I think that PETA has actually proven by their series of distasteful adds, that by NOT eating meat, your brain begins to deteriorate.

First it was severed cows heads with french fries, then people locked up in cages . . . what was that all about? Then suggesting that college kids drink beer instead of milk. And now . . . Rudy Giuliani as the poster boy for prostate cancer blaming milk for his plight.

How do they know it was milk and not tofu that caused it? Why not blame milk for ever ill to befall man in order to malign the good drink altogether. Who is going to know the truth?

It sort of reminds me of the bad rap conservatives get, being called every name in the book and blamed for every ill facing society. It doesn’t matter who or what is really the culprit, conservatives are always in the lineup as the guilty party. But the good that the conservative philosophy does society . . . like actually fighting to keep government out of your face and out of your pocket can be compared to the good milk does. It gives strong bones and teeth, and helps prevent osteoporosis and other bone crippling diseases.

So for the evil that conservatives and milk are accused of causing . . . they need to be acknowledged for the good they do to the body and the backbone of society.

The animal rights group, PETA, is pushing for laws to give animals the same rights as humans so they cannot be killed, experimented on or exploited for entertainment.  They don’t want them to be in cages or zoos or suffer any type of bondage or captivity whatsoever.

If that is the case and they really want them to be treated the same as humans, they will actually have to allow all the above to occur. Human beings in the womb are being killed, and experimented on . . . and even their body parts can be sold. Children are being exploited by pornography for perverted entertainment . .. obviously against their will. They are being trapped in a prison of bondage and degradation that is robbing them of the right to live their life as God intended.

So if animal rights advocates want to elevate animals to the status of humans …they will have to strive to restore the dignity to the human being. They can start by denouncing abortion as murder, harvesting baby parts and experimenting on them as barbaric, and exploiting them for pleasure as perverted and unacceptable.

Otherwise . .. their argument . . . besides being preposterous, actually becomes quite moot.

This is Nina May.

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Some Animals . . . (small humanoids excluded from that group), are trying to make an impact. They have produced large bill boards, aimed at fast food chains. They show the severed head of a cow next to a bag of french fries, and ask if it looks appetizing.

Most people I know who field-dress their game can do it with a sandwich in one hand and knife in the other. Every butcher, cattle farmer, veterinarian, doctor, forensics expert, Hollywood producer . . .has seen worse than that. Even children exposed to violent video games would not be shocked or stunned by the presence of a cow’s head next to a bag of fries in an ad.

But what is confusing, and a bit shocking is that these people don’t even know what part of the cow is eaten. Sure, some might eat the brains, but the best part is the tenderloin area. That very lean, tender side of the cow that is so highly priced.

Maybe to really make the point though, they should show a picture of a baby being partially delivered and then murdered as it is hanging out of the birth canal. Now that sight, next to bag of fries, might get the message across that we should not be cruel to animals.

This is Nina May at ninamay.com.

Animal rights activists are very upset by a new genre of film that shows animals being tortured. Yet at every other turn they are the biggest supporters of free artistic expression and feel that anything is acceptable . . . where humans are concerned. That includes gratuitous violence, degradation, suffering, torture, pornography .. . none of which is offensive to them. Just don’t even think of killing an innocent mouse and filming it.

But how can they expect people to be horrified by the killing of a live mouse, when they support the murder of half-delivered children, degrading pornography, and violent films that show no compassion for human beings.

So, a bill has been introduced into Congress that says it would be a crime for anyone to offer any “depiction of animal cruelty” for sale, or face five years in prison. If humans are considered animals . . . would this protection extend to them too?

In some cities, if you DON’T kill a rat in your apartment, you are fined. So, if you filmed the killing of that rat, would you get five years in jail? I’m not for cruelty, just consistency.

This is Nina May at ninamay.com.

I heard a very well-meaning animal rights activist tirade about how brutal and inhumane people are and that we can learn a lot from the kindness of animals. Sort of a Blanche Dubois take on society.

I asked her what she thought about the recent report of two chimpanzees at a national zoo that were part of a “teenage gang” as the zoo keepers described it. They terrorize the other chimps and one day, ripped a baby chimp from her mom’s arms and stomped her to death.

Without missing a beat, she explained this act by saying that animals will kill each other if their territory is threatened, or they don’t have food, or they don’t like another animal, or are hungry or they voted wrong in the last election. The list was quite long . . . and I agreed with every point on it. But what were humans supposed to learn from this again? That the ends justifies the means? Or that if they behave a lot more like animals than the world would be better place for all of us?

I guess we should be thankful that at least humans don’t eat each other.

This is Nina May for the Renaissance Women at ninamay.com.

A few weeks ago, an intruder attacked a sitting duck on the White House lawn. The intruder was a Red-Tailed hawk who swooped down and literally attacked . . . a sitting duck. This occurred right on the heels of the NATO bombing of Serbia, and for some, it seemed very symbolic. But what was most interesting was the reaction of the White House staff.

The paper reported them as being disgusted by the way the hawk ripped the duck apart and devoured it right in front of everyone. This is the same administration that has gone out of its way to protect the environment, set aside natural habitats, and parks for wildlife. They must spend all of their time inside writing bills that protect wildlife instead of actually getting out and seeing how they behave with each other. It is not a pretty picture. They devour each other daily . . . that is how they survive.

Hawks don’t go down to the local McDonalds and order a duck burger. And in spite of what animal rights activists will tell you, human beings are not an animal’s biggest predator . . . another animal who is hungrier and bigger is.

This is Nina May at ninamay.com.

Have you ever started to put cream on your skin, and notice a label that says, “Not Tested on Animals”? This is where I put the top back on and decide not to be their test animal. Because if it is a product to be used on humans, but they care more about the reaction to an animal’s skin, how safe can the product be? And how thorough can the research have been?

Will the mother of a newborn really want this precious skin to be the petri dish for someone’s product? Have we taken the protection of animals over humans too far?

High schools today give students situational ethics problems to ponder, so in that vein, let me ask you. You, your two children and pet dog are all in a life raft. You only have enough water for three. One must die in order for the others to survive. Which one do you sacrifice? This really is the type of question asked of students today, and animal rights activists would be shocked if you chose Fluffy as the one to go overboard.

This is Nina May reminding you that you are made in God’s image, not the image of a laboratory rat, oh, and, you should probably learn to swim, in case your kids get the answer wrong.

Three time Indy 500 winner, Bobby Unser, found himself on the wrong side of the law while trying to survive.

He was snowmobiling in a non-restricted area, got caught in a blizzard, lost his snowmobile and had to walk for 18 hours to find help. He faces a $5000 fine and up to six months in jail for maybe crossing into a wilderness area while trying to get out of the blizzard. No one knows for sure. They still haven’t found the abandoned vehicle.

When we get to the point where the government values land more than the lives of the citizens, then the citizens need to reevaluate their system. When farmers can lose their entire farm and livelihood for filling in a mud puddle, which is determined to be a wetland, then the government agency has outlived its purpose. When people are held hostage by the preservation of such pesky creatures as the kangaroo mouse, then it is time for the human species to stand up and be counted.

Conservation and environmental wisdom are important and necessary, but they should never be at the expense of individual human liberty.

This is Nina May for the Renaissance Women.