It is exciting to see Al Gore finally have the courage of his convictions and actually quote scripture and mention God in his speeches. He even acknowledges that “The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.”

So that must mean, if the earth belongs to God, He can do with it what He wants.

Since He created the earth he can stop global warming, fix ozone holes, replenish forests and rivers, clean up pollution. Because man was given dominion over the earth by God, man must be a more valued and treasured creation. But, Gore says that even though the Pacific Yew produces the chemical taxol, which could potentially cure breast and ovarian cancer, it should not be harvested.

Why? Because you would have to destroy three trees to treat one person. But if the earth is the Lord’s, perhaps God intended for these trees to be harvested to cure His people, made in His image. And by making that statement Gore acknowledges that the earth doesn’t belong to environmentalists, the United Nations, Green Peace and other self-appointed monitors of man’s behavior.

This is Nina May suggesting that the earth that Gore writes about IS perfectly balanced in the palm of God’s hand.

By appointing Joe Lieberman as his running mate, Gore has acknowledged that religious expression is not as alien to American life as the liberals would have us believe.

Lieberman’s commitment to God includes refusing to ride in a car during the Sabbath. The acceptance of this very extreme religious position by the left is actually a liberating message for other believers who also have sincerely held religious beliefs. They should now, finally understand why people of faith feel that the homosexual lifestyle is not acceptable and that abortion is an abomination to the same God that Joe worships. And as everyone would be shocked if someone forced Joe to ride in a car on the Sabbath, they should be equally appalled when the homosexual community insists that Boy Scouts, get in their car, or when pro-abortion groups force Catholics to get in their cars.

So finally . . . the debate has been silenced about born again Christians being intolerant, bigoted and homophobic. Because, whether people realize it or not . . . it was Joe’s God who wrote the Ten Commandments, sent His only begotten Son to earth, and gave us His Holy Scriptures.

This is Nina May thanking Al Gore for making God a three letter word again

It was interesting to hear Al Gore quoting scripture in his speech before the NAACP, while he believes children shouldn’t have the right to pray or read their Bibles in school. He also must have skipped that part about lust in your heart being the same as adultery. Otherwise, why would he submit his loyal contributors to a tempting session with Playboy bunnies at a Democratic fundraiser. And he selectively ignores passages that describe homosexuality as being an abomination to God. But hey, it’s not the first time Christians have made the scriptures match their agenda, while ignoring God’s will.

But what was surprising in his speech was the blatant, unvarnished pandering to NAACP, treating them as his loyal subjects who of course were going to vote for him. He made fun of the idea that they could possibly consider voting for George Bush and no one there questioned his assumption.

If the NAACP really wants to have political clout outside of one party, they should stop allowing Democrats to treat them as their step-and-fetch-its. Make them earn their vote. And, they should remind Al Gore that the Bible is a very big book, and God won’t be mocked.

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Bible scholars of the Jesus Seminar, have come together to decide whether they think Jesus is who the Bible says He is. I am curious if they have a Mohamed Seminar to question his veracity.

Why should we believe so-called scholars who have earned degrees from institutions that have revised history to match their own humanist perspective of life, and we aren’t supposed to believe eyewitness accounts?

This is a blatant agenda by today’s “scholars” to discredit Christianity and the values inherent in it. Because the destruction of moral standards will usher in a type of nihilism that will justify their amoral belief system. But the big question is . . . if Jesus was just some con-artist who led a cult of followers . . . why are they devoting so much time and energy to study him?

They have actually described him as a type of David Koresh. Do they see Koresh as being elevated as a savior 2,000 years from now and that religion changing the world? What is the difference between Jesus and Koresh according to these incredibly learned scholars?

Shakespeare said it best . .. “me thinks thou doth protest too much.”

There must be something to this Jesus for all these “brilliant” people to be trying so hard to disprove Him and His deity.

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ABC-TV did a special about Jesus, discussing his life, his ministry and his impact on history. The interesting thing though was the angle they took.

Were the Gospels reporting the truth? Even though Matthew and John were with Jesus during his three years ministering and had access to his family, friends and neighbors . . . it was reported that there were no eye-witness accounts.

I would say that the person who laid his head on Jesus breast, referred to himself as “the one whom Jesus loved best”, was there at cross, with him for forty days after the resurrection and at the transfiguration when he was taken back up to heaven . . . could be considered an eye-witness.  And the Gospels, although different in the perspective they bring to the writing, are similar in the reporting.

So what is interesting is ABC is a network with editors, reporters, writers, photographers and producers who bring their interpretation of the news to us on a daily basis.

Are we supposed to question them, their sources and their veracity because we aren’t privy to the same sources they are? Should we doubt everything they say is a fact and every report they bring us?

The huge difference in all of this though is that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow and you can know him as your savior without even opening the Bible or knowing there are four Gospels, who wrote them, and what they said. That is the mystery of Christ.  That is the mystery of salvation and the transforming power of His Holy Spirit that abides with us today.

