-n-fetch-its and want to maintain that servant class to keep themselves in the life style which they have become accustomed, but the rest of the world could only dream of.

The vast majority of Americans are not that fortunate. And in-spite of the hope by the left, that America will come to a grinding halt on Monday, May 1, when all illegal aliens refuse to work to show our total and ultimate dependency on them for our very existence, if you cock your ear, I bet you will still hear the sound of plungers plunging and lawn mowers purring. How incredibly insulting to every single working American to suggest that we are so lazy that we can’t take care of ourselves, would starve if the local restaurants closed for such a boycott, and if Pedro and Paco weren’t standing on the corner, waiting to be picked up for some odd job.

I have an idea for the immigration service that claims they can’t possible round up all the illegal aliens who are here working illegally, taking jobs that, yes, Americans would gladly take if given the chance and even the training. Go to the next rally with illegal aliens flaunting their crime, ask Hillary or Ted if you can borrow their microphone and make a quick announcement that they are all under arrest and will be deported after Hillary and the other liberal enablers finish their panderfest. How hard can that be?

What message is our elected officials, the law makers who empower the law breakers, sending to our kids? They are taught to skip school to attend rallies for people who have blatantly broken the law and now demand full citizenship. They see US Senators honoring this type of illegal behavior and congressmen slug cops on Capitol Hill. They see child molesters get a slap on the wrist and private business given a pass by the Supreme Court to come in and take your property through eminent domain because it increases the tax base. There are basically two sets of laws in this country and our kids are learning fast that many are irrelevant and don’t need to be obeyed.

Our elected officials, by being complicit with illegal behavior, are nurturing the very dangerous weed of anarchy in our country. The two classes are those with power and those without. There are the elite Cynthia McKinnys of the world who refuse to play by the rules and punch cops when they are called on it, while he is blamed for their actions. There are the public school children who are given extra credit for cutting school and attending rallies that promote illegal behavior and given kudos for defacing the American flag and paying homage to the flag of another country, while kids that just want to pray quietly are vilified as dangerous and extreme.

If this really is the new America that the left is trying to design, then I say we should all play. Isn’t that what anarchy is all about . . .we each live by our own set of rules and guidelines? So those who decide they don’t want to pay taxes, stop at red lights, follow the speed limit, send their kids to school, should be honored for their reinterpretation of the law as our law makers are. They should not fear retribution, deportation, fining, incarceration . . . it should be celebrated as a new civil right to do what you want, when you want to.

If the borders are not going to be protected, if the government is not going to live up to its main mandate, which is to protect us at home and abroad, then it will be up to each one of us to protect ourselves. Since the second Amendment is very clear that every single American has the right to keep and bear arms then perhaps we need to get back to basics and do for ourselves what our government and elected officials . . . including the president, are refusing to do. That is what anarchy breeds. Is that what they really want? Because to do nothing in the wake of blatant law breaking by people who could care less about border protocols, and lawmakers who empower them as we are battling a force that would destroy us if they could, they really are leaving Americans no choice but to take up arms and defend themselves against potential terror that is coming over the border daily.

Americans only have themselves to blame if they continue to allow their elected officials to ignore the law and pander to an illegal group of people they are desperate to have vote for them in the next election. As I have said before. . . . take voting off the table . . .no illegal alien should EVER get the right to vote, even if given amnesty and permanent residency status. With that off the table, the left would sulk away and find another victim class to promote and manipulate.

Voters need to look at two issues in November and vote accordingly . . . regardless of political party. They need to look at border security and illegal immigration. All other issues are moot if these aren’t nipped in the bud, and we need elected officials with the backbone to address these issues and fulfill their duty as lawmakers.

And if neither party will step up to the plate and support the protection of our borders, perhaps it is time for a third party that will. How appropriate that I started this article talking about cleaning toilets, because it is time to use them or get off.