Finally, the Democrats are Showing Moral Leadership . . . Riiigghhtttt

My son’s Boy Scout troop is going to be so happy to hear that finally, Democrats agree that there is something very wrong with grown, homosexual men, like Congressman Mark Foley, having access to young, innocent, impressionable kids. We were all beginning to think they had totally abrogated their role in upholding moral values. We are all anxious to attend the press conference where Nancy Pelosi and Rudy Giuliani, join hands to denounce NAMBLA (National Man Boy Love Association) as an illegal organization that serves only the purpose of Foley-type men, preying on young boys for their sexual pleasure.

And wow . . . the dream of kids being able to go to the library and have filtered internet access without freenies downloading child porn in the booth next to them will finally be a reality, thanks to the moral leadership of the Democrats.

And finally, the nation can unite behind the idea that adults who prey on children should be shamed, their reputations ruined, and they should be prosecuted, and locked up for life. It is very fortunate that all of this came out just before an election; otherwise it would have gone totally unnoticed. There would have been no political currency passing through the hands of people who have the pursuit of power at any cost, as their soul agenda.

It is exciting to see that all those moral values that have been a part of the Republican platform for years are applied to their own, and are embraced by people who back slid a little during the Clinton years, but heh, they are finally in touch with reality.

Now, if these same moral giants, who are stepping up so boldly to rightly denounce Cong. Foley, and zealously clamor for Dennis Hastert’s resignation for leadership, would apply these same standards to say . . . abortion, that would be great. After all, kids are dying here, not just being propositioned by perverts.

They can then really prove they are serious about the moral breakdown of the country, by admitting that marriage is intended for one man and one woman, and medically, the gay lifestyle shortens life and endangers those involved. It will be refreshing to finally have an honest discussion about what really causes AIDS and how it can be prevented. We should expect this outraged Democratic leadership to condemn the sexualization of young children on porn sites that are making billions by exploiting their innocence. They will finally be the moral voice against sex trafficking that exploits women and children.

But what is most fortunate about this incident of discovering a Republican congressman using the Internet to attract young boys, is that he wasn’t a Democrat. Because then, we would be forced to sit and listen to the twisted logic and values clarification techniques we had to endure during Clinton’s tryst with a young girl who was in his charge. We would be told that what someone does in private is his own business. We would be reminded that Republicans are the ones who want to have access to people’s e-mail to see if there are terrorists but use it to out the perverts. We would be assaulted by the homosexual lobby that would whine about their oppressed state and how Martin Luther King marched so that they could mock the institution of marriage.

Oh thank you thank you thank you Mark Foley for being a Republican, for forcing the Democrats into a very uncomfortable Hobson’s choice of winning an election or losing face over issues they have built their entire existence on. Now . . . if only they could get Senator Ted Kennedy to finally apologize for drowning a young girl and leaving her there all night . . . I think there might be moral redemption for the Democrats in the near future. And that is something all Americans can support. . . no matter what party they belong to.