Democrats want everyone to think that blacks are monolithic. Take, for example, that little statistic of the voting habits of black Americans. It ranges anywhere from 90% to 96% of the vote going to the Democratic candidate, depending upon the race, the region of the country and the contest. One small detail is missing though . . . less than 30% of blacks even vote. So if you take 90% of 29%, you will get about 26% or about one quarter of the black population that actually votes for the Democratic candidate.

What about those other 74%? Why don’t they vote?

We discovered while filming our documentary, Emancipation Revelation Revolution, that the reason most blacks feel disenfranchised from the voting machinery is that they don’t feel comfortable with the Democratic platform and have been
intimidated into believing that the Republican Party is the spawn of Satan.  They reject, as a matter of conscience, most of the social positions the Democrats espouse. They have seen the figures and realize that 40% of all abortions are performed on black women and can see the finger of genocide pointing in their direction. At the same time, there is an erroneous belief that the Republican Party has been wrong on civil rights and lacks compassion. (Our movie sets the record straight on that fallacy . . .

They have seen the devastation of the black family at the hand of the party that replaced personal responsibility with government handouts laced with immoral, impossible conditions. Conditions like forbidding the father of a woman’s child to live in the family if they are to receive welfare, or the restriction on returning to school if they are in the government system. They have seen the black family smeared in the Petri dish of social experimentation for several generations and realize the same monolithic mentality exists that identifies blacks as victims of society, dependent upon “the man” for their very existence. Sound familiar?

What is happening to those who are breaking out of this mindset, in the year of the “black candidate,” declaring that the color of Barack’s skin color is irrelevant because the content of his character is a bigger issue? But that is not what the mainstream media wants to focus on, because if they did, they would be admitting that blacks are not monolithic, do not en masse support one party over another, and don’t all attend churches as divisive as Rev. Wrights.

The debate should be about whether someone who lacks judgment and attends a divisive church that pits one group of people against another is qualified to lead an entire nation, not whether Obama should have thrown Rev. Wright under the bus for political expediency.

What we are witnessing though, in this entire debate, is another example of the smugness of the liberal press and the ignorance of those who oppose the liberal media, because they always let them set the agenda in any debate. The assumption has been for years, that there really is only one black America with only two main spokesmen  . . . Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. When Barack Obama broke through that glass ceiling erected by those who have a vested interest in maintaining the misperception that blacks can only achieve with government handouts and welfare policies, the powers-that-be had to restack the deck in order to maintain their position of power and influence over self-proclaimed leaders who have forfeited real authority for personal gratification and aggrandizement.

Obama was allowed to slip through the velvet ropes of low expectations because Hillary Clinton had already torn the doors off the presidential clubhouse and demanded her time at the helm. With the common denominator being lowered to the point that a woman with zero administrative experience, other than being married to a man that had some, could declare that she was suitable to serve as president, it now was easier for everyone to cross that threshold. Barack was whispered to be the only tool powerful enough to derail the queen from ascending to the thrown and was seen as a uniter of the party with a flawless resume that offended no one . . . except the liberal power base that expected all newcomers to make their bones before making such brash declarations.

But now that his campaign is unraveling with Rev. Wright permanently tattooed on his forehead, there has to be an easy explanation that will dismiss the reality of his extreme rhetoric, and the naiveté of Barack to continue learning at his knee all these years. The liberal . . . white media has to now spin the discussion away from extremism, and back toward the nuance of wisdom in order
to keep their age old stereotype alive, that all blacks are the same, are a monolithic group of like-minded people who are so similar that almost 95% vote the same way.

The discussion that is not being aired is the divisions within not only the black communities on key issues, but within the churches as well. There are thousands of black churches across the nation who are appalled by the rantings of Rev. Wright and are very upset that the mainstream media has shrugged and suggested that this is the typical black church, and they have earned the right to hold
such racist views because of past injustices. It is an easy way to keep the plantation of bitterness and victimization open for business. It is not in the best interest of liberals to set the captives free from anger and racist ideology, because once they are free, they speak and think for themselves, they realize the government has not made their lives easier, but placed impossible restrictions on their livelihood, their lifestyles, their hopes and dreams for a brighter tomorrow. The government welfare systems have robbed people of their dignity while refusing to give helpful alternatives to personal growth. And those who keep that machine running, keep it fed and churning out new welfare recipients are liberals who must have that vote to stay alive. They would literally shrivel up like a salt-pelted slug if that plantation ceased to exist.

