As the spiritual sides are being clearly distinguished, the most dangerous place will be in the middle of the road.

When God parted the Red Sea with his hand he made a way clear for His people to be liberated from the bondage they were in. They chose liberty.

But the armed soldiers of Pharaoh chose to follow the orders of a man who was blinded with anger. In thinking they were in control, powerful and mightier than the Israelites, they lost their lives because they ended up in the middle of the road between the two vast extremes of decision.

God says to be either hot for Him or cold against Him because if we are lukewarm He will spit us out of His mouth.

There are many today who are riding the fence of complacency, and have abrogated control of their lives to people who promise to make them happy, keep them financially stable, and preserve for them the right to pursue every whim they desire. But as the two sides of the Red Sea crashed in on the dutiful pawns of Pharaoh, so too will the spiritual walls crash in and either drown the muddled middle, or force them to choose sides.

Now is the time for that decision.

Today marks exactly two years since we began our daily radio commentaries.

If you have been hearing the commentaries, you know we cover a wide variety of issues.

We get hundreds of calls and e-mails asking why you don’t hear what we talk about, in the mainstream press. Well . . . that’s one of the purposes for the commentaries.

We realize there is a need for an alternative source of information. But we also want to encourage our listeners to think for themselves, speak for themselves and not allow themselves to be co-opted, marginalized or intimidated.

During graduation we grow accustomed to all the pomp and circumstance, because even though it is an accomplishment, it was expected.

For those who have become complacent about graduation, I encourage you to attend one at Youth For Tomorrow which is a last resort for juvenile delinquents who already have a police record.

The catch is, they talk about the real solution in these young boys lives, they talk about God, they read the Bible and they share how Jesus can change them. And guess what? He does.

For anyone who doesn’t believe in God, meet these boys before and after. Transformed from drug dealers, car-jackers, robbers and gang members they almost look angelic as they raise their hands to the sky, singing “I will lift Your name on high.”

This is a graduation that rivals any academic accomplishment of the brightest scholar. These young men have graduated from a life of self-destructive defiance to one of love and leadership. They broke the self-esteem barrier that kept them trapped in a life going nowhere, except jail.

Ironically, that was the option the judge gave them, jail or Youth for Tomorrow. They chose life!! This is Nina May suggesting that they deserve a standing ovation!

At an event for the Orphan Foundation of America, one of the recipients of the Oliver Scholarship said that during the week in Washington, D.C. with the other recipients… she turned 18.

The normal response is to wish her well, but she continued to say that when she returns home she will have six days to pack up and leave the home she has been in for five years, to make room for another child.

The poignance of this moment was punctuated by the presence of both First Lady, Hillary Clinton and Majority Whip, Tom Delay who both have worked on this issue.

But all the programs and money won’t solve a problem as simple as providing a home base for children who have been in as many as 40 foster homes in their short lives. It will have to come from people who care, who will be a surrogate family for these kids during their summer and holiday breaks from college.

If you would like more information about the Orphan Foundation of America and about their program to support kids who have been emancipated from Foster care, contact us.  This is Nina May and the Renaissance Women, asking you to open your heart and your home to our future.

One of our listeners wrote and said, “I would prefer more spiritual content and less politics. How can we reach the lost when we are slamming them all the time? When you write about God I like it a lot better.”

Actually, I like talking about God more than politics too.

Unfortunately, if we don’t pay attention to politics . . . we may one day be forbidden to talk about God. But it is unfortunate that just speaking the truth today in our society . . . it is considered “slamming” someone.

With values clarification and situational ethics people have been taught for two generations that truth is relative. But you can’t talk about God without talking about truth . . . because He is the truth.

To speak the truth, as prophets throughout the Bible discovered, is not a very popular place to be. If you recall Elisha . . . he and his fellow prophets were being hunted and many killed by King Ahab and his wife Jezebel because they spoke the truth . . . or in today’s terminology . . . they slammed or rebuked a point of view.

And even speaking the words of Christ who said, “I am the way, the TRUTH and the life. . . no man can come to the Father but by me,” is considered narrow-minded, judgmental and intolerant.

So truth is relative . . . depending on who is speaking it, what they are saying and how it is received. But we should never stop doing it.



It is impossible to think about Memorial Day without the word “hero” coming to mind.

When you see photos of the baby-faced boys from middle America who left the farm and their country simultaneously for the first time . .. you think of valor and courage.

When you talk with the gray haired gentlemen who served a nation by serving others . . . you are touched by their humility.

