Can Athiests Destroy the REAL Cross?

Sometimes life can become stranger than fiction and God has the most amazing way of gently reminding us, all of us, killers and atheists too, that He is alive and real.

With the protracted controversy surrounding the removal of a cross at the Mount Soledad War Memorial in La Jolla, California, coinciding with a bone fide, living symbol of its meaning, it is hard to call it coincidence.

Ashley Smith, of Atlanta Georgia, became the cross that the atheists want to remove in La Jolla. She was bigger than the concrete monument that has stood sentry over the lives of fallen heroes for over 50 years. A symbol that makes those who don’t believe there is a God quake at the thought that there might be one and want to eradicate anything that would force them to accept that there are those who do believe.

So what are the atheists of America going to do about the millions of living crosses who they encounter daily? They can’t remove every cross or symbol of God’s love for mankind… unless they desire to kill all Christians who reflect that love to their fellow man.

What is it that atheists fear about two pieces of material forming right angles together that symbolically has only represented unconditional, sacrificial love? Do atheists reject love? Do they deny that sacrifice is a laudable characteristic that we should all strive to embody? Do they think that what Ashley Smith did, in her willingness to sacrifice her life so that her captor, Brian Nichols, might come to know the God of the Universe deserves silencing and dismantling?

What is the next step for tortured souls who agonize over the presence of a symbol that must torment them to the point of destruction? Will they say that Christians are not allowed to use public facilities, wear crosses on public campuses, mention the name of Jesus in a public forum, drive on public highways, use the US Postal service to post letters about what Christ has done in their lives? Will they strike to remove all religious icons and art from every national museum in America and burn all literature that provides a history of the Christian founding of the United States? Will they take a chisel to the walls of the Supreme Court and deface all statues and murals that depict a presence of God’s sovereignty in the founding of America?

They might be able to do this . . . only if the 95% of those in the country who believe in something bigger than their own selfish agendas of intolerance for divergent views remain silent. But even if they were successful in eradicating every symbol of Christ’s love and forgiveness of a fallen man, they will never eliminate Christ from the hearts of man, who even as they are murdered, will proclaim Him as their Lord and Savior.

The stones of the cross in California may be dismantled and used to stone the Ashley Smiths of the world who wear the cross emblazoned on their hearts and represent for all a clear and perfect manifestation of God’s love for man on earth . . . but they will never silence God. The rocks and trees will rise to sing His praise even if the breath of man is silenced from doing so.

So we, as a free nation have the choice of following the lead of those who would destroy our heritage, dismantle sacred monuments to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice so that we may not live under this form of tyranny . .. or follow the embodiment of Christ in a young single mom in Atlanta Georgia who brought life to that cross in her amazing ordeal of sacrificial love.

For those still confused about the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, one need only go as far as a church hymnal to solve that problem.

If you read all the famous Christmas carols, some written hundreds of years ago, you will notice that they all refer to Bethlehem, ISRAEL, as being the place of Christ’s birth. And the calendar on everyone’s desk is concrete proof of that birth, and the fact that it was 2000 years ago.

You never hear a carol say, “Born is the King of Palestine.” There was no Palestine . . .and guess what . .. there were no Muslims. They didn’t come on the scene until over 600 years after the birth of Christ and ironically, their founder’s big event took place on a Jewish holy site.

It would be as though I went to India, visited a Hindu holy site, had a vision, was transfigured, blinded by the light, or whatever, and then demand to have that holy site renamed and redefined by MY experience. That would be a little egocentric and I would expect that devout Hindus would have serious problems with it, regardless of how meaningful and spiritual the experience was to me.

So, as the conflict continues between Israel and the Palestinians we need to be reminded of a few facts . . . .Palestinian was a derogatory name given by the Romans to the Jews living in Israel because they knew an insult to a Jew would be to call him a Philistine . . . but it was translated or became Palestinian.

