So . . . New York City Depends on Illegal Aliens to Exist? Wow!

So New York City Mayor Bloomberg has declared, before a Senate panel, that his city is totally helpless and dependent upon illegal aliens to keep their economy going. Wow . . . and I thought Wall Street had power. So, we should now invest in illegal aliens and not US companies, because they are the engine that keeps our economy going?

Just what are these incredibly vital jobs that keep the life line of America tethered to growth, prosperity, and, well, existence? I guess it depends on who you are and what your needs are. It seems that liberals can’t live without their nannies, housekeepers, gardeners and people to clean up after their oh so very important and elitist lives.

But conservatives seem to be able to limp along without someone raising their children, cleaning their toilets or pulling their weeds. They have developed the most amazing ways to survive sans aliens by deciding to trade life-consuming careers for stay-at-home jobs and even home schooling opportunities that not only save thousands of dollars in nannies and tuition, but they even have the added benefit of bonding with their kids. How incredibly revolutionary is that? And trust me, when you home school, you incorporate into your child’s education the notion that one cleans up after themself and doesn’t rely upon a foreigner who has crossed the border illegally to do it. How quaint.

And most people in America, classified as middle class, have on average 2 toilets per house, meaning three minutes times 52, or once a week (for the conscientious homemaker), is almost three hours a year of personal toilet hygiene. Wow, I can see the point Bloomberg is making . . . the economic sky really is falling.

Let’s unravel this though. Since the vast majority of Americans don’t have nannies, maids or gardeners . . . what aspect of the economy is going to come to a screeching halt? Well, maybe it is construction? Maybe it’s restaurants, food handling and hotels. So . . . what? We can’t live without the addition on the house? We don’t know how to prepare meals at home? We have never heard of camping out with the family for vacation? What is it exactly that mulit-millionnaire, elitist, Michael Bloomberg thinks that Americans can’t live without, and if they did would lead to its total and complete economic collapse?

For someone who was “smart” enough to make the millions in the US economy, he really doesn’t understand how it works. For every single illegal alien, who, the minute they step foot in the country, now qualifies for public education, health care, social security, public housing, food stamps, etc. etc. etc. there are hard working citizens who pay into that system with their tax dollars that reward illegal behavior and prop up a system that is bankrupt economically and morally. Lower the taxes for hardworking Americans instead of making them pay for the benefits of law-breakers. Another quaint concept.

Bloomberg is saying that people, who can’t even speak our language, are the lynch pin of our very existence. So . . .why should our kids go to school? Why go to college? Why even speak English? If they can have that much power and authority in the destiny of our economy . . . then we should encourage our kids to be drop-outs and become virtual slaves. Ohhhhh . . .so that is what it is all about. Been there, done that, got all the dead people to prove it.

We abolished slavery in 1808 . . . . well, at least the importation of slaves. It took another 46 years before a handful of people were so disgusted with the idea that one class of people couldn’t exist without the slave labor of another group of people, that they formed a new party (the Republicans) to fight that oppression. That challenged the entire economic structure of America and caused a war that divided the nation for 5 years, ending in the assassination of the first Republican president . . . Abraham Lincoln.

After Lincoln’s death, and the installation of Andrew Johnson as president, his party’s opposition to every civil rights bill, including the 13th, 14th, and 15th, Amendments were unanimously defeated by the Republicans.

They succeeded though, a few years later in instituting Jim Crow laws which were direct violations of the 15th Amendment and kept blacks in a disenfranchised position for 100 years until the Civil Rights Act was passed in 1964, by a Republican Congress.

So, it is amazing to me that a Republican Mayor is now supporting the idea of importing “free” labor, to keep the US economy alive. It was the exact same argument that the slaveholders used and a bloody war was fought, where hundreds of thousands of innocent people died to bring closure to a horrible, tragic time in our country. It was a time when convenience and personal comfort were more important than human dignity. It was a time when the idea of self-sacrifice and humility were replaced by an elitist attitude of privilege and pleasure. It was a time that is being repeated today.

The Bloomberg’s of the world are creating a new victim class of individuals to serve, at slave wages, another class in society that feel they deserve to be treated with a higher degree of pamper and polish. This mentality split the nation before and it will split the nation again. And it will not be a division between those who have money and those who don’t. It will be between those who respect the law, honor the dignity of man, rely on their own ability and skills to accomplish their own goals in life and those who are alien to those concepts.