If anyone still has any doubts about the intentions of radical Muslims toward peace-loving people, read about their planned celebration of the attack on America, scheduled for Sept. 11, 2003.

If you go to their website at www.almuhajiroun.com, they will claim that it is not a celebration of the attack on America, yet they are honoring the 19 men who flew planes into the World Trade Center Towers, the Pentagon and the fields of Pennsylvania. And they refer to them as the Magnificent 19.

Is it coincidental that these 19 men they are honoring also murdered over 3,000 innocent people? If this was an organization honoring, for example, the two beltway snipers, people would be appalled . . . but because it is a seemingly moderate Islamic organization, no one can condemn this event for fear of being called intolerant and bigoted. Call us what you want but this event is an abomination and disrespects the memories of the innocent people who lost their lives when these 19 nut-cases murdered them.

So what is the celebration about again?

Where have all these peace marchers, who are protesting the US retaliation against acts of war on our country, been in the past 8 years?

These are not teenagers who have suddenly come of age, clueless about the seriousness of the devastating attacks on US soil on September 11.

These are seasoned educators and professional agitators who take every opportunity to trash America while pretending to take a moral high ground.

So again, I ask, where were they when President Clinton was dropping bombs on Sudan and Afghanistan in 1998 to distract the world from his infidelities?

Where were they a year later when we decided to send troops into a sovereign nation and target their leader, Milosovich, for destruction?

Again, suspiciously timed to move Clinton’s personal problems off the front page.

This was a country that posed no threat to the US, had been fighting for centuries, and had never attacked the US. Why weren’t these peace-idiots marching and using their worn out slogans like, “The US is an imperialist country?”

Why weren’t the enlightened and concerned college professors rallying their gullible students to protest President Clinton’s acts?

Why were they somehow justifying it based on flimsy human rights arguments that could also be applied against the Kosovo Liberation Association? And if they were so concerned about human rights violations, why are they so obviously silent on human rights violations in dozens of other countries in the world?

I suggest that we give these peace activists one-way tickets to Afghanistan, and encourage them to march over there. And of course, because Afghanistan is just like the US, they will obviously let them march, and of course pay for them to come back. Or . . . maybe not.