Celebrate Emancipation Day . . . Juneteenth

Renaissance Women Productions is hosting a pre-release screening of their award-winning movie, Emancipation Revelation Revolution, in Washington, DC on June 19. That is the day that is historically celebrated in the black community because it is the day that slaves in Texas learned that they were liberated and the war was over!

This award winning documentary is about the history of the civil rights movement in America, the role that both political parties played in it, and what happens to conservative black Americans who leave the “liberal plantation.” You can learn more about it by going to www.ERRVideo.com where you can purchase a 20 minute, pre-release trailer of the 90 minute version that will be released in Feb. 2007, during Black History Month.

The film features such leaders as Shelby Steele, Star Parker, Jesse Peterson, Armstrong Williams, Mason Weaver, Robert Woodson, Bishop Harry Jackson, and the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, and fellow Renaissance Woman, Alveda King. It also features Booker T. Washington’s great granddaughter, Gloria Jackson.

“Renaissance Women were inspired to produce the film when they saw the discriminating treatment that conservative black leaders like Condi Rice, Colin Powell, and Clarence Thomas received for committed the unforgiveable sin of being black, and conservative,” says producer/director, Nina May.

She believes that we have entered a time of philosophical discrimination and those who experienced oppression because of the color of their skin, are now seeing a version of Dr. King’s dream become a reality. They are not being judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character . . . and that judgment is harsh, because they identify with conservative values and philosophies.

“This film is giving us a tool to break off the chains of liberal victimization created by their dependency culture,” says Mason Weaver, author of “It’s OK to Leave the Plantation.”

Homeless activist, Ted Hayes says, “the film is emancipating an entire group of people through the revelation that they have been deceived and manipulated by the very powers that opposed their freedom . . . and now . . . they are saying let the revolution begin!”