What has happened to universities in America that were founded on Godly principles?

For example, we can see the Christian character and views in the foundation of Harvard, the oldest university in America. In bold relief, at the campus it says, A Christo et Ecclesle which means . . . the church was the colony.

This is a far cry from how Harvard and other institutions of higher learning, that were founded on Christian principles, see themselves today. Are universities even relevant today? Are they serving to educate or indoctrinate? Why is there a move to eradicate classic works of literature from their must read list only to be replaced by current politically correct works that ridicule morals and values? T

hese are questions that families should ask themselves before they exchange their life savings for a changed child. These are the questions that alumns must ask before funding alma maters, and it is the question employers must ask new graduates looking for a job. If we stop asking the questions, we will accept any answer we are given.

This is Nina May for the Renaissance Women. (Isn’t that what education is all about?)

For many rebirth or renewal means a spiritual awakening. But for others it means a second chance not just in God’s eyes, but in the eyes of society.

When King David set his eyes upon Bathsheba, a whole set of consequences were placed in motion. Were they irreversible? Some of them were.

The death of Bathsheba’s husband and even the death of the first child she conceived with David…. But there was also redemption.

When David was confronted with the consequences of his actions he fell on his face before the Lord begging for forgiveness.

He knew he was unworthy to receive it, yet he knew God was merciful enough to give it. And a sign of his pure forgiveness, was unmistakable.

They gave birth to one of the wisest men ever to live . . . Solomon.

So for God . . . the past was forgotten, it was behind them, and forgiveness was made manifest in the birth of a very special child.

This shows that even the darkest of sins are forgivable, and there is redemption in all circumstances . . . if we seek God and accept His mercy for us.

One year ago, over one million men gathered on the mall to pray for the nation, and seek forgiveness for their personal and collective sins. They humbled themselves before God, and the world. They knelt with their faces touching the ground, begging for a healing in the country, and in their own personal lives.

They were mocked and condemned by the mainstream press and liberal leaders. They were called judgmental and narrow-minded.

Now, just one year later we have leaders who refuse to acknowledge that they have caused any pain, to either their families or the nation, and the same media hail them as principled for not acknowledging the truth. We are told that character doesn’t count as long as the economy is good. In effect, we have sold our national character for 30 pieces of silver and watch as the nation is crucified on the cross of selfishness, and ego.

The Renaissance Women are reminded that in the end, they will call good evil, and evil good.

To define Middle America, you must first define its extremes.

We hear the term Extreme applied to people who want lower tax rates, or who feel that actions have consequences. This extremism is portrayed as the fringe around the American tapestry as opposed to being the bulk of the material we call America.

You cannot describe the desire to post the Ten Commandments in a class room as extreme while categorizing the desire for two women to get married as normal, without sentencing middle America to a disenfranchised position outside the market place of ideas.

With this manipulation of terms, it is easy to understand the confusion over who middle America is. But if the polls are right, if the vast majority of people are classified as right wing radical extremists, and the minority who denounce God’s absolutes are considered a normal reflection of society . . . then society must accept the consequences of its redefining or it must work to remove these distorted labels that unravel our moral fabric.

This is Nina May for the Renaissance Women.

The country is divided into two classes of people. Those with class and those without.

Those who prefer to don the role of peeping Tom and view the pitiful lives of others, and those who do the best to serve and help others out of their pitiful states. Those who work their whole lives to preserve their dignity and those who destroy or desecrate all that has been sacred for centuries. This is evident on the daily talk shows that hold America spell bound as they parade a continual string of socially-challenged individuals across the stage, for all to laugh at.

It would be interesting if they did the same to the mentally or physically-challenged for the common amusement of a nation. That would be considered cruel and inhumane. Yet somehow it is acceptable to parade border-line sociopaths out to share their sordid and perverse life-styles to the total and complete amusement of those watching.

The Christians were fed to the lions for amusement 2000 years ago. Christians are laughing today as the lions devour the most vulnerable in our society. But it is our collective soul that is being destroyed.

This is Nina May for the Renaissance Women.

Choice is one of the fundamental words used by our founding fathers as they fought to throw off the bonds of tyranny. They wanted a choice in government… a choice of who their elected representatives were… and a choice on how their tax dollars would be spent.

