Hillary is NOT the Right Woman for the Job

Hillary Clinton claims she learned how to deal with men in an all-girls school. What, did they have cut outs of male images around the campus and they all had labels on them like … belligerent, mean, rude, nasty, etc. and the girls were taught to go up and whine in front of them?

Now, if Hillary had gone to the same school that Anne Coulter had, she would have learned how to deftly dodge a cream pie aimed at her while giving a speech. Oh, did I mention the thrower was a man? Yes, on her campus, half filled with these pesky little beasts, she was forced to actually dialogue with them, present her point in a cogent way, standing toe to toe facing their gnarly arrogance. She came out unscathed from her college experience, ready to face the world of pie hurling idiot men who intersperse the F bomb between tosses. Now, that’s an education.

And Condoleezza Rice had to endure an education where nationally syndicated columnists regularly depict her as an Aunt Jimima and poor little black girl stuck on a white plantation. Oh, did I mention these are white men who are the cartoonists drawing these very degrading and racist depictions? Quiet . . . shhhhhhh . . . .what do you hear? You hear the sound of a very successful, brilliant, confident woman squishing these insignificant bugs under the shear power of her presence. What you don’t hear is her whining about it and calling racism or sexism or meanism or belligerentism.

I am still trying to get my arms around the concept that Tim Russert could be called belligerent . . . by either side. And if you think he is belligerent, and are afraid of him, don’t subject yourself to his line of questioning. Oh, wait, that must be why every single Democrat candidate for president refused to debate on a FOX News debate because, oh, boo hoo, they are going to ask weally weally tuff questions and it’s going to hurt my itty bitty feelings.

But Hillary, running in the shadow of a belligerent husband ready to rap any nave that challenges her, wants us to believe, that beyond that, she is tough enough to stare down even the cruelest dictator, as long as he doesn’t ask her direct questions, want a direct answer, expect anything substantive to occur and they all leave as really good friends.

What does Hillary think she is running for, head cheerleader? Oh those mean football players are always treating us like girls. Yeah duh, because you are one. But heh, you brought it up. You retreat to the feminine camp when things get tough and your little insecure minions circle the wagons and live vicariously through your abuse. Yep, just the kind of person we want leading the free world.

News flash Hillary . . . women today are smart enough to know a weak woman when they see one. Because they have all known weak, whiney, complaining, women in their lives who made their lives and everyone’s around them miserable. They thought they were the star, they subjugated everyone to their demands and blamed others for their own shortcomings. The problem with most of these irritating women is that they weren’t in a co-dependent relationship with someone who has the same exact character traits. Hillary’s addiction to power is no different than Bill’s addiction to sex, which in a way translates to power over women. He knows he can’t ever tame the beast he has created so he vicariously demeans women imagining he has the courage to stand up to Hillary.

And because Bill is the perfect representation of one of those Wellesley cutouts of the male chauvinist pig, she projects on all men the same despicable characteristics her husband displays, while continuing to enable him to display them.

Isn’t America sick of this pitiful drama that is being played out before us? With almost 150 million women in the country to choose from, are we really reduced to one who represents the absolute worst traits in either man or woman? She is so blinded by lust for power and hate for opposition to her getting that power, that she really can’t see her flaws. She really believes that everyone around her has a problem . . . she doesn’t.

She blames her staff for trashing Obama with racial slurs that rolled out over her own tongue. This a woman who would be very dangerous in a position of real power and all the anger and hatred she has for more than half the country would come spilling out should she get the reigns of power. And, no, the half she is angry at is not necessarily men . . . it is anyone who disagrees with her or embraces values she finds personally offensive. Yeah, that’s inclusive.

She hates all things and people who could possibly be associated with the vast right wing conspiracy, which pretty much includes all conservatives, most Republicans, most Christians, and anyone who watches Fox News.So, when you peal it back, it looks like she pretty much hates about 85% of the country, yet thinks she is equipped both emotionally and intellectually to be our leader. I don’t think so.