Tokyo Rosie and her Conspiracy Theories

Hillary Clinton made conspiracy theories quite fashionable with her insistence that the evil “right-wing conspiracy” was responsible for her husband cheating on her with a girl young enough to be her daughter. The sycophant press set their liberal jaws and nodded in agreement, not even bothering to ask how all those people could have fit in the Oval office while Monica earned her presidential kneepads. But that seems to be the modus operandi with liberals . . . when they either make a mistake or don’t like the facts, they point fingers at the conspiratorial boogieman, blaming someone else for their shortcomings.

Take Tokyo Rosie, just one taco short of a full combination platter, who insists that 911 was an inside job in which George Bush is responsible. For someone as dumb as she continues to claim Bush is . . . she certainly is giving him credit for an amazing Tom Cruise type impossible mission to bring down the twin towers and create a situation where something was hot enough to melt steel. She of course thinks there is no fire hot enough to do that.

Tokyo Rosie needs to get out more. If she went to Shenyang, China, for example, she could step over open channels of fluid metal flowing dangerously under foot in one of the biggest steel foundries in China. Yes, Rosie, they have fire that is hot enough to melt steel. It is really hard to believe that not one woman at the table in The View doesn’t challenge her ridiculous assumption and ask her if she thinks her car just sort of came out of the ground shaped like that. Or the pots and pans she uses . . . on a stove . . . had to at some point be shaped by a fire, much hotter than the fire on her stove. It is presumptuous of me to think that she cooks, but by all objective standards I can safely assume she eats.

But what is more interesting about her wild theory, shared by other mentally challenged liberals, is that they don’t seem to have an answer to where all those people are who were in the nonexistent airplanes that didn’t fly into the buildings that really caused them to collapse. And if the planes did hit them when they did, are they saying that the detonators were in the basement timed to coincide with the impact of the planes at the exact same time, while the planes didn’t really exist? And what were the other two planes doing? Why would Bush want to fly a plane into the Pentagon when Rumsfeld was in it? If he wanted to get rid of him . . . which he didn’t for another 5 years, he could have just fired him.

So they are saying that the planes didn’t hit the building, and that Barbara Olson and hundreds of others, are in hiding on an island some place, waiting until the gig is up. “Wow Rosie, you are just too smart for us. George and I really thought we could pull one over on you, but boy, we should have known better. You and the other smartest woman in the world sure do know your conspiracies. No fooling you,” Barbara would say in humble resignation.

If Rosie wants to look at a conspiracy, go back to Waco and the Oklahoma City bombing. There is far more evidence of conspiracies with the added bonus of the king and queen of mysterious events and death tallies, Bill and Hillary, being in charge with Janet Reno driving the getaway car.

I absolutely hate giving the Roseter any ink, but realized today, after hearing the Brits cave to revisionist pressure not to teach the realities, horrors, and life altering facts of the holocaust, that it is never too late to speak out early and often against those who would try and distort history to suit their own personal or political agenda. It should be denounced and rebuked at the earliest sign of germination and absolutely nipped in the bud.

So the Brits are afraid of Islamic backlash if they dare speak the truth about a regime that forced the same type of fascist mind control over an entire region of the world, and we are scared of a loudmouthed bully who uses an embarrassing platform to spew her hate and venom. Everyone thinks ABC is responsible and should fire her, and that Barbara Walters has lost total control. If either of these points were true, Rosie would be doing stand up in some seedy hotel. But the fact is . . . she is mentioned daily on the nightly news, she is insulted by Donald Trump, analyzed by Bill O’Reilly and dissected by all the other pundits who marvel that she is still standing. DUH . . . she is standing because she has an audience standing slack-jawed at the train wreck that is happening before their eyes hoping to see more.

Sadly, she is symbolic of who we have become as a nation. Barbara Walters, sitting primly on the opposite side of the table, represents the old guard that created the Petri dish, mixed the concoction, and helped to transform a culture that allowed this growth to emerge. It is a growth that is a perfect reflection of the idiocy, the egotism, the lack of historic knowledge that has become our nation. A nation that is embarrassed to be a beacon of light and hope in a world that hides when cowards threaten to kill and maim in the name of religion. A nation that throws a tantrum when a war is not as quick as a movie and the consequences of failure are forgotten in a flood of self-absorption and fickle elections.

Have we forgotten who we are as a nation or have the revisionists succeeded in repainting us in the image of a failed experiment of liberty, bravery and resolve? Does a Rosie O’Donnell really reflect the heart of a country sitting with bold, obnoxious proclamations of fantasy designed specifically to derail us into utter oblivion? Her anger is that of someone who despises her own person to the point of not knowing its purpose or her own . . . much like America.

Who are we as a nation and what purpose do we serve in the world? There was a time when even the world knew our greatness, but with ex-presidents and ex-presidential candidates traveling the world, calling us names, bemoaning our greatness and undermining the sitting president, it is no wonder the world joins the chorus of anti-Americanism. When Grammy and Oscar awards have been reserved for the most creative of American bashers, destroying yet two more institutions that heretofore had been admired by all, you know the end of what we used to think was dear and sacred, is near.

And if Hillary, Rosie and the Dixie Chicks are the answer, it must have been a really stupid question. If all it takes in this country to win, to be promoted, to maintain an irrelevant job and win awards that lack credibility, is to trash America, mock its moral foundation and denounce leaders whose only goal is to protect us from annihilation . . . then it is a stupid question.

If there is any conspiracy of note, it is the one to destroy the line that separates good from evil and reconfigures the world in the image of those who would destroy others who reject their form of truth. It is a conspiracy to marginalize all rational thought and elevate the absurd. It is a conspiracy to destroy innocence and reward those who defile and reduce the sacred to the mundane. It is a conspiracy to undermine everything that will protect and defend us from people who would not only kill us, eradicate our way of life, but would actually become what these idiots claim Bush is doing now.

The conspiracy is here Rosie . . . and it is you.