Four thousand years ago, Abraham was told by God to leave Ur of the Chaldees, and move to what is now Israel. His son, Isaac, was told to change his son Jacob’s name to “Israel.” And today you will find that many of the areas in Israel were named after his sons, thousands of years ago. So, those who believe that Israel is not a legitimate country, should read more books on history, and listen closely to Christmas Carols this season.

Before the attacks on America, September 11, the one group that it was considered politically-correct to persecute, was Christians.

The same type of knuckle-dragger that is condemned today for throwing stones at Mosques, was considered an intellectual if they mocked Christianity and even referred to followers of Christ as fomenting hate speech.  But, do hate crimes also apply to people who silence sincerely held religious beliefs?  Like the situation in Chicago where they didn’t want the Baptists to hold their convention there because they said they foment hate speech?

So now the Bible is hate speech, but the Koran, which tells its followers that killing infidels will earn them a place in heaven, should be revered.

What’s interesting is, that it seems to be a forgotten point that the murders in Columbine and Wedgewood Baptist were motivated by hate against Christians not Muslims. The shootings in the Bible Class in Tennessee were motivated by hate against the Bible believers, not followers of the Koran. The church in London, where ten members were attacked by a sword-wielding man, during a church service . .. .certainly wasn’t motivated by bad singing. It seems as though there are far more instances where Christians are being targeted for persecution, death, and execution, than any other group these days, yet they are accused of fomenting hate.

Even though Christians did not retaliate for the September 11 attacks on America, by bombing mosques or killing Muslims, 16 were targeted for death in Afghanistan simply because they were Christians. So maybe the politically-correct intelligencia will reassess who the real criminal is and realize that telling someone about a personal relationship with Jesus is not nearly as hateful as flying a civilian plane into a building of innocent people.

  1. Last Christmas we were thinking about all the things we didn’t have; this Christmas we are thinking about all the things we do have.
  2. Last Christmas we were placing wreaths on the doors of our homes; this Christmas we are placing wreaths on the graves of our heroes.
  3. Last Christmas we were letting our sons play with toy guns; this Christmas we are teaching them that guns are not toys.
  4. Last Christmas we were counting our money; this Christmas we are counting our blessings.
  5. Last Christmas we were lighting candles to decorate; this Christmas we are lighting candles to commemorate.
  6. Last Christmas we paid lip service to the real meaning of the holidays; this Christmas we are paying homage to it.
  7. Last Christmas we were digging deep into our bank accounts to find money to fly home for the holidays; this Christmas we are digging deep into our souls to find the courage to do so.
  8. Last Christmas we were trying not to let annoying relatives get the best of us; this Christmas we are trying to give the best of ourselves to them.
  9. Last Christmas we thought it was enough to celebrate the holidays; this Christmas we know we must also find ways to consecrate them.
  10. Last Christmas we thought a man who could rush down a football field was a hero; this Christmas we know a man who rushes into a burning building is the real one.
  11. Last Christmas we were thinking about the madness of the holidays; this Christmas we are thinking about the meaning of them.
  12. Last Christmas we were getting on one another’s nerves; this Christmas we are getting on our knees.
  13. Last Christmas we giving thanks for gifts from stores; this Christmas we are giving thanks for gifts from GOD.
  14. Last Christmas we were wondering how to give our children all the things that money can buy; this Christmas we are wondering how to give them all the things money can’t (peace, security).
  15. Last Christmas we were thinking about all the pressure we are under at the office; this Christmas we are thinking about all the people who no longer have an office to go to.
  16. Last Christmas we were singing carols; this Christmas we are singing anthems.
  17. Last Christmas we were thinking how good it would feel to be affluent; this Christmas we are thinking how good it feels to be alive.
  18. Last Christmas we thought angels were in heaven; this Christmas we know they are right here on earth.
  19. Last Christmas we were contemplating all the changes we wanted to make in the new year; this Christmas we are contemplating all the changes we will have to make in this new reality.
  20. Last Christmas we believed in the power of the pocketbook; this Christmas we believe in the power of prayer.
  21. Last Christmas we were sharing / spreading / listening to gossip; this Christmas we are sharing / spreading and listening to the Gospel.
  22. Last Christmas we were complaining about how much of our earnings went to taxes; this Christmas we comprehend that freedom isn’t free.
  23. Last Christmas we valued things that were costly; this Christmas we value things that are holy.
  24. Last Christmas the people we idolized wore sports uniforms; this Christmas the people we idolize wear police, firefighter and military uniforms.
  25. Last Christmas peace on earth is something we prayed for on Sunday morning; now it’s something we pray for every day.