So it is imperative that they convince white Americans that all blacks are helpless, angry, disenfranchised, bitter, victims of racism and they will never be able to accomplish anything without assistance. They even think they are helping Barack by suggesting that all black churches are like Rev. Wrights and this is what happens in black churches every Sunday, and it is fine that Barack has attended that church for 20 years. Who are we to say how and where someone should worship? Who are we, as oppressive, racist whites to condemn Rev. Wright and his church?

But what if the condemnation was coming from other black pastors . . . would that be different? It might be different, but you won’t hear it because the liberal media doesn’t want that voice to be heard. You won’t hear from Bishop Waymond Burton in North Carolina who is very upset with the McCain campaign for coming into his state and castigating an ad that tells the truth about Rev. Wright. You won’t hear from Rev. Bill Owen, Bishop Harry Jackson, Rev. Jesse Peterson, Rev. O’Neill Dozier, Bishop David Perrin, Mason Weaver, etc. etc., who all have churches or ministries that truly do teach the love of Christ, forgiveness, mercy and a need to unite and not divide. We don’t see or hear from brilliant black scholars like Shelby Steele, Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, and
thousands of others who are quietly achieving and destroying stereotypes that have been erected by a class of elitists who must keep blacks forever in this victim class to maintain their political power and control.

I once had the opportunity to host the president of an African country in the U.S. and took him, with several others, to two black churches in DC. Many people asked why we were going to two since all black churches were the same. It was an odd statement that was repudiated at the end of the second service.

The first church we attended was a Rev. Wright type church, complete with racial vitriol, anger, intimidation and oppressive messages that served only to keep that slobbering spirit of racism fat and happy. It was a frightening experience, and other than the two secret service men assigned to the visiting president, there were only three of us who were white. We honestly did not think we would make it out of the church alive. The pastor, who ironically is a friend and had been at our home the night before for a reception, was going on and on about whites being the cause of all of their problems, that there didn’t need to be accountability for any actions because they could not be blamed for anything . . . only white men could because of blah blah blah. There was no love, there was no joy, mercy, forgiveness, impartation of empowerment or sense of purpose . . . there was no Jesus in this “Christian” church that sang the same hymns I grew up with in a Baptist church. The façade of Christianity was embarrassing and an affront to
what the true teachings of Christ are all about.

We did not relish the thought of dragging ourselves to the second black church, certain we were going to, once again, be berated and condemned for lacking sufficient pigment in our skin. I was not sure my eardrums could handle another two hours of screaming and rhetorical abuse. But thankfully we went to the second black church only to be greeted with warm hugs, smiles of delight and colored-blind eyes that accepted us as members of the Body of Christ. You could feel the peace and love of the congregation that emanated from the gentleness and strength of their pastor. The presence of the Holy Spirit was palpable and
by the end of the service, there was not a dry eye in the room, and even one of the secret service men had tears rolling down his face. What was intended to happen in the first church, but was met with anger and resentment, was accepted with gladness and humility in the second church. The visiting president had wanted to ask forgiveness from the first congregation for his country and his countrymen, selling the ancestors of these black Americans, into slavery. His attempt was heartfelt but was totally rebuked.

At the second church, he was reluctant to say the same thing, but felt compelled to get down on both knees and beg for forgiveness on behalf of his country for the way they had treated the ancestors of this group. Even though not one person in that room had ever sold a slave or been a slave, the spirit of racism, oppression and bondage is very real in people’s lives as though a reality occurred in the flesh. His offer of forgiveness was met with tears and the most amazing outpouring of love and mercy I have ever seen. We were all hugging each other, crying, laughing, loving . . . just experiencing the pure love of Christ in our midst. He told us it was worth his trip to America, just for that one moment.

But that is not the black church we see or hear about in the news. We keep seeing the angry clips looped over and over to give the very erroneous impression that all black churches are like Rev. Wrights and all black parishioners are like Barack Obama being fed this angry bile every single week, for years and years. This stereotype continues to divide the nation, feed the racism monster, and
keep a political party in power.

