Why Are U.S. Citizens Fenced out . . . but not illegals?

How many public buildings have you passed with fences, security cameras, gates, guards and any measure necessary to keep us out of our own public property. And why does our government feel a need to erect a fortress around our White House? It is because they know that in a country this big, there are bound to be a few loose nuts who want to do harm to institutions they either don’t understand, don’t believe in, or feel are dangerous to their own existence. Gee, sort of like suicide bombers who slip over our open borders?

When you drive through any city in America, and down most highways, you will see cameras positioned strategically on poles to catch you breaking the law. And even if you don’t see them, there is proof that they saw you when you receive those blurry little photos in the mail with a blowup of your own license plate.

So our government is not only able to take pictures of us going about our daily lives, but they can find us and show us how incredibly smart they are.

So, why is it that people who enter our country illegally are exempt from this type of invasive treatment which reminds each and everyone of us, no matter how lawful we think we are, that the government is there watching at all times. This is the same government that refuses to protect the border, mount cameras connected to a massive data base with facial recognition software integrated with alarm systems that can deploy guards to apprehend these lawbreakers before they can do serious harm to our fellow citizens.

The same assumption that is applied to each American citizen, that we are all potentially a criminal, thus the need to enclose, lock and secure every federal or state institution or building . . . should be applied to people we don’t even know and can’t find. People who don’t have social security numbers, cell phones that are traceable, addresses that are required to open accounts and get loans, or tax forms that are expected, on time, every year. Why are there double standards in the minds of elected officials, from both parties, who insult not only our intelligence, but our freedoms, by saying WE are not honorable, but illegal aliens are. We are not worthy of open access to OUR buildings, but foreigners are worthy of access to our country, our property, our homes, our children, our jobs, our tax base, our educational system, our medical care . . . our “freedom.”

There was a time in our country when Plessey v. Ferguson (1896) ignored the 14th Amendment and suggested that determining a separate but equal society would satisfy the intent of the Amendment which was passed in order to insure that recently freed slaves had the same rights as every other US citizen.

This travesty of justice, was thankfully overturned in Brown vs. Board of Education (1954), much to the chagrin of many southern Democrat governors who chose to shut down public schools rather than integrate them. These were duly elected politicians who, like many today, continued in their arrogance and stupidity, to ignore the rule of law.

That same mentality of disparate laws being applied unequally for different classes of people is being pushed by elected officials who have turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to their constituents, nationwide, in the hopes of . . . what? Getting a whole new group of constituents who will see them as heroes and throw them their vote? That problem can easily be solved by just one courageous member of congress offering an amendment to the amnesty bill that says that any person coming into the country illegally, regardless of what legal status they obtain, including citizenship, can never vote. The only way they can get the right to vote, is by standing in line with the rest of law abiding would-be citizens.

It’s not only about fairness but it is an insult to the heritage of black Americans to allow people who receive citizenship to automatically get the right to vote, if they broke the law to get here. The 13th Amendment which passed in 1865, liberated the slaves who were brought here, against their will. It took three more years, and another constitutional amendment, to receive full citizenship. And even then, they didn’t get the right to vote for another two years when the 15th Amendment was passed. It took over 250 years for these “immigrants” to get the right to vote.

There are illegal aliens who are voting today. How do we know? In California during pro-illegal rallies, tables are blatantly set up for illegals to register to vote. There are no requirements to prove citizenship in order to vote in California. In Texas, illegals are complaining that they are being called to jury duty. Only citizens can serve on a jury. It turns out, they are not citizens, but their names were retrieved from the voter registration logs, and thus added to the list of qualified jurists.

So, who really is running the country? Who really put all these elected officials in office and why are they not responding to the vast majority of the American people who have made their collective voices heard that they oppose this amnesty bill? And why is any discussion to make the borders of America as safe against invasion, as say, the White House, met with accusations of being racist bigots by politicians from both parties?

Let’s be consistent . . . either trust all Americans and take down the fences and cameras that insinuate our guilt . . . or put a fence on the border to keep people who, by the fact that they ignore our laws have proven their guilt. Our elected officials can’t have it both ways, and if they continue to ignore our voices, like Mike Nifong, who ignored the rule of law and clear cut evidence, then we will have to be the ones to hold them accountable to the rule of law and curtail their power trip of blatant arrogance and vote them out of office. The choice is still ours . . . hopefully.