Are Democrats Homophobic or Just Hypocritical?

Senator Larry Craig has already been tried and convicted in the court of public opinion for allegedly trying to solicit an undercover cop in an airport bathroom. Welcome to the judicial system of America. The irony is, if anyone invaded anyone’s private potty time, it was the cop thrusting his badge under Craig’s stall. Is it a crime to have Restless Leg Syndrome or to touch the bottom of a stall divider? No, the crime today is being a Republican who champions family values.

The charge of hypocrisy is practically tripping off the tongues of those stalwart supporters of Bill Clinton. They criticized anyone who would look into the private lives of public officials yet now are condemning Senator Craig for keeping his alleged private life in the closet. At least he did not act out his alleged private life in a real public place, like the oval office. It will be interesting to see what Ted Kennedy’s response will be and if he calls for Craig to step down even though he never felt a similar compunction after leaving a young woman to drown in his car, dining on eggs benedict while the fish dined on her. It will be interesting to see if Hillary, who demands that President Bush come clean, stop hiding evidence and evading the truth when she herself has developed at least 500 new ways of saying “I don’t recall,” will respond to the case.

If the issue is that you cannot serve and support one position when your actions suggest something else, then we need to take a big weed whacker to congress and start thinning it out now. How was it that a man who loathed the military could end up being the Commander in Chief? How is it that people who have never served in the military can serve on the Armed Services Committee and pass bills concerning the lives of people they disapprove of? How can someone who doesn’t own a gun sit on a committee that discusses and passes laws for citizens who do own guns? How can women vote on bills that only affect men, and men vote on bills that only affect women? What is a man doing voting on the abortion issue when it is clear he will never be in a position to have one or understand the physical, psychological and emotional ramifications of one? Does a woman who has had an abortion have the right to champion a pro-life position? Is that considered hypocritical? Are only gays allowed to debate the issue of the marriage amendment, and are they required to vote in favor of it? Are black leaders always required to support Affirmative Action, and if they don’t are they deemed hypocrites and not qualified to serve?

So what if Larry Craig is gay and thinks that same sex marriage should not be allowed? You would be surprised at how many gay leaders are against gay marriage, although not for the same reasons many conservatives are. And ironically, the reason that many gays are for it is not so they can cuddle legally with their significant other, it is to demean and destroy the institution of marriage so that there are no longer social restrictions on any form of sexual behavior

Is there a rule that says that every legislator is required to vote based on their gender, their race, their sexual proclivity, and not to do so renders them a hypocrite? When Bill Clinton claims he is for women’s rights but mauls them, exposes himself, rapes and demeans them, is he not the king of hypocrites?

So the only conclusion that we can draw from the obvious outrage by the liberal Democrats demanding that Craig step down, is that they don’t think gays should serve in the Congress. At least they don’t they don’t think Republican gays should serve since they had no issue with Barney Franks running a prostitution ring out of his house, or Gerry Studs having sex with an under-aged page. And the argument that Democrat spokesmen give is that these guys got reelected. Great, then let Larry Craig stay in office and let the voters in his state decide if HE should be reelected or not. And if they reelect him, then the people of Idaho, like the people of Massachusetts have said that congress is a big tent, or that they forgive Larry for any alleged indiscretions.

But please, drop the hypocrisy line. It just doesn’t fit here. And if liberals insist that he resign, they better be knocking on Ted Kennedy’s door, suggesting that murder is a lot worse than tapping a foot in a bathroom stall. And tell Hillary that lying under oath is a lot worse than running your hand under a stall divider. But if the claims of hypocrisy continue, it will only serve to show that the Democrats are the biggest hypocrites when it comes to equal rights for all people. By calling for Craig to resign, they are saying that no matter what your sexual preference, regardless of whether you are open about it or not, gays are not allowed and not welcome in congress and will be run out on a rail from this elite body . . . oh, unless they are Democrats. Hmmmm did someone say hypocrisy?