Father God, we come before you in Jesus Christ’s name and on the basis of His shed blood on behalf of our president, George W. Bush, his wife Laura and their children Barbara and Jenna.

We ask You to show them great and mighty things and teach them in the way of wisdom. For as Your word was to David, we ask it be given to President Bush. The Spirit of the Lord spoke in and by me, and His word was upon my tongue. The God of Israel spoke, the Rock of Israel said to me, When one rules over men righteously, ruling in the fear of God, He dawns on them like the morning light, when the sun rises on a cloudless morning, when the tender grass springs out of the earth, through clear shining after rain. Truly, does not my house stand so with God? For He has made with me an everlasting covenant, ordered in all things, and sure. For will He not cause to prosper all my help and my desire? We ask that the path of Mr. Bush would be uncompromisingly just and righteous, like the light of dawn, that shines more and more, brighter and clearer-until it reaches its full strength and glory in the perfect day.

We thank You Lord for George W. Bush, his cabinet, for restoration, for life, Godliness and dignity to Your church. Give us grace to pray for Mr. Bush, and for all in authority.

We ask that under this administration the bands of wickedness would be loosed in our nation, oppressed people would be freed, the hungry would be fed, the poor in our nation cared for, and the gospel of Jesus Christ would be shared.

We ask that You would guide George W. and Laura continually, and make them like a spring of water whose waters fail not.

We ask that they be ones who would build the old waste places: raise up the foundations of many generations; and be called repairers of the breach, restorers of paths to dwell in.

We pray Mr. Bush and his administration will work for an America that blesses Israel knowing that Jerusalem is Your throne and those nations who bless and pray for her will prosper.

We ask that no weapon that is formed against Mr. Bush and his family would prosper, and every tongue that shall rise up against them in judgment You would condemn. Be the Bush family’s sun and shield. May You give grace and glory: withhold no good thing from them as they walk uprightly.

Because You have set Your love upon George W. and Laura Bush, therefore will You deliver them: You will set them on high, because they have known Your name. They shall call upon You, and You will answer them; You will be with them in trouble: You will deliver them, and honor them. With long life will You satisfy them and You will show them Your salvation.

Scriptures referred to include: Jer. 33:3, Prov. 4:11, II Sam. 23:2-5, Prov. 4:18, I Tim. 2:1, Isa. 58:9-12, Matt. 24:14, Ps. 122:6, Jer. 3:17, Isa. 54:17, Ps. 84;11 & Ps. 91:14-16.

There have been times in our nation’s history when it looked so dark and helpless that only divine intervention could save us.

The question many Christians ask today is, “Why doesn’t God do something?” There are a variety of answers, and God works in very mysterious ways . . .but always through His people.

Remember young David in the pasture, watching his sheep, playing songs of praise to God, oblivious of the battle his brothers were engaged in? It wasn’t until he was summoned to bring them food that suddenly, not only his perspective, but his mission changed. He went from being an uninterested, complacent shepherd, to “giant slayer” in a matter of minutes. We are all in that transition period but we have to be ready and WILLING to step out when the voice of the Lord tells us to. God wants the David’s among us to rise up and slay the Giant because that act of faith is a manifestation of the power of God.

He could do it with the blink of an eye, but that would defeat the purpose of creating us with a free will to decide which side we will serve. Which side are you on?