That is why the focus is no longer whether or not Wright’s church is a typical black church or not. That discussion is irrelevant and wholly unacceptable. Besides, based on the liberal manipulation of the masses it would be almost impossible to believe otherwise. How different is Rev. Wright from Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Micheal Eric Dyson, Louis Farrakhan who all say the same things but
just with their own personal twist to it. Where are the faces of Bishop Harry Jackson, or Bishop Burton who, as black men, will denounce this anti-Christian “Christianity” and the charlatans who are creating negative stereotypes of an entire class of people? Why aren’t these other voices of reason and wisdom allowed air time to show the American people that blacks don’t hate whites, or
that to go to college and do well in school should not be considered “acting white.”  Or to succeed as a conservative black in a “white man’s world” does not in anyway justify names like Uncle Sam, Aunt Jamima, Oreo cookie or other hateful pejoratives.

I don’t blame Rev. Wright for fanning the flames of racism, or Barack Obama for warming his political career on their embers. They are the real victims in this whole charade because they have bought the lies and distortions of the people who have historically oppressed them and their ancestors in one form or another . . . whether in physical chains, philosophical and cultural chains, or now the chains of victimization and validation of a lifestyle that does nothing but rob them of the true life of love and joy that God has destined them to have. If the scales fell off and they realized the man they should hate is the one who has robbed their dignity by categorizing all blacks as congregating in the same huddled, victimized masses, then they would stand up and say, no more. They
would say, “We will not allow this blind prejudice to suck our souls from us” while the forces who have everything to gain, walk away laughing at these fools who fell for the biggest con in the world.

Blacks are no more monolithic than whites . . . or women, and to suggest it, to treat them as such is insulting, demeaning and . . . oh my gosh . . . really racist.

Renaissance Women Productions is hosting a pre-release screening of their award-winning movie, Emancipation Revelation Revolution, in Washington, DC on June 19. That is the day that is historically celebrated in the black community because it is the day that slaves in Texas learned that they were liberated and the war was over!

This award winning documentary is about the history of the civil rights movement in America, the role that both political parties played in it, and what happens to conservative black Americans who leave the “liberal plantation.” You can learn more about it by going to where you can purchase a 20 minute, pre-release trailer of the 90 minute version that will be released in Feb. 2007, during Black History Month.

The film features such leaders as Shelby Steele, Star Parker, Jesse Peterson, Armstrong Williams, Mason Weaver, Robert Woodson, Bishop Harry Jackson, and the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, and fellow Renaissance Woman, Alveda King. It also features Booker T. Washington’s great granddaughter, Gloria Jackson.

“Renaissance Women were inspired to produce the film when they saw the discriminating treatment that conservative black leaders like Condi Rice, Colin Powell, and Clarence Thomas received for committed the unforgiveable sin of being black, and conservative,” says producer/director, Nina May.

She believes that we have entered a time of philosophical discrimination and those who experienced oppression because of the color of their skin, are now seeing a version of Dr. King’s dream become a reality. They are not being judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character . . . and that judgment is harsh, because they identify with conservative values and philosophies.

“This film is giving us a tool to break off the chains of liberal victimization created by their dependency culture,” says Mason Weaver, author of “It’s OK to Leave the Plantation.”

Homeless activist, Ted Hayes says, “the film is emancipating an entire group of people through the revelation that they have been deceived and manipulated by the very powers that opposed their freedom . . . and now . . . they are saying let the revolution begin!”


Democrats are still whining about strict constructionists wanting to honor the original intent of the Constitution instead of seeing it as a “living, breathing document” that takes on the cultural nuances of the day. It is not surprising though that they still hold that view of the Constitution after more than 100 years of applying their own interpretations to very clear and concise Amendments to the Constitution.

Ironically, as we remember the heroic, historic stance that Rosa Parks took against institutionalized racism, we have to unravel the reasons as to why she was forced to object to being considered less than equal to the white men on the bus. And the ball of yarn rolls right to the feet of the Democratic Party.

In 1868 the 14th Amendment was passed giving equal rights to all citizens regardless of race. It states, “All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” The Republicans in congress passed it unanimously while not one single Democrat voted for it. This was the case with every other civil rights bill passed in the 1800s. By 1875, ten years after the end of the war to abolish slavery, almost 2 dozen civil rights laws were passed by Republicans and opposed by Democrats.