Every veteran I have spoken to, who served in World War II, down plays their part in the war, and they always identify their buddies as the real heroes.

When you see movies with John Wayne or Robert Taylor portraying our troops with such integrity and honor you can feel a pride swell in your chest.

When you read books with letters written home from the front that reveal such tender and precious hearts, you realize these innocent kids were thrown into a ghastly world made by maniacal men bent on absolute power.

These men and women who fought in World War II are the ones who have set the standards for excellence in our country . . .and the world.

Theirs is a dying breed, but their legacy will never fade . . . their purpose is as eternal as God who gave them the grace to overcome.

This is Nina May thanking all veterans on this Memorial Day.



If you read about Saul of Tarsus in Acts 8, killing and persecuting new Christians, entering houses, dragging off men and women to prison . . . you realize God’s incredible mercy.

Mercy you say? How merciful is that for God to allow His own people to be persecuted?

No, not them, blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness sake… I’m talking about His mercy for Saul. He loved him so much, in spite of his past that he appeared to him on the road to Damascus, blinded him, and led him to the home of new Christians.

The Lord then told Ananias to go pray for Saul of Tarsus at the house of Judas. He argued a bit with God explaining that this Saul guy hated Christians and was fond of killing them… but he went anyway.

Well we know the rest of the story… Paul became one of the greatest Apostles, responsible for spreading the Gospel to the world. I am rejoicing that God’s mercy has touched the heart of many unlikely converts and that His incomparable love is far greater than ours.

Part of redemption is forgiveness… but most of all… love.

This is Nina May, welcoming new believers to the Body of Christ . . . whoever they are . . . and no matter what their past is.

There is a story of a frontier woman, over one hundred years ago who would be a prime candidate for PROZAC today.

She and her young husband have their first crop destroyed by hail and have no money to replant. The entire family contracts diphtheria and the husband is crippled as a result of it. Their young son dies, their farm house is burned to the ground, they have no money, no home and, what would appear to many… no future.

The difference between today and yesterday is that these circumstances were just a sampling of daily problems facing everyone back then. But they didn’t give up, they dug in. There were no self-help books, no psychiatrists, no group therapy, no government programs.  Their faith, perseverance and determination kept them going. And millions like them, became the heart and soul of who we are as a nation today.

She and her little family decided to move to Missouri to start a new life. She began writing and has left her legacy on the world with her classic series, The Little House on the Prairie.

She, of course, is Laura Ingalls Wilder, a paradigm of the overcoming spirit. This is Nina May celebrating the pioneer spirit in all Americans.

Recently, I debated the issue of racism in America at GWU. The moderator of the debate, Armstrong Williams, is a dear friend. We even co-hosted a T.V. show called American Renaissance.

My position during the debate was that there is racism, but it can be solved with mutual respect, love, understanding and letting God change the hearts of man.

As I came down to the stage after begin introduced, Armstrong bowed to me as a gesture of respect and deep friendship, and then we embraced.

This gesture, from a black man to a white woman actually became an issue during the debates, many calling him an Uncle Tom for bowing to a white woman.

Would that accusation have been leveled at him for bowing to Queen Elizabeth, since millions of men, black and white have bowed to her? But it showed me the sad pettiness of racism that has kept us in bondage as a nation.

Until we collectively and individually decide that we are not defined by our past but by what we determine ourselves to be today then we will always be in bondage.

Slavery may be a thing of the past, but it is alive in the minds of those who refuse to let their hearts by freed by God’s love.

Several years ago, a woman in China, wanted freedom so desperately for her four sons that she sold her eyes to a wealthy man whose daughter was blind.

The money she received purchased tickets on a tramp steamer to California for her sons, with no hope of, literally, ever seeing them again. Her love for them was greater than her love for herself and her sight.

God protected these young boys and arranged for them to be adopted, raised and educated by a wealthy businessman. They are now successful and have devoted their lives to sharing God’s unconditional love with people around the world who have never had the freedom to know God.

So their mother’s sacrifice of love, has touched thousands of lives.

In a similar situation today, Elian Gonzalez’s mother’s sacrifice has opened the dialogue again of freedom versus oppression. And Christ’s sacrifice for every man is a perfect summary of the love of both mother’s for their sons… a desire that all might have life and have it more abundantly.

He came to set the captives free and to bind up the broken-hearted. These women manifested His perfect love on earth and lives have changed as a result. This is Nina May celebrating freedom.