Today, we have allowed the term Choice to be co-opted by a group of people who define it as a constitutional guarantee to abort an unborn child.

If someone asks you if you are pro-choice, you are forced to redefine the word by saying, for example, Yes, I am very pro-choice as the freedoms in our country allow me to choose such things as my profession, where I live, how I worship, and who I marry.

You are forced to pro-actively take the word back and preserve its true definition. But freedom takes constant vigilance, not just over our beliefs and freedoms, but even the words we use to define them.

The Renaissance Women invite you to exercise your right to choice by voting for someone who understands the real definition of that word. This is Nina May with the Renaissance Women.

Abortion is the moral issue of our time as slavery was in the last century.

Pro-lifers who want to engage in open debate on the issue are dismissed as misguided and judgemental, or worse, fined and jailed for peacefully demonstrating against something they find morally repugnant.

During the floor debates in Congress in the 1830’s there was a move to stifle discussion on the issue of slavery by introducing unconstitutional resolutions which John Quincy Adams eloquently spoke against.

A few of the Congressmen who kept the issue of slavery from open debate were Hammond, Pinckney, Owens, Lawler, Alford, and Waddy Thompson, who even wanted a grand jury to indict Adams just for reading petitions from citizens who opposed slavery.

They all shouted to expel Adams for suggesting that free and open debate was a constitutional guarantee. He was ridiculed, scorned, and despised. Yet of all the names mentioned, which one today embodies the spirit of freedom that we equate with honor and integrity?

It is JQA, not the men who tried to silence him.

When Charles Lindbergh flew over the Atlantic for the first time in history, he was not doing it to be a hero, or to get a good book deal, or have a movie made of him . . . he was doing it because he knew it could be done.

He spent three lonely days fighting the elements and exhaustion. No one really expected him to succeed and many were already declaring him dead.

He expected to have trouble getting papers when he landed in Europe and was worried about where he would get money.

He had no idea that all of France was energized by his approach for landing and the whole world cheered his success.

He was shocked at the response to his feat because the opposition had been so great.

He had been scorned, rebuked, chided and received very little help from people who should have believed in him. But he did it.

He beat the odds and then everyone wanted a piece of him, of his plane, of his life.

His reward for accomplishing the impossible was notoriety that he never sought.

The Bible verse that parallels this story is, Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and all these things will be added unto you.

Thirty years ago, before sex education was required in public schools, and before legalized abortion, the out-of-wedlock birth rate for high school kids was less than 1%. Now it is soaring at over 30%.  What have they been teaching kids for the past three decades to warrant such an epidemic?

Well first of all, kids were taught that any and all sex was good, just do it safely, abstinence is old-fashioned, and that sexual experimentation is liberating. What they weren’t told was that their innocence was being stolen, their self-esteem destroyed, their values mocked and the consequences were life-altering.

With the push for sexual liberation, past societal restraints quickly disappeared. No longer was a girl ashamed to be pregnant. She was taught to either abort or give birth and be eligible for welfare. She was lied to by the system that had authority over her.

But kids today, who are trying to hold onto their virtue and innocence, with programs like “True Love Waits,” are ridiculed by these same adults who have been lying to them for years.

This is Nina May encouraging parents to take back that authority and teach your own kids the real facts of life.

The Renaissance Women observe that the feminists are silent about the stream of sexual innuendo that comes across the airwaves nightly. It serves to place women back into the roles of mindless chattel with no purpose other than to please and be pleased by a man.

This steady diet for national consumption can have no other effect than to dull the senses as to what is appropriate or inappropriate behavior in the work place.

The characters in all of these sit coms, that are set in an office environment, have the requisite sexual exploits or suggestions that make women look like mindless bimbos with nothing else on their minds but finding some man to sleep with.

If women are going to be protected from predators who have been watching too much prime time TV, and listening to too many feminists claim that women are the same as men, they are going to have to take responsibility not only for their actions, but for the situations they find themselves in.

If you are a woman who values respect and virtue, we invite you to join Renaissance Women. This is Nina May for the Renaissance Women.