We have heard for years that one person’s terrorist is another person’s freedom fighter. But have we ever heard that one generation’s internment camp is another generation’s public high school? The New York School Board, in an effort to show that homosexual kids should be treated like everyone else has, curiously, rounded them all up in the Harvey Milk High School and will keep them there until graduation.

The responses have been across the board ranging from glee to shock. The glee is not just emanating from the gay community that sees this as a step forward in gay rights . . .it is echoing across America from the lips of heterosexuals men who are sick of the gay agenda, lobby, whining, intimidation tactics and power plays. They are tired of the double standards surrounding society’s accepted behaviour of straight men verses the failings of all restraints on a group of people defined by their appetites. When it is reported that hundreds of gay men frequent parks, beaches, parking lots and restrooms to find total strangers to have sex with, most people respond the way they would if visiting a breeding farm for cows or horses. They assume this is what animals do, and avoid the farm during breeding season with their impressionable kids. They somehow instinctively know that this behaviour is totally random and uncontrollable, and have therefore decided that avoidance is the best way to deal with a lifestyle based on no boundaries, absolutes or restrictions.

Another response to the all-gay high school echoing from the halls of compassion and conservatism is shock on a number of levels. It is hard to believe that the government is sponsoring discrimination and segregation of a segment of our society, locking them in an institution, pretending to “protect” them from the evil heterosexual world. Where are the parents of these kids who are allowing them to be further stigmatized, stereotyped and potentially abused in a petri dish taken from the failed lab experiment of the Catholic Church? They can’t possibly believe that putting young, impressionable boys and girls with adults who have no governor on their sex drive, and who believe they are some how “helping” these kids get “in touch” with their sexuality . . the focus of the entire project being about sex . . . that nothing is going to happen.

It is as though society and the parents are turning their backs on kids who might be confused about what they are feeling sexually, but who certainly shouldn’t be the guinea pigs of some twisted plan to populate the world with more gays and lesbians . . . Most of which admittedly arrived at the decision that they were gay out of confused response to sexual abuse at a young age, by someone of the same sex. So the answer is to perpetrate that crime and perpetuate continued abuse and confusion? What if a kid decides mid-semester they are really straight? Will they be kicked out, or worse, would THEY be the target of derision and rejection?

Then you have the response from the kids who are being beaten up in schools because they are the wrong color, and beg to be sent to another school or be home schooled. And the foreign kids who are harassed and would love to be assigned to a school with only people who think, act, and look like them. And then there are the chubby kids who get their lunch money stolen, or the kids who don’t have the latest Gameboys or Nintendos and risk the wrath of their peers for being so out of touch? Should we segregate all these kids based on their shared malady and isolate them from society and let them believe that the world is made up only of like-minded people?

Most people would agree that if a private school were developed that catered specifically to a unique group of people, be they Jewish, Muslim, Black, or even gay, that should be allowed, because it would after all, be private. Except of course, if they are the Boy Scouts of America, and then there is a totally different standard used. But to allocate public funds for a school based on distinct characteristics returns us to a time before Brown vs. Board of Education and even Plessy v. Ferguson. It is reminiscent of Nazi Germany where people of a certain class, whether Jewish, handicapped . . . or gay, were targeted for removal from “polite” society . . . and eventually eliminated altogether. We are reminded of the Japanese internment camps that were established in WWII to make sure that an undesirable and potentially dangerous element of society was kept locked up so we knew where they were, what they were doing, and knew we would be safe from them . . .even if their personal intent was never to hurt anyone. Perception is what mattered . . .not reality.

So from the myriad of mixed messages streaking across the skies on the issue of a government sponsored all-gay high school . . . it is hard to determine what the gay community is saying. They are acquiescing to the point that they are different and should be segregated from society for a variety of reasons ranging from identification, and access to like-minded individuals, to a subliminal acknowledgment that gays are different, have different sexual proclivities and therefore are not easily understood or embraced by 99% of the nation who abide by a different set of standards and restrictions in their lives.

If gays are born this way .. as they always claim . . .then there is not much anyone can do about this decision except cluck, feel great compassion for the kids and the lies they will endure to try and believe they are hard-wired like a heterosexual. But, if it is genetic, why is one of the goals of the homosexual community to teach ALL kids, in regular public schools, about the glories of being gay? An agenda that is being forced on schools across the nation. Because, by their own admission, either you are or you aren’t born gay, and the statistics show that only about 1% of the population is gay, which bears that theory out, and begs the question how 1% of society became so incredibly powerful, if they are so downtrodden and abused.

