Woman Are Exploited and Don’t Know It

In the early seventies, one of the biggest arguments for legalizing abortion was that women were going to unscrupulous people without sterile conditions. The purpose was to allow bonafide doctors to perform these operations while protecting the life of the mother.

You will be surprised to know that today, only a few states in the union require abortion clinics to be regulated and health inspections are NOT allowed. So even though they are legal, they are still run like back-ally operations that used dirty coat hangers.

Why? Because there is no respect for the women coming in. They are treated like cattle, like animals. They are dismissed with disdain because the abortionists know this is their own child they are having killed. And they rationalize that if she doesn’t care about her own flesh and blood, she certainly doesn’t care about herself.

They must have been reading the Bible where it says, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” And there is no closer neighbor to a woman than her unborn fetus.

This is Nina May encouraging women to stop allowing themselves to be exploited and begin loving themselves . . . as God loves them.

The Center for Gender Equality, a liberal think-tank, conducted a poll of 1000 women to determine where they stood on certain issues.

Faye Wattleton, former president of Planned Parenthood hoped the poll would serve as a “wake-up” call to liberals. But she was surprised and disturbed by what she learned. 53% of the women said that abortion should only be allowed in cases of rape, incest or for the life of the mother. 75% said that religion is important in their lives and almost half said that the Christian Coalition agenda would improve their lives.

Faye was right, it did serve as a wake-up call, not to the women polled, but to the feminists who have spoken for women for so long, they have never taken the time to hear them speak. And they couldn’t believe that women were actually thinking for themselves, setting their own agendas, and rejecting their social agenda.

It could be that many of these women have found themselves as victims of failed feminism, or it could be that women are finally having the courage to challenge status quo. This is Nina May encouraging you to join them in this challenge.

On May 11 of this year, Beverly Hills voters will decide whether local furriers should put a warning tag in their fur coats.

It would say something like, “This product is made with fur from animals that may have been killed by electrocution, gassing, neck breaking, or other means.” — Even though the fur industry spokesmen say that minks die a peaceful death through lethal injection.

But my question for these very compassionate lawmakers is: Shouldn’t we apply those same standards to abortion clinics? Shouldn’t there be a warning label on the door of every clinic that says no baby entering here will come out alive and they will be killed through suction, saline, dismemberment or other means?

It is very difficult to muster compassion for little animals, bred specifically for their fur, to keep people warm, when that same compassion is not extended to unborn humans.

Man was given the authority by God to occupy the earth and have dominion over every living thing except each other. And I am thankful that God designed such furry, warm little animals, like the mink, to keep his greatest creation… man… warm.

Many scientists and lawmakers are wanting to legalize and fund stem-cell research on human fetuses. The reasoning is that these unborn babies can help save the lives of people with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

They justify this non-voluntary, sacrificial act by unborn babies by saying they are less of a human than someone fully formed and now suffering from a disease.

How is this logic any different than the logic supporting slavery? Where one group of people were considered less human than another group and they were used to make their lives easier. The big distinction is that slaves had to live daily through the abuse, degradation and humiliation, until they were finally liberated. These second-class citizen babies, however, are denied life, as it is sacrificed to give someone else a better quality of life.

Every child born, since Roe v. Wade was decided in the Supreme Court… should be thankful their mother chose life. But what about the child whose mother is actively supporting abortion causes?

The mother whose sole purpose is that of insuring that other women can kill their unborn children legally. What does that tell her kids?

Gee, did mom really wish she had chosen abortion for me? Is she mad that I was born? Why does she care so much about making sure these little babies are killed? Aren’t mothers supposed to protect little children? What kind of mother… Or father, will I be? Will I want to kill my baby?

These questions are real, and many go unanswered. Maybe this is why generation Y feels abandoned, lost, with no sense of purpose or being.

Maybe that is why so many young kids turn to drugs and suicide as a way out of the pain.

If pro-abortion mothers cared as much for the live kids as they do about the lives they want to see ended, maybe some of these issues would be solved.

Choice is one of the fundamental words used by our founding fathers as they fought to throw off the bonds of tyranny. They wanted a choice in government… a choice of who their elected representatives were… and a choice on how their tax dollars would be spent.

Today, we have allowed the term Choice to be co-opted by a group of people who define it as a constitutional guarantee to abort an unborn child.

If someone asks you if you are pro-choice, you are forced to redefine the word by saying, for example, Yes, I am very pro-choice as the freedoms in our country allow me to choose such things as my profession, where I live, how I worship, and who I marry.

You are forced to pro-actively take the word back and preserve its true definition. But freedom takes constant vigilance, not just over our beliefs and freedoms, but even the words we use to define them.

The Renaissance Women invite you to exercise your right to choice by voting for someone who understands the real definition of that word. This is Nina May with the Renaissance Women.

Abortion is the moral issue of our time as slavery was in the last century.

Pro-lifers who want to engage in open debate on the issue are dismissed as misguided and judgemental, or worse, fined and jailed for peacefully demonstrating against something they find morally repugnant.

During the floor debates in Congress in the 1830’s there was a move to stifle discussion on the issue of slavery by introducing unconstitutional resolutions which John Quincy Adams eloquently spoke against.

A few of the Congressmen who kept the issue of slavery from open debate were Hammond, Pinckney, Owens, Lawler, Alford, and Waddy Thompson, who even wanted a grand jury to indict Adams just for reading petitions from citizens who opposed slavery.

They all shouted to expel Adams for suggesting that free and open debate was a constitutional guarantee. He was ridiculed, scorned, and despised. Yet of all the names mentioned, which one today embodies the spirit of freedom that we equate with honor and integrity?

It is JQA, not the men who tried to silence him.