So it is sort of irrelevant what the “experts” say . . . He is as alive to day as he was then and the arguments against it are proven mute by the millions of testimonies by people who have felt His touch, His liberating power and His unconditional love.

Jesus says if you are ashamed of me before man, I will be ashamed of you before my Father which is in heaven. But he who exalts me will be exalted.

Well that is exactly what Angie Guidry, from Sam Houston High School, in Louisiana did. She had been selected to give the valedictory speech at her graduation. On the day of the graduation, the teachers in their very open-minded tolerant way, reviewed her speech and censored her words. The part they found so offensive was when she gave her fellow classmates a perspective on life and said college degrees, professions and all the world offers means nothing without a relationship to God.

This was her personal belief and of all the messages she could give her classmates . . .she felt that this was the most valuable. The teachers and principal disagreed. She would not change the words and was told she could not give the speech.

They quickly wrote an acceptable one and tapped another graduate to give it. But think about it, here I am writing about her years later, after hearing a sermon which mentioned her, after the preacher heard the story on another show. So God was right. Angie is being exalted . .. . because she exalted God first.

This is Nina May, thankful for people like Angie.

I remember the first time I saw Jesus Christ Superstar, before I was a Christian. I loved the music, the message, the person of Christ. In fact I accepted Him as my savior after seeing it because I saw him in a new light.

I grew up hearing the same Bible stories in Sunday School, year after year. But there was no connection in the telling. We would jump from David and Goliath to Jesus healing someone, to Daniel in the Lion’s den to the crucifiction of Christ. All played out with sterile pieces of flannel that was no substitute for the possibility of a relationship with the living God.

So when I hear Christians complaining that the CBS show “Jesus” is not based on the Bible it saddens me because there are so many who may never see the face of Christ if not for this show. Ironically, after accepting Christ, I took all my friends to see Jesus Christ Superstar and during this showing I was appalled by how inaccurate it was. But I kept my mouth shut . ..and let God do the talking to their hearts. They all came to know Christ as their savior that night . . . with the same grace and mercy that had been extended to me, not the judgement I was ready to unleash in my zealous attempt to speak for God.

This is Nina May, thanking CBS for allowing God to speak for Himself.

It seems as though more and more people of faith are beginning to realize the power of prayer. More people are understanding spiritual warfare and are realizing that words DO have power.

Remember, God SPOKE the universe into existence and He says call on His name, speak the name of Jesus, declare His victory, tell, confess, proclaim, witness. All of these are pro-active events that require verbalizing the glory and power of God and our hope and faith in Him.

The reason the spoken word is so important . . . it is a type of spiritual contract that is recognized and adhered to in the spirit world. That is why the Bible is very specific about curses and blessings and the power they have.

The Lord reminds us to bless those who curse us because it liberates us and frees God to work in our lives with love instead of the intended response which is revenge. Don’t repay evil for evil, but pray for those who speak evil against you and pray for the bondage of anger and bitterness to be broken off of them. By doing this . . . it breaks the bondage off of you as well and gives God room to work in both your hearts.

This is Nina May .. . praying for God’s blessings on you.

If Christ did not exist, or was not who He said He was, how could he have exerted so much more power in death, than in life, to have the whole western calendar system recalculated to match His birth?

Even before his death he told his unbelieving disciples they would do greater miracles than him. And the main distinction between Christ and other religious leaders is that the tomb is empty . . .he conquered death literally, so that we could conquer it symbolically. But even that could have been explained away in 2000 years or even forgotten.

Certainly the new Christians being fed to lions must have entertained the thought that maybe it was a rumor and the resurrection didn’t really happen.

But the miracle that has survived 2000 years is the fact that the Holy Spirit of Christ never died but is as alive today as He was when He walked the earth 2000 years ago. That is the miracle that has outlived common logic, persecution, rejection, and the forces of evil.

We celebrate the empty tomb on Sunday, but do we really understand that he is with us still, today? That is the miracle that defies common sense and logic.

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The father of the modern dictionary, Noah Webster, forgot to add a much used term in today’s lexicon . . . “religious fanatic.” It could be that two hundred years ago, that phrase was non-existent because, by today’s standards . . .everyone was a religious fanatic.

Even Noah himself said, “If we abide by the principles taught in the Bible, our country will go on prospering. But if we and our posterity neglect its instructions and authority, no man can tell how sudden a catastrophe may overwhelm us and bury all our glory in profound obscurity.”

If you look at the movies Hollywood holds up as icons of American culture we can see the prophetic substance of Daniel’s words. When the best picture that Hollywood can offer America is one that creates a caricature of lifestyles that are at best, political hyperbole, elevating decadence and self-consumption . . . then you know our glory has been buried in profound obscurity. And to express this view, based on values and absolutes as taught in the Bible, is to invite the moniker . . . Religious fanatic.

At least religious fanatics today are in good company . . . they have the same timber and resolve as the founding fathers of this nation. That’s not shabby company to be associated with.

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