Will there be sensitivity training in this high school extolling the virtues of the lifestyle of heterosexuals or will the training include the typical straight-bashing that takes place in the gay community? Will Dr. Laura be invited to speak to the graduating class or will they teach the kids how to boycott anyone who doesn’t embrace their lifestyle? Will they discuss the origins of the concept of marriage as being a Judeo-Christian covenant that God designed to be between a man and a woman? Or will they teach the kids the writings of Michelangelo Signorile in OUT magazine, (Dec./Jan. 1994) who said, “A middle ground might be to fight for same-sex marriage and its benefits and then, once granted, redefine the institution of marriage completely, to demand the right to marry not as a way of adhering to society’s moral codes but rather to debunk a myth and radically alter an archaic institution.” Or two years later in the same magazine when he said, “It is also a chance to wholly transform the definition of family in American culture. It is the final tool with which to dismantle all sodomy statutes, get education about homosexuality and AIDS into public schools, and, in short, usher in a sea change in how society views and treats us.” This sounds like a distinct agenda by a tiny segment of society that wants to redefine the other 99% in their own image. And the US Government and the taxpayers are going to foot the bill to be told THEY are the ones who need to change and embrace alternative lifestyles as normal?

So heterosexual America is left with a variety of responses to this new revelation of double standards and duplicity on the part of the government. They can respond like the Nazis did in WWII and say, “good riddance,” or they can demand that these children be protected by the same constitution that protects the rest of innocent, impressionable youth in our nation, and insist that they not be used as pawns in a culture war.

I have heard many people speculate as to why the homosexual community has so much power and even silenced the hetero male.

Imagine, two percent of the population controlling the way ninty-eight percent of the population thinks, speaks, and acts.

The most interesting explanation came from a misogynist heterosexual who also harbors racial and anti-Semitic tendencies. He said the homosexual movement has finally put men back on top. Women are second class citizens to the homosexual man.

He went on to say that only the gays could have the power to silence a woman, and a Jew at that…as in Dr. Laura.

Hmmmm. I asked him about the lesbians.  That means they would now have power over men. The response from this woman-hating, anti-Semitic neanderthal was enlightening. He said, “No, they are the bottom of the food chain, they aren’t a threat, in fact they are every straight man’s fantasy. We have women doing just what we always dream of…”

So the feminists owe a great deal of gratitude to the homosexuals for elevating women to nothing more than sexual objects and reducing men to nothing than more than sexual predators.

After Pope John Paul criticized the homosexual march in Rome, stating it is “against the laws of nature,” he was condemned.

One gay rights activists suggested that they solve the problem of pedophilia and homosexuality within the church before judging marchers as being abnormal.

But the irony is, for a gay rights person to suggest that the Catholic church deal with a “problem” of gays within the church, suggests that they know homosexuality is a problem. And the fact that the Catholic church condemns homosexuality and pedophilia within its ranks suggest that they know it destroys lives.

But it is interesting that the supporters of free speech from divergent perspectives, work so hard to silence Confederate afficionados calling them “apologists for slavery.”

Could the same accusation be leveled against gay rights activists who want the right to keep people in bondage to a destructive lifestyle?

If they have a right to march, as offensive as it might be, then so should those defending their right to display the rebel flag, no matter how offensive that might be.

You can’t silence one form of expression as being offensive without condemning all to the same fate, otherwise, you have a fascist state.

I just had the most interesting cultural experience imaginable. It was like being in a Kafka novel, illustrated by Dali . .. very surreal. I was asked to do CSpan’s Washington Journal on Sunday morning. The format of the show is that the host goes through daily papers and ask the guest to respond to different articles.

One article was on the gay march on the mall, and it was mentioned immediately. I have never had a dog in that fight, I told them we don’t deal with that issue with Renaissance Foundation, and any response would be a perception of why this is such an emotional issue.

Well, by the responses we got on our website and email you would think I had suggested napalming the participants.

Here are some examples… “Every day your hatred causes lives to be destroyed.” Well first of all, when does expressing a view point, that is merely a reflection of 98% of the American people, considered “hatred” and how do words destroy lives?

Another was, “May God grant mercy on your soul for the hate that you spread.”

