Banquet on the Ground

An allegory of the Free Market System vs Socialism

ninamaycherylrhoadsWritten & Illustrated By: Nina May and Cheryl Rhodes
Narrated by: Cheryl Rhoads
 Spoken Word: Audiobook
Release Date:  2015

Banquet on the Ground was written and illustrated in 1983 by Nina May and is an allegory of the free market system vs. socialism and government control over the lives of people who depend on it for their very existence.

The story is told from the perspective of animals in a small yard world who have always taken care of themselves and their families until a generous “seed woman,” moves into the house, and starts giving them delightful edibles at the Banquet on the Ground.


The evolution from free choice and liberty to a life of fear, oppression and control is seen as the yard world moves from supplementing their labor with a few chosen edibles, to suddenly replacing their efforts with the expected daily handouts. It is a timeless message for all ages, and gives families a chance to discuss the characters, their decisions and the ultimate finale that impacts all of their lives.

This is one of many productions by Renaissance Women Productions.


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