(by Nina May)

We went to NY City a couple of weeks before Christmas to see a show and enjoy the beautiful Christmas decorations. One of the first things we saw in the cab from Penn. Station was a huge, I mean huge, Trump banner hanging from a building. It was also a clear and distinct sign that Donald Trump had something to do with the remodeling of this downtown Manhattan property. It was a clear reminder that it is the private sector that serves as the engine of productivity and accomplishment, not the government.

While wading through a sea of people in the 65 degree, Spring Break weather, we searched to find Christmas displays but were assaulted by the politically correct, and non-threatening snow flake at every turn. It was as though the designers were told, “You have to make it festive so they spend their money, but you can’t show Santa, a Christmas tree, a wrapped gift, an angel, and certainly not the “NS” . . . that would be “Nativity Scene.”

We walked everywhere because of the fabulous weather and made mental notes of what was missing, what replaced it, and nothing persuaded us to crack open the wallet or purse. That is, until we stumbled across Trump Towers.

We decided to go in and look around. There were hundreds of people inside doing the same thing, probably like us, out of curiosity. We were relieved to see Christmas trees and reflections of the reason for the season and could feel a very unique excitement in the air as though everyone in the building had a personal stake in his success in his run for president.

It became a microcosm of who and what America is at its very heart. There was commerce at every level, from the selling of his books and ties, to the Starbucks to a cozy restaurant and bar and doors to new stores that were obviously being added. The bustle of a free market system decked in a reminder that we celebrate the birth of the Savior to the world, in a building designed by a man who could arguably be called arrogant suggested that he understands where his power comes from and wants to share that glory with the King of the universe.

What was more telling than the natural connection between mortal man and God, which is the purpose of Christ coming to earth, dying for our sins and conquering death on our behalf, was that, people got it. You could see people excited about getting pictures of themselves in front of the tree, remarking that Christmas carols could be heard, and that there was this tiny island of faith and magic in a sea of politically correct mediocrity that assaulted the senses on so many levels. And interestingly, there was not one political poster or even reminder of politics as though that profession had no place in this celebration of life and liberty.

Trump is a producer while politicians are designed to put obstacles in the way of productivity and skim the cream from the top of the bucket of everything created in the country. Trump Towers was a reminder that, it is the businessman, the architect, the artist, the musician, the engineer who works in tandem to create what the rest of us take for granted and expect as a part of life. Government has twisted their image from being one of servant to the people, to necessary benevolent supplier of all needs when what they are really doing is fleecing the producers, like Donald Trump.

Millions of Americans relate to him because they are doing what he does, not necessarily on the same level, but with the same heart and intent. We are all on the same journey down a snake invested river which is the government, taking our hard earned money at every turn and putting up additional obstacles in the form of regulations and prohibitions to success. They now want to pretend they are doing something about the climate by pointing their condescending, elitist finger at all humanity saying they are the reason for the potential one degree rise in temperature in the next 80 years.

They are the same people who feel empowered and called to increase their carbon footprint by a billion fold to make sure they fly their private jets to Paris and discuss the disdain they have for all living creatures. Trump gets in his jet to get things done, to give people jobs, to encourage the producer to keep going and not give into the malaise the left would have the country fall prey to.

He is a breath of fresh air in a stale room of mediocrity and oppression. The fact that he is wealthy is not as important as what he is perceived as doing with his wealth. Unlike the government that takes from the producer and enables the non-producer, Trump is pouring money into a broken system by hiring people who then have to turn almost half their pay check over to a bloated, Jabba the Hut type government that is run by people who all think they should now be president.

There are three non-political candidates in the presidential race and they all bring the discontent, anger and frustration of the American people to bare. As the left tries to vilify Wall Street, corporate America, and those who are pulling the wagon of prosperity, the rest of America is seeing the non-politicians as a source of sanity in a world gone made with power and stupidity.

When our president says that the threat of global warming, which has been disproved on so many levels, is more important than the steady infiltration of people who want to kill and change who and what America is, the citizens are right in saying we need a course correction. And, someone as successful and accomplished as Trump could be that person.

Look at all the candidates and ask yourself . .  what have any of them made? Only three can point to successes in the private sector. Kasich reminds us that 18 years ago he served on a committee in Congress and that is his chief accomplishment. Seriously? How many buildings has he built? Yet, how many rules and regulations, increased taxes and obstacles did he, or any of the others vote for? That is what people see when they see professional politicians.

The era of the politician is over. It is time for new leadership that understands what the needs of the people are, and that is to be left alone, to create, to build, to keep their hard earned money to invest in others who want to do the same thing. Trump is that model of excellence that has always been the spirit of America . . . until the socialists took over.

Both parties are culpable and responsible for this malaise. They all get in their cozy ivory tower, while the little people bang at the door with their empty bowls saying, “please sir, may we have more?” How did it get to the point where the country is run by people who just take and take and take and then in the generosity of the position afforded them, they give to those they know can help them stay in this position of power?

I say throw them all out, put in producers and people who understand how hard it is to make a dollar, and then try and keep it. Both parties have merged into one coalition of the takers and that is why they have both aimed their collective guns at The Donald. His own party is doing everything it can to undermine him, Ben Carson, and every other candidate that doesn’t toe the line.

People are not stupid, and the polls show that the popularity of Congress is just below that of a used car salesman and the press. They don’t trust politicians, they have been lied to by them and they see people like Bill and Hillary Clinton go from owning nothing to becoming multi-millionaires by doing nothing but capitalizing on the fact that they were politicians. What else have they ever done in their lives? What have they produced? What have they created that is of lasting value? What have they personally done to impact or change one life for the better with their own personal resources? It’s easy to be generous with everyone else’s money. Hillary hasn’t driven a car in over 20 years. How can she possibly relate to the mother who has to sit in the carpool line day after day? How does she know what the 9 to 5 worker feels like, stuck in traffic, anxious on a daily basis that they will arrive to work late and get fired?

Hillary might be a millionaire, but it is in name only. Donald Trump took the gift from his family, not the Federal government, and turned it into multi-millions of dollars, tens of thousands of jobs, and millions of lives that have been touched through the years. What has Hillary ever done besides enable a perverted husband to molest and prey on innocent women while she stood by and did nothing except blame them? She is married to the General of the War on Women and has the cajones to say that Trump is the sexist? Oh really? She is where she is because of men. She has pimped herself to them to get where she is today, and for that selling of her empty soul she feels we, the American people now owe her the presidency.

There is a huge difference between Hillary and Trump and the people are seeing it, but they are keeping their powder dry for the general election. Almost person I have talked to said they can’t stand the idea of Hillary as president, and even if they don’t like Trump personally, for whatever reason, they would vote for him.

They all say the same thing . . . if the powers that be, hate him, I love him. If they are going to attack him, I am going to support him. They self-identify with a man who is attacked, condemned, belittled, mocked and scorned, because that is how they feel. They don’t relate to the money and private planes, and huge buildings. They relate to what he has gone through to get there and how, after all the tremendous success in his life, the same enemies are still trying to destroy him. Americans relate to that because that is what the Clintons and Obamas of the world keep doing to them.

So, Trump, like him or not, is a reflection of the spirit of America that was inspired by men and women who fought against oppression and said boldly to the king of the greatest empire at that time, “We have no king but Jesus,” and they won. Americans are winners, and they are fighting against a force that is trying to destroy us from within, by destroying the human spirit, and emasculating men.   At the same time, we are fighting a force from without that wants to fundamentally transform this country. Trump and America say, “Not on our watch.”