I was fascinated to hear Sec. Of Energy, Bill Richardson’s explanation for the misplaced hard drives containing top secret information that were found behind a copy machine at Los Alamos National Lab.

He said, “It is very clear in the contract the University of California has with the Department of Energy that they, the University of California, is in charge of security.”

I don’t know about you… but this does not give me a warm fuzzy feeling. These are the same people who hire communist professors who indoctrinate their mindless pupils about the ills of the free market society. They are the same people who give extra credit to students for attending WTO protests, anti-gun rallies and gay pride marches.

The same people who refer to Shakespeare, Longfellow. Byron, Keats, etc, as dead white men and don’t feel they are a necessary part of the curriculum anymore. These are the same people who teach diversity, sensitivity and tolerance, all euphemisms for group-think or fascism. These are the same people who wallow in victimization, embrace values clarification and adhere to the failed concept of situational ethics. These are the same people our Sec. of Energy says is to blame for a couple of hard drives with top secret information being misplaced?

Is it me . . . or is there something wrong with this picture?  This is Nina May asking you what you think.

One of the biggest complaints you will hear from secular humanists against Christians is that they try and impose their moral values on the rest of society.

So it is very interesting to see these same people representing a small group of nations, refereed to as JUSCANZ*, in the United Nations, bullying 138 other nations who reject their form of absolutism.

The 138 countries, referred to as G-77, are asking for a few simple statements to be included in the UN document on women and families that was drafted in 1995 for the Beijing women’s conference.

These are radical statements like . . . “The family is the basic unit of society and is a strong force of social cohesion and integration and its stability should be strengthened.” But this has been rejected by a handful of the elitist nations who want to remake the world in their secular humanist image.

The Clinton Administration in particular has backed efforts to block religious and cultural values of individual countries. They feel the individual sovereignty of a country should not be upheld if it disagrees with the United Nations.

I wonder if this would apply to America? The more developed countries also refused to allow a statement in the document that would “promote responsible sexual behavior, including abstinence.”

This is becoming a document created through coercion and threat. Ironically, the UN ordered this 1995 document, created because of the Beijing conference on women, not to be changed.

Will the groups insisting upon its change which is in direct violation of a UN order, have their sovereignty challenged? If so, that would include the US.

* The JUSCANZ countries are Japan, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Luxembourg, the European Union and handful of others.

There are many movements in the world that support zero population growth. They always use famine and mass starvation as an excuse. But let’s look at the facts.

There are approximately 6 billion people on the earth today. You could take the entire world population and fit it into the state of Texas and everyone would have 1500 sq. feet of living space. That seems tight you say, but look at Tokyo.

There are 125 million people in Japan, 60 million in Tokyo all with about 1200 sq. ft. per person. They are not starving, in fact there are sushi bars and restaurants on every corner. Even New York City, with 12 million people has approximately 1600 sq. ft. per person. And people are certainly flourishing there.

So it is not as important how many people there are, as it is how they live, what type of system they live under. Are they free to determine their own destiny? Find their own job? Buy their own home? Shop where they want, or are they the pawns of a fallen structure? The numbers to keep an eye on is not those at the bottom, but those at the top. What kind of system is in place that is keeping people from surviving?

It was interesting to see in the Washington Times, on October 18, two articles juxtaposed to each other. Actually one was an add informing people that partial birth abortion is not a partisan issue . . . that democrats are just as concerned about protecting the life of the unborn as republicans. And the other was an article about the incredible outrage, by animal rights activists, that the hair of a Chiru is being woven into shawls for the rich and beautiful. The hair .. . mind you, not the hide.

The protestors estimate that 4,000 are killed per year. But it is counter-intuitive to believe that this number of slaughters really occur . ..it’s like killing the goose that laid the golden egg. They are only after the hair . . . or wool equivalent if it was a sheep. How many shepherds kill their sheep after sheering them?

But even if it is 4,000, how does that compare to 1.5 million human babies killed each year, just in America.

Oh, I know, we have 6 billion people, we can afford to slaughter a few million.  We aren’t endangered after all. Well, yes we are. When we put more value on animals than on human life we have become the endangered species.

The population control people openly show their disdain for humans. But isn’t that the height of hypocrisy? If they really were concerned about over-population they would eliminate themselves instead of insisting that innocent women eliminate their potential for having children.

This is what is happening around the world with little or no disguise as to the reason. It is the same zeal that Hitler had when discussing the “final solution”. There seemed to be a mathematical imperative to increase the number of deaths thereby decreasing the number of people he felt were inferior.

At a recent United Nations Population Fund briefing, a former UN representative, Jan Fransen, joked that AIDS was helping to do the work of population control in Africa. He declared that the sustainable number the earth can hold is about one billion people, and said the focus on human rights disturbs him because it draws attention away from reaching that goal.

Bottom line . . . if we didn’t worry so much about saving people from suffering and dying we could meet his goal of one billion. I wonder if he’d make the cut.

Even though today is supposed to mark the birth of the six billionth person in the world, the population clock says that yesterday, the world population was 6,017,864,898.

It must mean that the anti-population growth people didn’t have their act together sooner and everyone waited until today for them to make a point that the world is too crowded. Or maybe the clock is just wrong.

Did you know today, even working with the slightly larger than 6 billion figure, that you could fit every person in the world in the state of Texas and they would each have approximately 1400 square feet? That’s crowded you say? Tokyo only has 1100 square feet per person, and New York City, 2300 square feet per person. On the other hand, Australia, with 18 million people has about 6 people per square mile.

It’s not the space, its what you do with it, how you manage it, how you organize your infrastructure. So don’t let the anti-population people intimidate you, send them this information, and tell them to move to Australia, and get a life.

Thirty years ago, before sex education was required in public schools, and before legalized abortion, the out-of-wedlock birth rate for high school kids was less than 1%. Now it is soaring at over 30%.

What have they been teaching kids for the past three decades to warrant such an epidemic?

Well first of all, kids were taught that any and all sex was good, just do it safely, abstinence is old-fashioned, and that sexual experimentation is liberating. What they weren’t told was that their innocence was being stolen, their self-esteem destroyed, their values mocked and the consequences were life-altering.

With the push for sexual liberation, past societal restraints quickly disappeared. No longer was a girl ashamed to be pregnant. She was taught to either abort or give birth and be eligible for welfare.

She was lied to by the system that had authority over her. But kids today, who are trying to hold onto their virtue and innocence, with programs like “True Love Waits,” are ridiculed by these same adults who have been lying to them for years.

This is Nina May encouraging parents to take back that authority and teach your own kids the real facts of life.