Ironically, my responses must have been so benign that one viewer wrote, “It appeared that you were a gay rights activist.”

The message in most of these emails was that any opposition, or indication that you are not 100% behind the gay rights agenda… you are a hateful, intolerant proponent of death and mayhem.

So, a sane and logical debate on a topic that clearly elicits emotional responses is not allowed because any opposing view is perceived de facto to be hateful, therefore denied the opportunity to be represented.

People, I don’t know what you believe or why, but this type of fascist Gestapo mentality is not healthy in a free society and I would suggest to the homosexual community that if they want to gain the respect, not the fear, of the rest of society, that they allow a rational and civilized debate to occur without resorting to gratuitous namecalling and hyperbolic labeling.

Again, although I have written commentaries on it, the homosexual issue is not one that I have worked on, dealt with or been an activist with, but free speech, intimidation, coercion and manipulation are.

This is a perfect example of what I have been saying for years, and one of the reasons I founded Renaissance Women 17 years ago.

During those days it was a handful of women claiming to speak for all women, summarily silencing the opposing views with names such as “male chauvinist pig” or “brainless woman who can’t think for herself… etc.”

We found that women were more than capable of speaking for themselves and didn’t like the intimidation tactics of the feminists and spoke out against these tactics.

Now, the huge irony is that the homosexual community has so intimidated every aspect of society, that even a woman, or a mother who has a vested interested in protecting her children, is allowed to be blasted, debased, ridiculed and branded as intolerant and hateful. In my life I have never had a heterosexual man speak to me with such derision, such hate, and with such threats. And if a heterosexual man did speak to a woman this same way, the feminists would be all over him as being a chauvinist Neanderthal and much more.

So what has happened? Why is it that 2% of the population can so effectively denounce the opinions and beliefs of so many others as being intolerant when they themselves can escape that moniker? What is wrong with this picture? This is the type of heavyhanded tyranny that the founding fathers fought against. This is what tens of thousands of our citizens fought in WWII to prevent under the hand of Hitler when he successfully intimidated an entire country into believing that a segment of society should be silenced and systematically killed. Well we are seeing a repeat of this today in the name of open-minded tolerance. Either this is a free country where opposing and divergent views are allowed to be expressed or it is not.  Don’t claim you are trying to point out intolerance while practicing the very thing you claim to be trying to destroy.

As a woman, I feel that the feminist movement has not only allowed the degradation of women and her position in society, but she has remained silent on the issue of free and open debate in the market place between women and men of opposing views. Women are being silenced, ridiculed and oppressed by men who have, by their lifestyle said they have no need or perhaps respect for women, women are irrelevant to them. This is discrimination on its face and women are the silent victims of this behavior. (No, I am not talking about anything sexual… I am talking about relationships where women are an irrelevant part of the happy life equation.)

We have posted all the comments on the website, and I would encourage you to get a copy of the C-Span broadcast and you make a determination yourself if these email responses are in any way reflective of any positions I took.

But I will say, if there is anything I did say, whether intentionally or by the slip of the tongue, I am sorry and ask forgiveness if I caused anyone any pain. I just want honesty in this debate, otherwise people who disagree with this lifestyle, the tactics, the motives and agenda are justified in saying this group is not interested in merely being accepted in society.  They will only be happy when society is a reflection of their values. Just be honest guys, don’t be so anti women.  The nation has been there and I am sure does not want to return to the days of male domination and intimidation.

I have a news flash for every illegal alien. Vermont has made it possible for you to stay in America legally, no matter what country you are from, no matter how you got here. They have legalized same sex “unions.”

Just find someone of the same sex, pay them a fee, take them to Vermont, get “joined” and then file for permanent residency.

Isn’t it wonderful that the government is making it so easy for so many various and sundry couples to join in governmental union for one reason or another?

Many say it is to get government benefits, others for health benefits, others for tax breaks. I would like to see these tax breaks because every married person I know actually pays more in taxes. That’s why so many elderly on fixed incomes who find love later in life can’t afford to get married.

So, motives other than love and commitment are acceptable excuses for these “unions” according to the judges. And they can’t make you prove you are a homosexual , that would violate your civil rights and rights to privacy. All you have to do is show up with a bonafide partner and bing bada bang, you’re legal.

Isn’t America great?