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One of my favorite stories in the Bible is of Joseph . . . the younger son of Jacob, great-grandson of Abraham.

God gave him a vision of his future as having great governmental authority, a mighty leader, that even his brothers would bow to. Shortly after this vision he was sold into slavery by his own brothers, sent to a foreign land, where his master’s wife tries to seduce him, and he is put in prison for almost twenty years.

But God’s word was sure and true, and because of a variety of events, he was put in charge of Egypt, just under the Pharaoh. And indeed, his brothers did bow down to him as a leader who held their lives in the palm of his hand. But he didn’t return evil for evil .. . he blessed them and forgave them. And this blessing saved generations of Jews from starvation and disaster.

He could have been bitter about how his own brothers sold him into slavery and he was taken from his land, separated from his parents. Instead . . .he rejoiced. Sometimes God transplants his chosen from one land to another . . . for reasons unknown that may be manifest generations later. But we may never see that reason if bitterness and anger continue to blind us.

This is Nina May.

On September 20, millions of kids from all over the country gather around their flag poles of their schools to pray for each other, their teachers and the nation. They will come early and be there on their own time. Many parents will join them because they realize that prayer is not as dangerous for these kids as a life separated from God and the accountability that brings.

So why do groups such as the ACLU try so desperately to keep these kids from praying, from gathering, from expressing their sincerely held religious beliefs? All of these actions are protected by the Constitution, while at no place in the document does it contain the liberal mantra, “separation of church and state.”

Could it be that the ACLU really DOES know that the God these kids worship is more powerful than the god they worship?

Otherwise, as the religious leader in Jesus’ time said, “Let them alone, if this is of God, there is nothing you can do to stop it, if it’s not of God, it will just fade away.”

So since it hasn’t faded, but intensified in 2000 years, this should be a hint to these poor people who have devoted their lives to fighting God.

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The Call to the Mall had over 700,000 kids worshiping and praising God. But it was not what most people expect of religious kids . . . because for one thing . . . they aren’t religious at all.

They are committed in their love for Christ, their devotion to the Lord and their allegiance to the Holy Spirit. They are young revolutionaries who are sold out for Christ. They are the true counter culture, the true radicals, the voices that will set the captives free and liberate this nation from the bondage of perversion and defilement it has been wrestling with.

But the interesting thing is . . . you won’t be able to point them out in a crowd. In fact, you may mistake them for the ones in bondage.  They have the multi-colored spiked hair, the tattoos and pierced body parts . They wear the uniform of revolution and only they can address the issues that plague our youth, because they escaped and are willing to sacrifice their lives to go back in and help set the captives free.

So, the next time you see a young kid who doesn’t dress like you, or look like you . . . instead of cursing them . . . bless them because they are either liberating those in bondage, or they are being liberated.

And either way . . . God loves them dearly.

I am encouraged to see High School students across America standing by the law of the land, which allows them the right to free speech.

Without breaking any unconstitutional laws, which were irresponsibly upheld by the Supreme Court they are continuing to pray before school football games. They are continuing to honor a higher law which says, “You shall have no other god’s before Me.” And any law that forbids that expression is against the law of nature and nature’s God . . . as the Declaration of Independence declares.

These kids, from all over the country, are coming to Washington, D.C. on Saturday September 2 to humble themselves before God, pray and seek His face. They are at a crossroads spiritually as they are forced by their government to choose between it and God. They are told they can’t pray in school, yet they are told how to get pregnant and then kill their child. They are told they can’t bring Bibles to school, but they are rewarded for bringing condoms.

These children who will be assembling at the Call to the Mall are declaring they have no King but Jesus . . . as the founding Fathers were fond of saying. But a big question I have on the issue of consistency is . . . since the Mall is public land . . . will they even be permitted to pray? And if they are . . . why can’t they voluntarily pray in a public school?

While we ponder that question, join these kids and their families in this gentle revolution of the heart and spirit and support their constitutional rights to pray in school and out.