By 1892, when the Democrats controlled the House, the Senate and the White House, they began to repeal all of the Civil Rights laws and the Supreme Court chose to ignore the 14th Amendment and saw the Constitution as a “living breathing document” that reflected their racists, segregationists views. In 1896 they ruled in Plessy v. Ferguson that equal didn’t necessarily mean that blacks and whites should share in the same things at the same time, and that institutionalized segregation was acceptable despite the fact that the 14th Amendment was clear that it wasn’t. This ruling was overturned almost 60 years later in Brown v. Board of Education. The Democratic response to this was to issue the Southern Manefesto which repudiated this ruling. It was signed by 100 Democrats from the House and Senate . . . not one Republican signed it.

But it wasn’t only the 14th Amendment that the Supreme Court and the Democratic controlled congress ignored. The 15th Amendment, which passed in 1870, giving blacks the right to vote was passed by 100% of Republicans in Congress, and again, not one single Democrat supported it. It wasn’t very difficult to understand what their position was on the issue of blacks voting, or being equal members in society. But, as with the equal protection Amendment to the Constitution, they chose to ignore and reinterpret that ruling. They determined that blacks could vote IF, they could pass literacy tests, pay poll taxes, dance on one leg while reciting the Crispin Day speech from Shakespeare’s Henry V. Anything to make sure that blacks could not vote. And why didn’t Democrats want blacks to vote? Well, could it be because they voted almost unanimously for the party of Lincoln . . .the party that was founded specifically to abolish slavery . . . the Republican Party?

So we have seen what happens when the original intent of the Constitution is transformed into a document that suits the whims and desires of one class of people to total oppress another. And, that perfect illustration was played out when Rosa Parks, who was denied a strict constructionist view of the original intent of the 14th Amendment, was forced to reject that ruling, make her voice be known, and ignite a revolution that would never have been necessary if one party had not held to its views that the Constitution is a “living, breathing document” to be interpreted by the whims and nuances of the day.

And even after seeing the incredible harm, destroyed lives, and divided nation that this type of thinking has caused the nation, the majority of Democrats in congress; still hold to the flawed belief today, that the Constitution is open to interpretation based on their current political agenda.

(The documentary, Emancipation, Revelation/Revolution, goes into greater detail about the history of the civil rights movement in America. It is planned to be released in the next couple of months. Go to for more info.)

The documentary, “Emancipation Revelation/Revolution, will be featured at the Liberty Film Festival in Hollywood, Ca., Oct. 21-23, and introduced by talk show host, Larry Elder. The movie reveals the fate of Black Americans who dare leave the liberal plantation of political correctness and victimization. “They are riding the underground railroad to free speech and rejecting the stereotypes that have been placed on them by the party that claims to be their liberator,” claims author, Mason Weaver.

Outspoken political activists such as Star Parker, Jesse Peterson, Niger Innis, and Alveda King, share, in the most intimate terms, what happens to them when they speak out against the Democratic party, and embrace a conservative philosophy.

Author, Shelby Steele, reveals that since announcing that he is a “born-again” conservative, “he is the freest man in America because he owes nothing to anyone.” Rev. O’Neal Dozier echoes his sentiments by saying, “I am free, I can say what I want, preach what I want and no one can tell me what to say or do.”

The niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Alveda King, shares her memories of the civil rights struggles in the 1960’s and the tragedies that struck her family, and the current struggles she endures because she escaped “the plantation of liberalism that the Democrat party has erected around an entire class of people.”

The history of the two parties is discussed and explored and the discovery is profoundly different than popular perception. Two major historians, Rev. Peter Marshall, and David Barton, explain that the Republican party was founded in 1854 specifically to end slavery, by abolitionists who left the Democratic party.

Columnist and talk show host, Armstrong Williams, explains that the divisions in the nation today, are not along racial lines, but philosophical lines. He says, “They have nothing to show for supporting just one party for so long, they say, ‘why not support the Republican party?’”

This film exposes not only what they are saying . . .but what happens to them when they do speak out against government sponsored poverty programs that keep millions on a virtual plantation of victimization and helplessness.

At a private screening on Oct. 2, Mychal Massie, radio talk show host, declared, “Without question I believe “Emancipation Revelation/Revolution” to be one of the most quintessential documentaries of factual historical relevance produced in my lifetime. In a day and time when the overwhelming majority of Americans are blissfully ignorant of the factual history of Black involvement in our two party system; ERR reveals clearly and specifically that which the whitewashing of history has denied so many. It encourages dialogue and retrospection on a level heretofore not seen. “