My best friend growing up had three brothers the same ages as all of mine. But we were raised differently.  My brothers let me play games or sports with them, only if I could cut it. Her parents forced her brothers to allow her to play. If I had a dispute with my brothers, we would be told to put the boxing gloves on and settle it properly . . . no bare knuckles allowed. If she had a dispute, she would go running to her mom crying. If we misbehaved, we had to do pushups… her brothers were never disciplined, except when they picked on her.

As we grew up, my brothers respected me and included me in everything they did, because they wanted to, not because they were forced to. Her brothers couldn’t wait to get away from her.

These are two simple scenarios of children at play where one group settled their own problems and were all treated equally, and the other group had special privileges for the whiner.  One family of kids had unit cohesiveness, the other self-destructed.

So the point is, by catering to the demands of the overly-sensitive homosexuals, the Army will become the dysfunctional family, they will no longer operate as a cohesive military team, and will have outlived their purpose.

The recent ruling in New Jersey saying that the Boy Scouts should be forced to have scout leaders who profess to be homosexuals, brings new meaning to their motto . . . Be Prepared.

Anyone who cares about these young boys enough to want to “lead” them, certainly would want to protect and defend their innocence and virtue. We must give this man, who fought for eight years to be reinstated as scout leader, the benefit of the doubt, and assume that he would want to teach the little boys about sexual predators who target children for molestation. He would want to teach them about how to protect themselves against unwanted advances.

You know, don’t take candy from strangers, don’t get in a car with anyone you don’t know. This might even give the Boy Scouts a reason to create another merit badge designed to teach young boys to use weapons effectively for protection against predators when walking alone or camping out. After all, Girl Scouts learn self-defense.

So if this man’s intentions are as pure as he claims, and he wants only what is best for these young boys, then I am sure he won’t mind training them to take seriously their motto… Be Prepared.

Everyone has witnessed the incredible power and influence of the homosexual lobby. This is not a group selling a product, or an industry that is being over-regulated by the government. It is a lobbying group that is representing personal behavior that is very self-serving and does nothing to enhance the value of life for all Americans. And anyone with sincerely held religious beliefs are forced to abandon them, accept this lifestyle, teach their children that it is normal behaviour, or be branded as bigots, homophobes, or intolerant.

But what if another very influential lobby, such as the meat producers of America, representing ranchers and butchers, insisted that all Americans eat beef… including those devoted Hindus who see the cow as sacred, and anything harming the cow as an abomination to their faith.

Everyone would rally to their aid and tell the meat industry to get out of their face… to give them the freedom to practice their religion, and raise their children in their faith without the meat industry calling them intolerant, bigots or meatophobes.

This is Nina May asking, should Christians be treated with any less respect?

The San Fransisco Board of Education has just banned the sale or use of products on school campuses that are linked to tobacco companies. That includes all-American snacks such as Oreos and Jello pudding.

The agenda to destroy the political clout of the tobacco industry is veiled in the excuse to protect the children. These are the same people who want to train kindergarten through 12th graders that the homosexual lifestyle is healthy and preferred to the heterosexual lifestyle. These are the same people who refuse to share the fact that more of these kids will die of sexually transmitted diseases than cigarettes . . .or oreo cookies. These are the same people that believe the government should get out of people’s bedrooms and out of a girl’s womb.

Well shouldn’t the government then stay out of their stomach’s and lungs as well? If they are concerned about the harm of cigarettes to kids, but not about the possibility of these same kids getting AIDS, then maybe it is the School Board members who should be banned from having access to these kids.  They are the real danger to their health.

A lot of people are wondering what the furor is about Clinton, surreptitiously appointing James Hormel as Ambassador of Luxembourg.

Well, let me ask, would you be upset if a very vocal homosexual wanted to show your child a film promoting the homosexual lifestyle as a preference to the heterosexual lifestyle, while calling your values intolerant?

Well, that’s what Hormel has done, with the assistance of PBS, in a film he funded called, “It’s Elementary.” It is designed to desensitize children from k-12 about the homosexual lifestyle and indoctrinate them into it.

This is a benign man with no agenda and is harming no one? Not once in this film does it mention the death rate of homosexuals, the number of kids with sexually transmitted diseases, suicides, broken homes, destroyed lives.  This is man we can count on to tell the truth about America in another country?

This would be as though Clinton was appointing a radical member of a militia group who had distributed a film about the necessity of carrying loaded guns in school.

What Hormel has done is given your children a loaded gun of self-destruction and lies.